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  1. Thanks for the reply. The commander is the radio operator. IS-7 is not a goal as of now, focusing on getting everything right with the T-10. I understand that there will be pro´s and con´s with all methods, I still play the T6 Strv 74 and managing quite good games if I may say so. At least they are "green" most of the times:)
  2. Hello fellow tankers I recently joined this community in an effort to participate and not only lurk around reading various articles and threads. So far I have almost 4000 battles to my name. Did all the mistakes that noobs do, bought not one but two t8 premiums, sui-scout and so on. Somewhere around 500 battles I found QB´s Youtube channel and after some more searching got stuck on Zeven´s highly informative videos. Around this time I started the grind down the KV line as all new players is recommended to do. Had some great fun and developed my crew, ditched the KV line in favour of the IS line. Played over 200 battles in my IS-3, loved it. When I unlocked the T-10 I had 2 or 3 battles before I sold it and rage-quit WoT for 5-6 months. Came back a month before the Swedish tanks, because, hey I´m from Sweden, time to be patriotic:) Never cared for TD´s so I started down the light-medium-heavy. Have four girls in my STRV 74 and I love that tank. Unlocked Leo, and I have to say, I hate it, with a passion. Well, day before yesterday I re-bought the T-10 and free-exp´d the gun, turret, tracks and engine and have since been playing 30 something battles and have now come to really like it. The reason I did this is because of an article I read here, by A_chodeful. His reasoning is sound, and he has a point. I know I will be a liability to my team in the beginning but if I challenge myself like this I will have all the reasons to force my self to play better. My crew is as follows: Commander: BIA, 6th, 94% repair Driver: BIA, Smooth ride, 94% repair Gunner: BIA, Snap shot, 94% repair Loader: BIA, Safe stowage, 94% repair Equipment is the standard, Vstab, Gunrammer and vents. I have run it both with Vents and Coated optics, do not know which I like most, time will tell. I know that I play to aggressive, and still do stupid mistakes, but I will improve, I am determined of this. So, really, my question is, skills for my crew, am I going in the right direction? Next step after Repair?
  3. Hello all! Signed up today to say hello and to thank all of you for the great content of this site, as opposed to the not so good content at the official forums. Have been reading and re-reading as much as possible on the Articles-section of this site. Hope to see you all on the battlefield:)
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