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  1. Yeah, I knew right away when I saw the temps that's what it was, especially since the radiator was cool to the touch at the same time. It was still under warranty by about 2 months. But, after paying for shipping, waiting for them to get it, process the return, and ship me a new one, I didn't really want to be without my PC for 2+ weeks. I only paid like $77 USD for it so I guess I got my two years worth of money out of it. Replaced it with a Corsair H100i Pro because Amazon had next day delivery on it. Enough people recommend it so hopefully it won't bite me. Now I have to test out my old OC settings and make sure this one can hang, lost a decent chuck of radiator thickness going to this model, but the installation was much easier at least.
  2. Booted up this morning and got all kinds of weird behavior. Hard locks and shutdowns. When it would stay on long enough, I could see that performance was terrible. First reverted to stock CPU settings to rule that out, then pulled up HW monitor and saw my CPU temps were at 99-100C. This is the first time I've used an AIO in my build (just shy of two years old, build thread is here on page 2) so I'm not sure if it's worth trying to figure anything out with it, or if I should just replace it. I think it's probably the pump, cause the radiator is cool to the touch while the CPU is hot enough to shut itself down for protection. Seems like if the pump was working the radiator itself would be hot. So yeah, worth troubleshooting it or should I just go straight for a replacement?
  3. Well, my GPU started bugging out on me now, so sending that off for RMA also. Funny, never had to RMA a part before in all my builds/upgrades but I'm on 2 already for this build. When it rains it pours I suppose. +1 to EVGA though, instead of sending me back the same card they sent me their top 1070 TI, the FTW2 model instead.
  4. Don't lie Assassin, you never had any faith in this game. I really don't think any of us did lol.
  5. I forgot to mention that's with a AVX offset of 3. I'm thinking of lowering the voltage and just rolling with it though. I actually got a good ~15 hours in Prime95 29.4 at 1.335 V, no issues in Cinebench either, but when I tried Prime95 26.6 that's when I had to start adding voltage. Took 1.4 V to get 24 hour stable but even at 1.35ish I could get 4 hours or so in Blend. Each 10 mV I added got me further and further. Also, before I got around to testing with 26.6 I had a pretty long gaming session, about 5 hours in ships without issue at 1.335 so I think I may park it around there and see how it goes. I don't do any video editing or streaming or any of that. Just gaming, so I think it might be alright. I also tried out offset voltage instead of manual but that shit boggles my mind. I set it to -100 mV and it maxes at 1.31 V in Cinebench which isn't enough and causes a crash but the same setting in Prime small FFT immediately jumps it up to over 1.44 Volts so I have to stop it right away so I don't fry the chip.
  6. Well my lottery results are finally in. 5.0 GHz at 1.40 Volts and 85C max temp. Not stellar but not the worst.
  7. Yep, 15 hours and 24 passes with no errors in parallel mode with the XMP profile enabled this time.
  8. RIP. Well, didn't cost me any $$, just a week with no PC. Which was ok with me, I ended up digging up some old RPGs out of my console game stash and having a go with them.
  9. With the not + version of memtest, I have 32 hours of successful testing without the XMP profile. Did about 15 hours on the default round robin test, then the last 17 on the parallel testing (although it only used 6 cores and not all 12 threads). I'll test it with the XMP enabled tonight.
  10. Apparently I lied. New RAM, same problem. I did manage to get a pic before it totally crashed: The interesting thing is that if I let memtest run in single thread mode instead of multithreaded mode it runs fine. Got to 5 good passes overnight before I left for work this morning. Multithreaded crashes at the same spot every time.
  11. I couldn't. It would throw up a few errors then the whole screen would artifact and the entire system would crash.
  12. Well so far the RMA has been smooth. Getting an RMA issued from newegg was super easy, however getting them to send me a shipping label so I didn't have to front that myself was a bit more of a pain. You have to either call them or do the online chat with them and ask specifically for a return shipping label. Sat in the chat queue for over 3 hours. Once I got through only took 5 mins or so though. My package got to their warehouse yesterday, they processed it and issued my return order within about 2 hours. Took till today for them to get it shipped out, and I'm expected to receive it Thursday which is exactly a week after I dropped the bad sticks in the mail with FedEx. Not too bad imo. I was expecting them to hassle me a bit since the ram was good enough to boot with but I'm guessing based on the turnaround time that they just wanted to confirm that I returned both sticks and they weren't obviously damaged or altered. Guess I have the fact that GSkill warrants these sticks for life to thank for that.
  13. Any particular reason to use 26.6 over 29.4? Just curious. I have both, I went out and got the latest version in the hopes that 26.6 was bugged or something before I finally realized my RAM was kaput.
  14. Well for now the ball is still in Newegg's court because it's been less than 30 days since the purchase. I'll let you know how it goes though.
  15. Good call on memtest. It's good enough to boot and run software but fails memtest after about 3 and a half minutes without fail on XMP or standard. Throws up 80 errors then crashes in spectacular fashion. RMA here I come.
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