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  1. For a tier 7 light tank, its the lowest by a mile. If you discount the type 62 which has 25m on it, the next lowest light tank is 745m. 600m is enough for a light tank where it may be a concern in some cases.
  2. Something funny I just realized about the tier 7 light tank: it has a terrible radio range at 600m.
  3. Price aside, I'm heavily on the side of mechanically unique content not being exclusive to a mode or limited time exclusive. Non-mechanically unique content, fill your boots, but all this artificial scarcity, limited time purchase, or excluding those who cannot meet the requirements for reasons out of their control rubs me the wrong way.
  4. After so many years of playing this game you think this wouldn't surprise me, but it does. Or basically
  5. The AVR is really obscure in commonly available tank research (actually that goes for most British Prototype/paper designs), specifically about what vehicles were actually designed as opposed to just listing the projects goal.
  6. I don't disagree that the scorpion should have been in, but one thing worth pointing out about the Setter, was it (along with the AVR project), were part of the AVR program which was the precursor to the CVR(T) program.
  7. This actually isn't very far fetched at all, and even so much as probable. The gun itself is 83.4mm like the 20 pounder, but following the pattern of the 20 pounder, it would have been considering an 84mm. In reality the cartridge itself is likely different than that of the 20 pounder in ways that make them not interchangeable (shorter but fatter for instance). The 77mm was a 76.2mm gun that was named differently so as to streamline logistics so there was no confusion between the 17 pounder and 77mm (and the American 76mm M1 for that matter). Bonus; the British used the 3-inch gun M1918, the QF 3-inch 20 cwt, the 76 mm gun M1, the 17 pounder and the 77mm all of which were the same calibre.
  8. I'm kinda hoping it is different than the other lights beyond "small", because it seems a waste if the tank ends up as a slight variation of another. I'm kinda onboard the 258/210/105 pen and 420/520/520 damage train. It would change things up, give it a reason to keep its dpm a little lower (it still needs to be buffed), and otherwise just be interesting. Back when the Fv4202 was at tier 10, the HESH was interesting, but the vehicle never widely faced targets it could maneuver around or penetrate easily. 210 pen on a light tank is a lot different story, as it is against lower tier vehicles in the charioteer and cent 7/1 Plus, I feel like there are more soft targets (for 210 pen) at tier 10 then their used to be.
  9. Realized I haven't posted it yet, but here is a reddit post I made about the history of the Manticore (which was called Chimera IRL)
  10. Apparently much more than any sane person could guess.
  11. I've always thought they should do something for this, so crew-members with multiple roles would at least have some sort of increase to experience gain.
  12. If the Armoured cars had been introduced after the British lights, I would have been calling them hard counters to the British light line. The British tanks have poor on the move dispersion, so they rely on sitting still if they are going reliably hit targets at range (Manticore has 0.18 dispersion on hull movement and traverse). All the armoured cars have higher dpm than their same tier British light tank counterparts. And all the lights are fairly soft skinned, meaning they are quite vulnerable to HESH. With HESH, the EBR-105 has nearly 900 more DPM than the Manticore (when both have 100% crew and a rammer). Here's the link comparing a range of tier 10 lights against the Chimera (its real name). Here's the link comparing a range of tier 9 against the tier 9 British light tank. Here's the link comparing a range of tier 8 against the tier 8 British light tank. Here's the link comparing a range of tier 7 against the tier 7 British light tank. Bonus comparing the tier 7 against some tanks with better dpm than it.
  13. Test server is up with the British vehicles. They are shit. And that's being very positive. Absolutely abysmal DPM with no real alpha or autoloading ability backing it up. Gun handling is also fairly shit; I thought I was playing a TD when I was playing the tier 10. Really, outside of their pen or size, every aspect is merely mediocre or bad compared to their counterparts at various tiers. And the tier 7 stock grind is definitely worth spending free experience if they stayed like this and you really wanted to go play them on live; the stock gun has <1000 dpm.
  14. It was quite literally designed for the purpose of being a vehicle mounted replacement anti-tank gun for the 120mm BAT RR.
  15. Just before anyone asks, the Chimera (Manticore is a fake name) was an STT project that existed on paper, with no prototypes or mockups built. It's intended role could described as a 105mm gun carrier, or broadly just a self propelled anti tank gun. Crew of two, with the driver also serving as the loader, and an automatic loading system (somewhat). Other than that, its designed armour was 25mm hull and 28mm turret (compared to the 50/80), and originally a 198hp engine. The higher powered engine is less surprising given the pattern across most light tanks, but the armour surprising.
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