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  1. After playing it some more im getting more comfortable with the top gun.Thanks guys
  2. So after the nerfing of lights I find myself playing some lights much less, but want to continue my grind of them, but anyway I saw the 131 gun question has been posted pre nerf and now Im wondering which gun is better for the 131 since all it has now is 85 mm. Would you go with the 62-85t or the 64-85t? The seem nearly identical but one does 180 alpha with a better reload time and the does 200, with 145 pen and 159 respectively.
  3. This went from funny to depressing fast, I thought I was gonna find a new clan too...
  4. Thanks, never heard of them, Ill have to look into them. Thanks for the feed back guys. I used to have around a 2700 PR and a low 48% win rate before I knew what wn8 was and all that, then I started watching unicum guides, and path to purple and have been steadily improving.
  5. I'm just curious about a new clan,that can help me improve more. It seems I Ive gotten a good concept of the game if you compare my recent to my overall. I have an in-game wn8 tracker and have purple games fairly regularly, but some games will just go horribly wrong and end up 4-15, but I can still usually place high on the losing team. The tanks Ive been playing a lot recently are meds instead of my prefered heavies,i.e the Lago, and Strv m/42-57 since I seem to make a greater impact when I can flex back and forth quickly or retreat if need be, but am still not used to having so little armor in lights and relying on my team to help me with spotting damage since I play the mid tiers a lot. Basically I want to be a blue-purple player, point me in the right direction.
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