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  1. 1 hour ago, nabucodonsor said:

    Yeah i tought so. It is a very good tank and one day maybe i will manage to get to tier x but the grind is so bad and i dont have the free xp to skip it.

    I dont think i will ever have the credits to run it with food though

    After the Chi-Ri the grind is fine, I rage sold the Chi-Ri and free exp'd the Sta and loved it. I have far from the best stats but I was way more consistent in these tanks than in my usual medium tank grinds, though I hit a rut and fucked up my Type 61 MoE towards the end, ruining my chance to get 2 marks while grinding (also my sta-1 stats are a great example of how shit I am at carrying in t8 as well, it's so hard when half the time I feel like I get t10 and i feel like a liability).


  2. Honestly the aiming time hasn't been too big of an issue, it's barely worse than the Type-61 and feels better than the Amx 30 proto which I've been playing recently, the rate of fire has been so fun as well. As I said, it's not the tank stats that I'm struggling with, it's my general issue of not being able to carry as well in a t10 medium, and since I'm playing this at the moment and I have a bunch of recent replays I wanted to rectify this, it probably goes deeper into my playstyle as well.

  3. Hey, so I've nearly hit 30 games in this tank and I have below 45% WR currently and I don't feel I can carry properly in this tank and a lot of the time I end up not doing as much as I could have. A similar thing happened to me when I had the AMX 30b and the E50 m to some extent but I was much worse at the game when I played both of those (and they both ended up with around 52% WR before I decided I couldn't play t10 mediums to save my life). I'd love for someone to chime in and help me suck less because I know I do. 

    Below are the 29 games I've had so far, which I think all of them are in 9.17.1. If anyone wants to pick like 5 replays at random and go through them with me and help me fix what I did game by game, either here or even on discord if you want to do it real time that'd be much appreciated.




  4. 1 hour ago, Jesse_the_Scout said:

    The reality in this game is that there are always tiers that are just horrible to play because of inherent problems with some game mechanics. It changes over time, like how at one time 5 was insane because you fought nothing but 8s. Right now a lot of tiers are pretty bad to the point I'm purging a lot of stuff from my garage again because so everything is just broken, like how the recent buffing of 8s and addition of new OP 8s has rendered tier 6 practically unplayable. Play whatever tier you like, it's just a game, you aren't building up a resume or something.

    Imo 10 is awful and virtually always has been. I don't even understand how people can take playing it, in mid tier I get a game ruined by arty maybe 1/20 games. I get hit by arty maybe 1/10. In 10 it's more like 1/5 and 1/3, respectively. That alone is intolerable to me. And yes, there's no vision at tier 10. Everything sees everything instantly, scouting of any kind has a much worse risk to reward ratio, and tormenting bads with scouting has always been one of the most amusing parts of the game to me. To me 10 has always seemed like the most degenerate form of this game, where the gameplay mostly comprises of lumbering along getting shot at by arty sniping each other at 400m+ on open maps or just 22 weak spot snap shotting at 100m in closed maps hoping your RNG is better.

    I feel like this describes the perpetual state of the game from t7 upwards though, to touch on the arty issue most if not all tier 9 artillery are as bad as their tier 10 counterpart in alpha and for me personally ruins just as many games. Unless I'm in a heavy tank (sans the 50b) I run the risk of getting one shot by a t9-10 arty in every game in t7 and above and even some t7-8 arty still cripple games at those tiers. Honestly aside from your points about vision everything else is pretty omnipresent in other tiers, I feel it's almost worse below t10 in some cases. The gap between t9 and t7 is definitely bigger than t8 and t10 but both of them are large enough to make those tanks useless when bottom tier for the most part. 

    I guess I'm just numb to it all, I've started only playing t9 and t10 because being bottom tier hurts to much.

  5. 2 hours ago, Griphos said:

    I've just been playing the Maus on the CT.  People seem to be having little trouble penning it.  

    Is that not because everyone on CT spams insane amounts of gold comparatively to the live server? I mean even though most people load gold the minute they see a Maus, but not everyone does, as supposed to having it loaded by default like on the test server. The CT is horrible for testing how useful armour is going to be for this reason every time, I really wish they tried out more penetration re-balances on the sandbox or something.

  6. I'd love any form of support/guidance on how to make key decisions early game (on certain maps, I can read teams fairly well but I'm not very confident with some maps on some spawns like windstorm) and for late game clutches. I am currently trying to improve my win rate to 60% and I've managed to get there somewhat on my own to 56-57% but I need help making that push and then keeping it there. I can provide replays if needed and I'm free most weekends and late evenings and I have discord for vc.


  7. 2 hours ago, GehakteMolen said:

    Which is why E-Fiddy is still #1 tier 9, its the best tank to win ;D.

    Besides that, i have 800 or so games in E50 (and also 600 in M46 and i guess like 500 more in ru meds) while power grinding them stock (1900 dpb in E50 after 80 games, 88L71 guud stock gun to fight  stronk IS4 / T54 comrade?) and i didnt drop that much wn8, so The Problem is, as always, l2p issues.

    Guud players are purple in anything but arty (because guud player dont play arty)

    Pretty much this, I lost 200 overall wn8 from the 700 games I had in it about 2 years ago from when I sucked harder than I do now (I suck a bit less now), but all it's done is spurred me on to get better in every tank more than I already am. 

  8. Hi everyone, I'm not a new player but I'm constantly trying to learn and improve with every session. I decided, after lurking and reading articles here for about a year and now that I'm more active than ever, that now was the best time to make an account and see if I can push that further.

    My main goal is going to be trying to fix my abysmal win rate from the damage I did to it during my first 5-6k games and learning how to clutch/carry harder. 

    I look forward to being an active member of this community.

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