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  1. I had been trying to grind my TVP VTU in this MM.... possibly some of the least enjoyable gaming I've ever done
  2. I'm with GehakteMolen, what WG have done is disgusting. This is beyond bad game balance, its fucking with the whole core of what WoT is supposed to be about - a Pseudo historical WW2 to Korea-ish tank game. The fact that these hideous monstrosities are game-breakingly OP is just the extra peanut in the turd sandwich. And to be honest.. I have no doubt that most of the ass-hats on the SEA server who bought them didn't do it because they are huge VC fans, they bought them because they are keen to jump right into the new P2W paradigm that WG has decided to embrace over the last 12 months.
  3. This is just the icing on the cake after releasing completely overpowered anime tanks that have absolutely no place in a pseudo-historical war game anyway. WG can eat a whole bag of dicks, this is just an utterly shameless P2W money grab. Fuck this game, I'm out
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