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  1. And the reason it's at tier 8 is because money. Heck, buff the front and side turret armour a bit, and the obvious gun stats, and this wouldn't be a bad tank at tier 10 let alone 9.
  2. And keep in mind, this sees tier 6 where 180 pen is far more than enough to penetrate most tanks and only heavy tanks have (barely) more health than the average HE roll
  3. Funnily enough, things historically wrong with it (compared to the STT design excercise design) 30km/h top speed vs 25mph (~40km/h) 25 shells vs 30 HESH/AP vs just HESH And 150mm gun vs 160mm. I would say "poor tier 6's" but there's already enough tier 8 tanks that make life miserable for them, that it doesn't really change anything.
  4. Another idea I've heard before is rather than cap the number of skills, reduce the effectiveness for subsequent ones. For instance, something like skills 1-3 operate at 100%. Skill 4 85% skill 5 72% (example numbers), and so on, so that while you can always gain more skills, subsequent ones are less effectiveness. In this case a 4th skill BOA would grant a 4.25% bonus to crew. Tie this in with reworking bad perks and skills, adding a few more to some crew members, and lessening the exponential experience cost of subsequent skills.
  5. It used to be a tier 6 and it did get buffs. But here's the funny thing: it was in the same patch. Patch 9.15: Pz.Kpfw. V/IV and Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha: Vehicle's tier changed from VI to V Durability decreased from 820 HP to 520 HP Pz.Kpfw. V/IV suspension: Tier changed from VI to V Dispersion on move decreased by 33% Dispersion on hull traverse decreased by 11% Pz.Kpfw. V/IV turret: Tier changed from IV to V View range changed from 350m to 365m Traverse speed changed from 30 de
  6. One thing I'm hoping the better tracers allow is for easier counter battery, because that also means they shoot each other more often hopefully. As a side note, I miss being able to edit tracers. Because changing large calibre shells to trains was hilarious.
  7. Honestly, I dislike autoloaders in general as a game mechanical in most instances. Felt that way since the french tanks were originally added too. In short, it's too swingy. The best instances of autoloaders IMO tend to be lower damage total clips, or ones which require good positioning to make use of (gold rounds help this balance). Take the GSOR 1008; even with the high falloff, one of those tanks can roll around the corner within 100m of you, and unless you're one of the few tanks with stupid armour at tier 8 or in a position where you can shrug it off, there's not much you can do besides g
  8. As someone who had 3000+ games in the pre-change chaffee, this makes me sad.
  9. So turns out the super chaffee is the Well deserved reward tank this year.
  10. I've actually come to run spall line on my AT-15A after a few particularly bad instances of the M44 spam. It's one of the few tanks I used it on in part because spall liners work better on tanks with high raw thicknesses. I'm pretty sure I've one games because I've eaten about 20 M44 shells for my team (as bait) and still not manage to die.
  11. The GSOR is easily the best of the line in my opinion, or at least it felt most consistent playing it. The setter is just trash in its current form. The manticore is fun-ish in a loose sense because of its camo, but the extremes of its gun, tier 10 lights mostly being tier 9.5 vehicles, means it can be a bit of a struggle. The tier 10 environment just in general suffers from the extremes which goes on in it. The LHMTV is decent, but the low dpm, stupid gun elevation arc (4.4 over the left and rear of the vehicle) and low-for-lights traverse speed results in a vehicle which can be s
  12. I still think its a little much. While we don't know the soft stats, its fairly mobile, has reasonable armour, and ultimately has a 1280 damage clip with a turret (with 11 degrees of gun depressio). That's dangerously close to being able to one-clip tier 8's (highest possible is 1600, though unlikely with four shots) with a few tanks falling under that number. Meanwhile, it will absolutely shit on tier 6's and 7's. And with a 321 pen gold round, it's not going to struggle when at the bottom.
  13. Keep in mind that the Centurion 1 (and by proxy the centurion 5/1) was introduced in a time when the average pen for tier 8 mediums was well south of 200mm, so it paid for such high penetration at good turret armour by having terrible gun handling stats.
  14. So with the armor and gun buffs... Alpha from 320 to 360 UFP to 160 from 150 Turret front sides to 120mm from 80mm Roof from 40mm to 50mm. Turret front from 185mm to 245mm And a nerf in the form of a weaker top cupola (top part of cupola is now 70mm instead of 150mm) though seemingly with angle changes. Might this tank actually be decent now? On level ground, it's fairly resistance from the front (not including lower plate) to the ~225mm pen 122mm's, whereas before it was like butter.
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