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  1. Why bother finding modules, modeling stock turrets and guns to make something that most people are not going to pay for when you can instead sell it for the price of (2/3rd to full) a AAA game that will sell loads because of a gimmick, being overpowered or the third Tuesday of the month. Wouldn't surprise me if more than half the tanks in the games were premiums at this point.
  2. My take on the whole EBR situation (because IMO its the EBR's that primarily are problem) stem from several things. Start by buffing the tier 10 lights so most of them actually feel like actually tier 10 vehicles (and this can mean improving their "medium" tank characteristics too). Even if its perfectly balanced as a tier 10 vehicle, it will be seen as either unbalanced or dominating when the only similar vehicles are notably worse. Reduce the on the move accuracy. They nearly or feel like a tank that is just as accurate on the move as they have while stationary when playing against them, something that holds true for no other tank in the game. Have a consistent number of wheels-to-destroy-to-immobilize across the line. I'd recommend 4 wheels for complete immobilization (but practically less than that). Wheeled vehicles with more wheels seem significantly harder to effectively immobilize currently than those with fewer wheels Increase how much losing the first wheel degrades the mobility of a wheeled tank, and in general make the initial wheel loses have more of an effect. A single wheel right now can feel more like a slight impediment as opposed to something notable. Reduce mobility slightly, but generally just bring them in line so they play like a slightly more mobile light tank as opposed to something which is relatively removed from other light tanks.
  3. I think a lot of marginal armour tanks ("good" against same tier, poor against higher ones) really shine in frontlines. But either way, the FV4202 fairs a lot better in frontlines than it does in pubs.
  4. Wouldn't be the first time that wargamming makes something multiplicative instead of additive intentionally and have gimped equipment. Current spall liners imply that they reduce damage by X%, what it really means is it reduces the HE damage by 1.1*X*armor thickness, wouldn't surprise me if they made it like that.
  5. They really ought to bundle a number of equipment options together. Many are lackluster specific equipment that in no way stand up against generalist equipment
  6. A wargamming employee on reddit confirmed that is meant to be a %, not a km/h increase... Which makes it useless to even consider outside of anything but the fastest light tanks (because 5% of 50km/h is only 2.5km/h versus a gun rammer), and even then, I wouldn't touch it.
  7. It was sure not from a lack of trying. "But the 90mm was too new!", "and here's a British document showing it was mounted just outside the (at the time) max date but inside the timeframe other vehicle modules were introduced." "But the armour's aluminum!" "And here's measurements of all the armour faces and a realistic coversion formula and figures to compare it to standard steel." At the very least with the British light line, all the tanks actually were drawn/modeled in detail. With extras depending on what you consider "prototypes"
  8. Take out the 9 and you've basically got my feelings. It would barely surprise me to find out that wargamming is introducing premiums at twice the rate of tech tree tanks.
  9. Unplayable on a broad basis, with some exceptions. The exceptions being tanks that really have a gimmick like the T29's turret armour, the T-44-122's alpha, good gun handling and depression like the comet, or really high mobility with decent stats like some of the lights. Tanks which are relatively balanced without a gimmick are suffering. I'm playing through the Tiger P now (save me), and playing it just drips old WOT in tier 7 matches, not to mention the old way of doing armour schemes. Meanwhile at tier 9 now, I don't even think the old tier 9 IS-4 would be out of place, and the old Vk 4502B could have probably been passed off as a good tier 8.
  10. On the note of powercreep, I think one thing that bugs me is its been so heavily relegated to tier 8 and up. We aren't seeing all tanks progressively gain a half tier, just the ones they really monetize. So when you actually get a tier 7 match it more closely resembles what WOT used to be. Meanwhile, driving a tier 7 in a tier 9 match more closely resembles what it felt like to be a tier 3 in a tier 5 match (outside of the really overpowered tier 3s)
  11. Just read it and.... Wow. Biggest thing which jumped out on me is the thought that 3-6 months is too short for balance picture. And yes, they think they can get it right in one go. Let me use the example of literally every single asymmetric online multiplayer game ever, as to why perfect game balance will never work.
  12. I might actually give this game a serious shot again if Wargamming had a sudden change of heart and introduced monthly patches that included buffs and nerfs, instead of the perpetual "collecting data" cycle we see with the added "we're waiting on this feature to change it". Even if it didn't or only marginally improved the state of balance in the game.
