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  1. The control over the WN8 is lost, everyone is now using his own values and are ignoring the "official" now we can call them "pseudo-official" it was wrong move by you guys that started in the period when someone made a very bad joke of doubling and tripling values for E50 a Patton at this point you basically lost control over your own product. Please dont take it as a flame or something, I am just trying to point the things as they currently are. Currently the most spread expected values that are used are those from XVM, also, they are updating their expected values online based on current results which is something that was not solved in WN8 for years, as they have obviously quite large base of samples to count it from I think its quite reliable source. I am hosting my own stat-page (http://lab-vole.cz) using WN8 so I am trying to find a solution to the current situation. As Wotlabs, XVM, Wotzilla, Wotnumbers and many other stat pages have already converted to the XVM expected values I would like to ask about wotlabs and somewhat official statement from you guys, if you will continue on v30 or you will eventually convert to XVM values ? Dakado out.
  2. Of course that good clans will look closer at the stats but if player has overall 800 they probably wont even look at him even though he might be decent. I have also very bad overall wn8 (1750) but my recent is close to 3K. And currently my main goal is to make 3000 avg dmg on all my tier X tanks.
  3. Well thats the first question that is everybody asking today thats why I put it in the topic name. But the content inside this topic does not have anything to do with stat padding. WN8 is still the main paramether to join a good clan. I just created this topic for people to realize that not only their knowledge and skills make good games but also the way they think while playing and after the battle.
  4. Ouch, 22GB I wonder how XVM does calculate avarage values, because XVM tells you the % of how much is your damage better than of others if you know what I mean.
  5. Well, I did not created this topic for stat-padders, of course you can always do that, but I created this topic to help all those people who are getting med about losing strikes or just getting frustrated. This topic is for people who want to enjoy the game more, because once I started to realize from where my frustration from this game comes from I started to enjoy the game much more and my stats reflected it as well.
  6. Yeah thats why I "invented" WN8X, basically WN8 but counted only from tier X tanks. I already made a top clan rakings by WN8X - http://lab-vole.cz/TopClans On that page you can also see wn8x of any player.
  7. I just want to share some mindsets of unicum players, because the gameplay and your knowledge of the game itself is not everything to play at unicum level. I am not overall unicum but recently I have many sessions of 3K WN8. 1) The most important is to keep calm and relaxed even after a very bad battle (wrong tank on wrong map, arty focus or something), just remember what mistakes you have done and try to remember it so you want play like that next time you get the map again, do not try hard next battle after the bad one, play as usual, dont overextend or dont rage, dont try to hunt the damage too agresively. Because once you get your frustration to the certain level you wont be thinking clearly and you will make stupid mistakes you would not made if you were calm. 2) If you cannot handle your frustration then make a break or find someone to play in platoon (with or without comm does not really matter) but the gameplay will change if you play in platoon you can be sure you got someone watching your back, usualy playing in platoon with another decent player will make your winrate higher so that can calm you down a little bit. 3) Many people dont think about this one, but if you are frustrated have you ever thought about taking a tank with pin-point accuraccy ? This will certainly descrese your frustration as you will hit more shots, you will hit more shots exactly where you want to. I recommend Centurion AX, E50, E50M or generally any tank with good aim time and accuracy and dispersion values. 4) If you are just looking to improve your WN8 play tanks that you like and play those on which you have a decent crew. I find that today the most enjoyable tier is tier IX because of the matchmaking. 5) Another tip that significantly increased my WN8 is that I stopped using session statistics because if you have bad start the green or blue values get you frustrated even more. 6) Many people think that once they will get 100% concentrated into the game they will improve, that is only a half-true, try harding sometimes wont help you. Sometimes it is just better to play your favorite music and dont even listen the game sounds which might be annoying after playing higher number of battles in a row (sound of broken engine, received shots...) thus increasing your frustration. Tell me what you thing about these points and if you are unicum if you have any more mindset tips I can add them to the list EDIT: I did not created this topic for stat-padders, of course you can always do that, but I created this topic to help all those people who are getting mad about losing strikes or just getting frustrated. This topic is for people who want to enjoy the game more, because once I started to realize from where my frustration from this game comes from I started to enjoy the game much more and my stats reflected it as well.
