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  1. wp, but that spot is mostly a case of whether you get flanked from E5/E9 and hide out of the game in the pocket while your team get killed, or mop up stupids.
  2. I'm of the understanding that WoT 2.0 is coming too.
  3. You've really gone and assumed that OE's weren't coming up with solutions for these things (particularly balance issues which my.com/mail.ru prevented them from pushing live), and that the technical issues weren't fixed because of a lack of know-how or motivation on OE's end rather than a lack of funding from mail.ru. The last sentence makes you try to sound like you had inside knowledge (and correct me if I'm wrong), but this is what I got from talking to a friend who used to work for my.com and his friend on OE's AW team (this may give away who I'm talking about to those in the know), a
  4. I'd recommend an XPS 15 with the non-QHD screen to save cost and battery life, or the QHD touchscreen for love and life. Otherwise a Lenovo Yoga Wahtever is a great flexible choice, but not powerful. You'll be replacing a $2k machine with a $1k machine and disappointed if you're doing it for performance, even if 4 years old.
  5. Without side-tracking the topic too much, any advice for this? I'm only trying to 2 mark mine but finding it pretty horrible. Did you have a decent or ghetto crew?
  6. A guide would be fantastic. I can get to about 80-84% but I don't know what I'm doing after that. Spam more gold ammo? Use food+fuel? D? p.s. any tips for getting bombardier medals?
  7. I counsel against suicide. Seriously, that's what I do now I don't have a job. I encourage people not to kill themselves. TBH there's only been one person who said they didn't want to be alive when I did a 2-year follow up check, and they and their partner got gang-raped while they were staying in hostel accommodation after losing their house...the week before I checked up with them. The feelings usually pass eventually, but if you've been artied 3 games in a row, allow for higher than usual suicidality scoring and between 12 and 168 hours in recovery time.
  8. what re yolo's min req's? not asking for myself of course
  9. I'd like to gift a friend with about 5m credits - he has some T8 prems and premium time he's up for me doing it this way, but I don't know who to ask. I know a couple of people in this community don't do it *cough*. Could someone PM me with who might be good to ask such things? If you're wondering why not just buy the credits, would I prefer that a) someone who's put a lot of effort into being gud@tanks; or b) Wargaming gets my hard-earned?
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