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  1. I speak purely from a gamer's point of view without referring to figures and data. For any competitive game there are 2 influential factors, Balance and MM. Balance so that MM has a solid foundation to work on and individual players has a fighting chance against each other. MM so that there is a fair match-up to compete on an even ground, and individuals are not subjected to a biased environment unnecessarily. Low server population should never be an excuse for poor match-up i.e. Asia server, bottom tier frequently, pre or post patch. A good MM algorithm will take into account variation in population size, tank class, tank tiers, so called "adaptive" MM. MM continues to be a talking point. Why not +/- 1 tier? The current balancing need not be altered to accommodate this. Why constant bottom tier? I almost gave up grinding the KV-13 pre-patch because I played at odd hours and was constantly -2 bottom tier, for example being 1 of the 3 tier7 tanks in a tier9 match, the other 2 tier7 is a LT and an arty. What do you expect a single KV-13 to do in a tier9 match? Go kill their tier7 arty and LT? or try to outpen and out dpm a E-75? I almost went broke from all the apcr spam because of the poor pen gun meeting +2. The playerbase itself is already a big variable. A wide spectrum encompassing the competitive to the hopelessly apathetic group. Add that to a less than satisfactory framework of MM and balancing, the end result is a discouraging state of frustration.
  2. It is not so much with the number of casual players or their "casual playstyle" , but rather they have a different concept of how the game is to be played. I've seen a lot of weird stuff going on, it is as if they are playing a different game. Back to xvm. My general take is xvm rating is still popular among players in SEA. I have no explanation, it could be a game culture thing. As to arty using xvm, my real life experience contradicts what WG announced recently that there is a drop of arty percentage. In SEA there is a higher ratio of habitual arty players. They tend to use xvm for focus fire. It is v common to get 2-3 arty in asian randoms. Getting focused by arty is no fun.
  3. Nope. In this case it has more to do with an individual than the ecosystem. NightmareMk9 smelled blood(tomato blood) and pounced at the very first instant and went into e-weenie full swing mode. He foolishly mistaken my id with this guy: If he wish to do cyber bullying based on stats, at least pick up the skill to dig out the right stats maybe? A relevant point to this thread, stats is a performance metric, used for improving gameplay. But it can be abused, for the above example, cyber intimidation.
  4. which bears the obvious question, if WoWS can do it, why didn't wot implement something similar? How would WG benefits from allowing xvm in wot? I am trying to work out from the company's perspective, what and how do they gain, instead of whether they could or couldn't do it (technical pov). Because I got the feeling that it is doable if they put their mind to it(WoWS), but decided not to for unannounced benefits(to the company).
  5. Oh... I just learnt to upload the signature.... what to do... never wanted to in the first place... but then again, to stop the nuisance...
  6. What to do, this is the internet world. u see tards like that all the time. A recruitment officer to boot, wonder what kinds of pple he recruited to his clan. A good way to make your clan known I must say. Let's stick to the topic proper and ignore the baiters and trolls.
  7. wow.... someone wants to expose his e-weenie.... except his isn't much to speak of. see what I mean... xvm, stats, indecent exposure of e-weenies.... they mistaken humble modesty for a weakness. btw.... why isn't our stats reflected in this forum anymore? just to stop tards like that from showing his little dick?
  8. sahtila said: "WG has been saying in some dev comments they do not like XVM but then anyone with clue understands WG cannot do much against XVM either..... ....." -------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the best answers so far. Thanks for the infor. I play with vanilla client, except for the camera zoom out mod which I think should be integrated to the client as 50m zoom out is too low. Most of the things needed are already in the client and playing mod free is pretty viable. I do not use xvm rating, I got the feeling that it doesn't add to the positive gaming experience.
  9. ??? completely don't understand. And don't intend to. I'll leave it at that.
  10. Ahh... makes sense. Fanning the ego.
  11. I am clueless. Please enlighten me. Why does WG allows xvm in wot? List rationale or probable reasons from the company's perspective. Thank you.
  12. They tried many things... but the game remains just as boring as ever... because they planned with monetary concerns to begin with, instead of the other way round, starting with something interesting and ingenious and using that success to unlock the money part. Hence the fundamental core problems remain and they will not be removed as the company's financial model precludes authentic remedies.
  13. I joined..... but is new and unfamiliar.... playing around with discord is fun... but wot looked dated and boring.... apps 1, game 0.
  14. The MM is getting worse without a shred of doubt. There are so many variables in this game that random battle is truly "random".
  15. Judge for yourself. Do not trust the fellow who kept stressing he spent 90 pounds in producing the content. Asia server Nameless and Edelweiss gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3mAiAqUIGs
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