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  1. WoT has always struck me as a game, from later open beta onwards, that wargamming didn't quite know how they ended up so successful with, and got decision paralysis from fearing of hurting their cash cow.
  2. I probably should have picked a different time to play this thing after a EBR 75 sale with non-sixth sense crew (or even 100% crew). I've come to really hate it, but honestly its seems to be because of the tanks I'm so often up against.
  3. Valentine AT at tier 4 and crusader at tier 6 are terrible without changes. In the case of the former, considering the gun shield thickness, I think they should have just stuck with the Alecto, but the crusader is workable if they go the light tank route; the meteor tank engine (600hp) was first mounted in a crusader for testing, and it reached 80km/h (no speed limiter) when they did so. HE changes are easily the worst part of the change, and the problem with existing HE (according to them) has more to do with the formula as opposed to the shells themselves.
  4. I think the changes have need to happen since the game launch; you can't balance a tank properly when it has a standard ammo and a "better in every realistic way" ammo. Now whether or not they manage the change alright it up to them, but I think there are more than a few tanks which have been propped up or weighed down by the widespread use of premium ammo. If wargamming plays the whole "collecting data" game they usually do, its going to suck. But if they actually do deliver on their promises in a reasonable time-frame for a change, it could end up leaving game balance in a much better spot.
  5. It gets worse. The reward tanks come in their top configuration. This about the jumbo for a moment.
  6. The tanks being made into reward tanks (for anyone not looking at the video). KV-85, KV-13, T-62A VK 3001D, Jagdpanther II T21, M4A3E2 (the jumbo), T71 DA AMX 30, AMX 30B Churchill GC, Firefly 113
  7. Better, but sadly that does nothing for the high tier vehicles.
  8. Also worth noting some of the replacements which are being made here; some tanks are being outright removed and replaced with another tank currently not in the game. Or tanks are being shifted up with another being added in its place. For instance, the A-20 is gone replaced by an uptiered BT-7 with a BT-5 added in. The M3 Lee is replaced with the T6 Medium. Crusader is at tier 6 (and a light again), and the tier 5 spot for the medium line gets the cavalier.
  9. This is stupid. I have a number of issues with this. Removal of content which will later be issued as rewards or purchasable in game on special occasion (perhaps for inflated prices). It feels like they are removing previously unlock-able stuff to give themselves more to work with and encourage monetization. Removal of more iconic tanks and generally quite historical ones. Like it or not, one major draw of WOT is in the tanks. What does it say when tanks like the firefly or the hetzer are being removed? Some loss of mobility on a tech tree. As an example, from the Pz 4H you can research 4 tier 10 tanks currently. With the changes you can only research 1. Tiger P, 3 to 2. HWK 12, 2 to 1. Panther, 2 to 1. Just to pull examples from the German tech tree. Removal of tier 10's. Besides the obvious, this is absolutely horrible to players who aren't so aware of changes being made to the game. Some poor sod somewhere is working towards the AMX 30 as his first tier 10, and then fines that suddenly his tier 9 with 150,000 experience is made a reward vehicle and leads nowhere. (sorta) Are players who have researched the tanks going to recieve the tanks even if they don't have them in the garage? If you want any of the removed tanks, and they don't receive any tank (or don't offer experience refunds) seems like great way to sell some garage slots for those who don't have a ton of them.
  10. For a tier 7 light tank, its the lowest by a mile. If you discount the type 62 which has 25m on it, the next lowest light tank is 745m. 600m is enough for a light tank where it may be a concern in some cases.
  11. Something funny I just realized about the tier 7 light tank: it has a terrible radio range at 600m.
  12. Price aside, I'm heavily on the side of mechanically unique content not being exclusive to a mode or limited time exclusive. Non-mechanically unique content, fill your boots, but all this artificial scarcity, limited time purchase, or excluding those who cannot meet the requirements for reasons out of their control rubs me the wrong way.
  13. After so many years of playing this game you think this wouldn't surprise me, but it does. Or basically
  14. The AVR is really obscure in commonly available tank research (actually that goes for most British Prototype/paper designs), specifically about what vehicles were actually designed as opposed to just listing the projects goal.
  15. I don't disagree that the scorpion should have been in, but one thing worth pointing out about the Setter, was it (along with the AVR project), were part of the AVR program which was the precursor to the CVR(T) program.
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