  8. Hi, since I do not have right to post in mathlab section I am posting it here: I got a database of currently 113896 active wot players and 1517 clans updated daily and after 30 days of collecting data I have already 1757386 records in it. The database is growing every day as visitors of it search new clans and new players. I could publish a table of avarage values per tank which could help with generating wn8 expected values. Let me know if anybody is interested looking into my data. Size
  9. I already have everything I need, this is my site: http://lab-vole.cz
  10. Lol, the v30 WN8 update is the most stupid update I have ever seen, it breaks the WN8 concept itself, WN8 says about itself that it is the most accurate rating because it counts stats based on idividual tanks expected values and now it just doesnt matter which tank you play because WN8 said all of them are basically the same. I think that WN8 will die soon because the authors just doing more and more stupid things... Like the doubling expected values for Patton and trpling for E50... I kind of feel like making my own and better rating...
  11. Yeah, but it is true, because there is NO correct value for WN8 because wn8 itself does not define how the tanks without expected values should be processed, so all sites including wotlabs shows wrong wn8 values, simply because there is no correct value. If you dont understand how wn8 works please do not comment.
  12. Wow, such nice useless spam post by you Mr. Archaic_One.
  13. I am using this formula to calculate overall wn8 but for example this calculation returns that my wn8 is 1683 not 1721. public int getOverallWN8() { double RatingWN8_TotalDamage = 0; double RatingWN8_TotalFrag = 0; double RatingWN8_TotalSpot = 0; double RatingWN8_TotalDef = 0; double RatingWN8_TotalWinrate = 0; double RatingWN8_ExpDamage = 0; double RatingWN8_ExpFrag = 0; double RatingWN8_ExpSpot = 0; double RatingWN8_ExpDef = 0; double RatingWN8_ExpWinrate = 0; for (Tank t : tanks) { ExpectedValues ev = StatUtil.getExpectedValues(t); RatingWN8_TotalDamage += t.damage_dealt; RatingWN8_ExpDamage += ev.expDamage * t.battles; RatingWN8_TotalFrag += t.frags; RatingWN8_ExpFrag += ev.expFrag * t.battles; RatingWN8_TotalSpot += t.spotted; RatingWN8_ExpSpot += ev.expSpot * t.battles; RatingWN8_TotalDef += t.dropped_capture_points; RatingWN8_ExpDef += ev.expDef * t.battles; RatingWN8_ExpWinrate += (ev.expWinRate) / 100 * t.battles; } double rDAMAGE = RatingWN8_TotalDamage / RatingWN8_ExpDamage; double rFRAG = RatingWN8_TotalFrag / RatingWN8_ExpFrag; double rSPOT = RatingWN8_TotalSpot / RatingWN8_ExpSpot; double rDEF = RatingWN8_TotalDef / RatingWN8_ExpDef; double rWIN = RatingWN8_TotalWinrate / RatingWN8_ExpWinrate; double rDAMAGEc = Math.max(0, (rDAMAGE - 0.22) / (1 - 0.22)); double rFRAGc = Math.max(0, Math.min(rDAMAGEc + 0.2, (rFRAG - 0.12) / (1 - 0.12))); double rSPOTc = Math.max(0, Math.min(rDAMAGEc + 0.1, (rSPOT - 0.38) / (1 - 0.38))); double rDEFc = Math.max(0, Math.min(rDAMAGEc + 0.1, (rDEF - 0.10) / (1 - 0.10))); double rWINc = Math.max(0, (rWIN - 0.71) / (1 - 0.71)); double eDAMAGE = 980 * rDAMAGEc; double eFRAG = 210 * rDAMAGEc * rFRAGc; double eSPOT = 155 * rFRAGc * rSPOTc; double eDEF = 75 * rDEFc * rFRAGc; double eWIN = 145 * Math.min(1.8, rWINc); double wn8 = eDAMAGE + eFRAG + eSPOT + eDEF + eWIN; return (int) wn8; } Well, I think that wotlabs just shows wrong wn8 values or it shows values including tanks without expected values which is weird but only reasonable explanation to this.
  14. Hi, I am trying to make 3rd wn8 calculator (mobile app in java) but I cant quite calculate the same overall wn8 as on wotlabs. I have the exact same wn8 per tank as on wotlabs but the overall I get does not match. For example my wn8 is 1721 but my calculations shows only 1605. Because I have all the tank values exactly the same the only problem that could happen is in the calculation with tanks that does not have expected values yet, how does wotlabs calculate with them ? Do they have same default expected values or they are not included in stats at all ? Thanks for any ideas. //EDIT: FOUND ISSUE IN THE FORMULA. (Now it shows correct values but still diferent to wotlabs, see below)
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