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  1. Got clam, also ty for the friend requests lad. If you see me online, shoot me a pm. I'm likely able to play a couple of matches hehehe
  2. Sure! Add my in game! My name should be the same. Daspointless.
  3. Hello all! Returning player here, haven't played seriously for around a year and a half, maybe two? I don't know the exact number. My stats are below, pretty bad at tier 10 (still learning), am working on grinding the STB (at type), the 277 (at is-3), S.Conq (at conqueror). Can also re-buy 140 ( First ten, back in like 2016-17? idk). Looking for people to platoon with, maybe some strongholds or whatnot. Some days stats will be down due to playing arta for missions.
  4. edited, please delete!
  5. Yep, I watch streams, youtube, and my replays I don't, but i tend to think back on every battle and attempt to figure out where I was mistaken. For reference, I watch: Junker's map reviews, Zeven, Sometimes orzy, lemming and then lastly some of taugrim's reviews (with the odd replays on certain tanks I may have trouble with.)
  6. Hey there all and thanks for the warm welcome c: @Spinee thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I'll be sure to have a look there and probably post some replays so people can watch me be bad at tonks
  7. Greetings all, New forum user here; for some basic information about me: 1) I am bad 2) I like food 3) Booty4life. In all seriousness though. I join because I have wanted to improve my play and my improvement whilst still being somewhat noticeable, I tomato alot, so hopefully I will be able to learn a few things from the Unicorns here (Who am I kidding, I don't learn ) and get my consistency and level of play up, as I hope to sometime not be a liability to my team, especially high tier games. SO, in a nutshell, since I have no english or redaction
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