  13. I think one thing that bothers me is that many of the older premium tanks have become obsolete and left to rust and some new ones too are dropped with very little fanfare like they know it. Not every tank has to be a progetto (pls no), but many premium tanks are really quite awful vehicles. I played a couple games in a couple of premiums I got for free like the FV201 (worse black prince) and the CDC, and was instantly reminded why I never play them. It really feeds into this feeling when I meet defenders, LT-432, EBR 75's, scorpion g's, Progettos (to name a few) that I'm putting myself at a disadvantage because I'm not paying. And combined with new lines often being overturned, or flavor of the month tanks being overtuned (for months), playing casually seems to be almost punished. And I really don't feel like dropping more time or money into the game in the current state its in, when I can go buy a game like XCOM: Chimera Squad for 1/3rd the cost of a tier 8 premium that seemingly inevitably is going to be powercrept.
  14. As far as I can tell looking at tanks.gg (and nothing in the patch notes) the T110E5 and Is-4 are unchanged
  15. Yup; that would be my take too. Or to peg it to an even more specific point, when they introduced the scorpion g.
  16. Three reasons: British light development had a bit of a dead period and was heavily influenced by armoured cars as well (as they took up some of their duties). There were not near as many easy to research light tanks. Combined with wargamming's initial failure to research British tanks, this led to idea that there weren't really any British light tanks suitable for introduction that had readily available information known about them. And there was no real interest in low tier mini branches for obvious reasons. Line theming: lend-lease (tiers 2-6). Failure to arrive before wargamming ditched the idea of full tier 2-10 lines in favor of shorter mini-lines at higher tiers which are the bulk of the experience and silver costs. There are the light tanks for a British light line starting at tier 2 and ending with the Vickers MBT project on one end (tier 7-10) and the chimera (tiers 7-10) on the other. And wargamming knows about them considering that was a proposal we submitted to them. Oh , and just for reference, the manticore is a fake name; it was called the chimera (a designation given to multiple projects).
  17. I'm suspect that too, otherwise these changes are going to make some of the worst vehicles in the game. Like the crusader which goes from being a tier 5 medium (formally a tier 5 light) to an awful tier 6 light and gains absolutely jack shit. Seriously 230 health, 5km/h more top speed, about 5deg/s more traverse and 0.02 better hull dispersion. Pen, dpm, module health, ground resistances and just about everything else remains the same.
  18. WoT has always struck me as a game, from later open beta onwards, that wargamming didn't quite know how they ended up so successful with, and got decision paralysis from fearing of hurting their cash cow.
  19. I probably should have picked a different time to play this thing after a EBR 75 sale with non-sixth sense crew (or even 100% crew). I've come to really hate it, but honestly its seems to be because of the tanks I'm so often up against.
  20. Valentine AT at tier 4 and crusader at tier 6 are terrible without changes. In the case of the former, considering the gun shield thickness, I think they should have just stuck with the Alecto, but the crusader is workable if they go the light tank route; the meteor tank engine (600hp) was first mounted in a crusader for testing, and it reached 80km/h (no speed limiter) when they did so. HE changes are easily the worst part of the change, and the problem with existing HE (according to them) has more to do with the formula as opposed to the shells themselves.
  21. I think the changes have need to happen since the game launch; you can't balance a tank properly when it has a standard ammo and a "better in every realistic way" ammo. Now whether or not they manage the change alright it up to them, but I think there are more than a few tanks which have been propped up or weighed down by the widespread use of premium ammo. If wargamming plays the whole "collecting data" game they usually do, its going to suck. But if they actually do deliver on their promises in a reasonable time-frame for a change, it could end up leaving game balance in a much better spot.
  22. It gets worse. The reward tanks come in their top configuration. This about the jumbo for a moment.
  23. The tanks being made into reward tanks (for anyone not looking at the video). KV-85, KV-13, T-62A VK 3001D, Jagdpanther II T21, M4A3E2 (the jumbo), T71 DA AMX 30, AMX 30B Churchill GC, Firefly 113
  24. Better, but sadly that does nothing for the high tier vehicles.
  25. Also worth noting some of the replacements which are being made here; some tanks are being outright removed and replaced with another tank currently not in the game. Or tanks are being shifted up with another being added in its place. For instance, the A-20 is gone replaced by an uptiered BT-7 with a BT-5 added in. The M3 Lee is replaced with the T6 Medium. Crusader is at tier 6 (and a light again), and the tier 5 spot for the medium line gets the cavalier.
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