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  1. I understand what you mean, but I still don't think it's that easy. Take the Type again, even when he angles in such manner that its cheek is facing you ideally, it still has its 200 mm. And most of the time, you won't be having ideal shot at that spot anyway, so it's more like 210+ "weakspot". Plus even when he "overangles" like this, his cheek is still the weakest part of it - relatively small area of ~200 mm and everything else is a bit more, much more or even straight autobounce... Funny. Yeah, that cheek in those ideal conditions is penetrable with most tier 7/8 gold rounds, some tie
  2. I don't think so. For example VK-B is very, very strong if played correctly even when it has turret weakspot that can be penned with AP from ANY tier 7 heavy. Same applies to ST-I and others. You just need to know something about your tank and also tanks you meet to minimize impact of lugging your weak spot with you. And that's perfectly fine unlike that japanese abomination. Sad thing is japan HTs are not the only ones undergoing this kind of brain fart from WG. Maus is pretty much the same (probably even worse) now, Mauschën is the same, VK100.01P is the same, Defender is pretty much th
  3. I'm not the one who wrote "Type 4's cheek sucks ass on other hand, you can pen it with AP instantly if he angles more than 10 degrees" which somewhat implies ANY AP ammo can do this, which is obviously false... Don't get me wrong, though. I don't think it's ok for tier 7 heavy to easily damage tier 9 heavy frontally, that's just stupid idea. But having some kind of weakspot is crucial to game balance - VK has cupola, E75 has cupola or lower plate, ST-I has lower plate, M103 has paper turret roof, etc. But what about Type? That bull$hit tank can frontally withstand most of even tier 9 guns
  4. Yeah, my bad I didn't really think about this metric in particular. When it's all about x-day recent, it doesn't make sense, obviously. I was too biased by old WN7/8 in mind... And as far as other ideas go. Are you sure strict 30 day period is a good idea? I think it would make sense to bind data pull to patch releases, similarly as binmaa says. Pros are that changes to values are to be expected more or less only when tanks get buffed/nerfed which happens with patches (wow, strong logic there :-D ). Cons are that it would require more admin interaction as I presume it would be needed to m
  5. Punishing people for being new... well, I don't think it's completely off, as there are not many categories where you can say it's really punishing innocents. Reroll - I've never understood why would anyone do so, but people tastes vary and numbers are everything for some, so... Reroll and its "unfair" advantage of having better starting conditions is probably primary reason why battle count could/should have some weight to it. New account "being good" Second account - similar to reroll above, not quite as "unfair" as with new account you start pretty much fresh (no premiums
  6. OTOH when you hold flank by yourself, get sh1tton of dmg as you singlehandedly kill everyone trying to push, but you still get zero assist as either there is nobody to support you OR there are allies to support you but hey suck balls and shoot rocks instead OR you simply take all the damage for some unknown reason... This scenario would be severely hurt with ^formula^ as it would be count exactly as chai sniping. In ideal world, API would sort your dmg as "own spot" and "team spot" which would make everything so much easier. In real world, WG and its support to those things sucks massivel
  7. Which is exactly what WG desires. Ever heard of credit sink?
  8. I still don't understand why they try to push this new crap. There are tons of possible rewards that could be interesting and that would not break the game balance. Be it quite standard credits, gold, boosters, crew XP, consumables, equipment or something like unique camouflage, emblems, lady crew members, tank discounts or whatever else's already in the game...
  9. Let's just hope it's "never" or at least "never in its OP form".
  10. Yep, T32 looks like poor cousin now. Pretty much like it looked compared to Patriot...
  11. I'm not saying they're bad, but... what's the point of T10 light tank with 390 meters of view range? That's lower than any other tank on that tier (not counting arty), which is plain ridiculous. //EDIT: Why the f**k does my title say "Arty Protector"?!
  12. WG really took wrong path with new premiums. It saddens me as I really like the game, but it seems devs are doing everything to disgrace it to me. Inflating game with OP premiums, ignoring overal game balance (across all tiers), focusing on new and boring bullcrap modes (I honestly don't understand how could anyone find those supposed-to-be-fun modes like Moonballs or Football funny), ruining old modes (tank company battles went first, now SH/skirmishes are undergoing vasectomy), raping half of the whole light tank class, introducing stun, ...
  13. I wonder if it still gets those ridiculous numbers WG teased us with. Compare them to SU-101 with 122mm gun and it's not very nice view from non-p2w perspective...
  14. Yep, another retarded powercreep tank confirmed. Which is just ridiculous. Well, it is probably supposed to be "balanced" with its "weak gun like T32 has". Apart from that weak gun somewhat have 15mm better pen on gold rounds and has much better gun handling, because fuck old tanks, we need to sell more OPremiums comrades! WG was probably thinking along those lines: Let's just make this tank immune to most of other tier 8 tanks when played with at least half of the brain active, put a gun with - compared to current standards - really weak AP and vastly better premium rounds so people
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