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  1. Had a 'Beard' like that at 12. Oh and those wrist 'warmers'. thought this was a place we all could let loose? So if we don't discuss pen at 45 degrees with the t54 we should all go away?
  2. So this a thread to get the shitlords that lurk around here...out of closet. I came out knowing the ridicule I might face. There was none. These Unicum are the best of the best so we should learn from them. Come out shitlords and embrace the suck. (purple text homo I'll 1 shot you)
  3. 6 pack I can do 1900 wn8(i'll get replays) after that E100 yolo fucks it all up 200wn8 bot stats
  4. Do high level players play shitfaced and still get the results you all do?
  5. Even after waiting for team I still get impatient and push. Should I buy a e25 pillow and squeeze it when my yolo urge comes?
  6. So besides shooting he out of tanks like the T-29 for A LOT of battles (because damage) I continue to YOLO. Habits are hard to break so any tips or new habit to get when the impatient yolo tickle hits the W key. Oh and I think I can say fuck? FUCK YOU Yoko ono purple text e25 homo
  7. I'm new to these forums. Guess making fun of Mr purple text (e25) was to much for moderators Need tips to survive
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