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  1. A lot of you have made some good points and I will take them into account next time I play this map However, I would like to stress out one more detail which I probably haven't made as clear as I should have - by the time you reach that bridgehead at E0, you already know where half of the enemy team is. Your lights usually rush towards the middle ridge and light enemy tanks, sometimes you even see who is going towards that corner at K0. To be honest, that is not as often. But nevertheless, even though you don't see who is there, you do know who is not there and who is not going towards there. IMHO, that is equally important. Of course that is not wise to go there no matter what. I realize now that I haven't made an argument in which I say that and that you couldn't conclude that from what I've said until now
  2. Vernl and Enroh, Well that's why I said you have to be in a faster tank. If you are slow you are dead the moment you creep up on that straight open plato before the first red dot. I know it's risky. Of course it is and there still are games where you fail miserably if the enemy deploys more than a few tanks there, or some light decides to make a run across that open plato. But, however unlikely it may sound, I have found that significantly more times it pays off. Maybe just because the enemy doesn't expect you to do so. I'm tired of all the other tactics I have tried to use. When you go on the other flank at E1 area, you get shot from the middle and it's hard for you to shot back. If you try to make a run towards G1, you again get wrecked from the middle. If you try to take peeks from the middle say E4 or F6, enemy lights constantly light you up from that middle position... Of course, if I'm in a heavy, or slower TD or slower med, I don't use this tactic because of what you said, you will die very quickly. I remember this map few years ago, before they changed it to the way it is now, that corner was a lot more popular brawling ground than it is now. Back then every heavy tank would go there and every TD on the defending team would be waiting for them. Now it's different, but I think people still remember those old days too much.
  3. Yeah, arty can ruin your day, but I feel that on this map and on attacking team, every route you take is risky and hard to play
  4. So, firstly, I want to congratulate my brother for having been praised by Fyreon in game. Fyreon, I thought you were better than this... Secondly, when you talked about assaulting on Sand river, I have come up with a route that I find is very potent and can negate most of the advantages that the defenders get on this map. I will explain it now so you can tell me how wrong I am First and main condition is that you are in a faster tank, like Leo 1, RU 251, Batchat, or something. In some cases, I have found that it works even with russian meds, but since they are slower sometimes you get wrecked before you reach the position. It depends on the enemy and how many tanks they send on that line. To explain this better I attached a pic so you can see... The red line is your route (don't take it literally I didn't draw it perfect) and the first red dot is the first position that you take. Usually enemy doesn't send all that much there, maybe 1-2 TD's and 1 other tank. I found that in vast majority of cases they become useless once you get underneath them cause your team is ready for sniping. Even alone, I've managed to break that side and then you get to second red dot and from there those 2 positions which I have marked in blueish color become very vulnerable and weak. This all happens very fast since from the start you just drive and you don't stop until you get to the first red dot. Once you're there, no one can shoot you save those TD's who can yolo you, but will be punished heavily in return. On other advantage is that the enemy doesn't expect you to be there so fast. If you have 2 faster tanks to get there early on, you have a really high chance to win that game. I've played a lot of games using this tactic and I'm very satisfied how it works. Of course, there are games in which it fails, you don't have anyone in the middle or on the hill as sniper support, or something else happens, but I found that those cases are very rare... So, I would like to know what you think
  5. Yes, I do understand that and most games I do keep an eye on the minimap. I played Hellcat quite a lot and I learned on him the basics of the game and what to do and what not to do. Since it's a tank that can't take any damage and which best fights at range I became aware of those principles to think in advance where the enemy will show up and where do I need to be at that moment. At the beginning of the battle I always keep an eye on the minimap and that is not the issue. The problem is that I get carried away by the things that are in my near vicinity, and simply forget everything else (and even forget to pay attention to other things in vicinity). So, am I just retarded, or some of you guys used some methods to remember to look at the minimap, some routines to make you remember and to create the habit? What I want to achieve is to die less from not paying attention.
  6. Firstly, I apologize if this question has been answered, or if I ask it in the wrong subforum. For some reason, pages on this whole page load very, very slowly for me and sometimes the don't load at all, so I'm really not too keen on looking older posts since it could take me forever. Anyway, here is what I wanted to ask - do you have any tactics, little tricks or some kind of exercise to keep your concentration and focus on your surroundings and the minimap? I die quite a lot because in the midst of the battle I just get into tunnel vision thing and I become completely oblivious on what is happening around me. And of course, then I die in the most dumb fashion possible. For instance, few minutes ago on the Fisherman's Bay... I was in my Grille 15, and was on the north spawn happily camping near the base on the 1-2 line. I saw, and I knew, that my team did deployed only 2-3 tanks to the city, while all others deployed forward on my line. So I made few nice long range shots and was thinking how in this game I could maybe get my mission done (3k dmg from 250 mtrs). But, as we pushed that side and I lost targets, I decided that I could maybe reposition myself more towards the middle. So I left my cover only to get demolished instantly by the enemy who has crushed our too few tanks in the city and has moved in on our base. Or, also this evening, on the Stepes in my Ru 251... I got beneath AMX 13 75 and a Bat chat. I had 3-4 teammates behind me and they were shooting at my spots and I got 2k spotting dmg. But then Bat chat decided to flee, and I left my cover in order to shoot him, which I did. But in doing so, I didn't notice that that AMX got in behind me where my teammates couldnt shoot him and he simply clipped me out (I was on low health before). So, how do you train yourself in not doing such dumb things like in one moment becoming completely oblivious to everything? Do you have some routines, tricks, procedures, anything?
  7. I actually love my CDC, I think it's a fun tank to play The gun I don't think it's that bad, I usually hit everything I shoot at, misses are not so common regardless of distance(for example, "the most accurate gun in the game" Grille 15, misses fully aimed shots all the fucking time...wtf?)
  8. i like scarlett johansson, she's like e5 has it all yours truly volim_velike_sise
  9. Well, thanks all for your kind words of support and welcome Title is a reference to my brothers in-game nickname, as has been said earlier But it's also nice to start off with something we can all relate to and have a laugh And it's also nice to see you are all relaxed and not offended or anything. Too small aren't much fun either, so LaceyLace I guess yours are just right Care to share a pic maybe?
  10. Hello all, I've been playing for 3 and a half years now, but only since discovering Zeven and his instructional videos have I started making some more notable progress. Lately, however, I find that I'm not progressing as much as I would like to. So 'Ive decided to log in here and find some more instructions and tips on how to go beyond your current limitations and hopefully start making progress again. Best regards P. S. I always considered big boobs to be sexy, but lately I've come to different conclusion. When a girl lies down, those big boobs just go on everywhere, it seems like wherever you reach they're always there, as if they haunt you and you can't escape them. So I've come to conclusion that smaller boobs are more satisfactory. What do you think?
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