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  1. Ok - just wanted to make sure, because your budget didn't seem to be unlimited.
  2. Why this RAM? Are you really willing to pay 50$ for RGB?
  3. @crapcannon That was me - sorry. I just wanted to quote part of your post and must have hit the wrong button, as it was already past midnight here. Honest mistake on my part. Regarding the content - yes, many used Intel i7 K cpus go for insane prices (on both sides of the pond). @JMak97008 I'm not "buildzoid", KingPin or Igor Wallossek, but from my ~20 years in dealing with PCs and OCing, when it comes to filling up all RAM slots there are several things to consider assuming we are starting with near price and capacity parity: 4 > 2, therefor 2x the amount of possible trouble (DOA, partial defects) 4 > 2, higher chance of getting a total lemmon when it comes to OC more "strain" on the memory subsystem, with a higher number of sticks higher memory capacity of a stick usually means lower OC potential. That usually applies to "high density" sticks, with atm go up to 32-128GB. 16GB sticks are an old hat nowdays and are sold at up to 4400MHz from factory, where as 128 sticks anly go up to around 3000MHz max imo. 2 sticks leave room to grow, though it seems unlickly that you 'll need to expand to 64+GB with that system and usecase.
  4. Seeing that you still hang on to the 4690K, that tells me you probably won't upgrade again in the next 1-2 years. Therefore I 'll point into a slightly different direction. Forget 4x 8GB, instead go 2x 16GB. Nowdays it doesn't make a big difference in price and you avoid the problems that sometimes come from populating all RAM slots on a board. Get 8 cores and 16threads, if you can afford it! There is no question that the 10600K is the "value" gaming king with the 3600X in second place atm. The thing is that new modern consoles will have 8 relative fast and powerfull cores. That tells me the 8 cores might become the defacto standard within 3 years for console ports, and you might and up in a similar situation like now with the 4690K and 4770/4790K. While the 4c/4t CPU sucks balls gaming in modern games especially while looking at frame times, the 4c/8t CPUs from yesteryear are still somewhat relevant. Get a 10700 non-K with "fast" RAM 3200+ on Z490, up the powerlimit, optimize RAM and raise the BLCK to 102.9MHz or get one of the AMD 8cores. The last paragraph is somewhat speculative, my crystal ball is in the repair shop atm.
  5. That doesn't mean you have to use 2 PCs, just 2 different physical storage locations (different HDDs/SSDs).
  6. If he 's as bad as you describe, anything he has write access to is prone to turn into shit. On the other hand he probably wants to have write access ... .
  7. I 'm not into storage or NAS setups. But what you are telling me about your parents, leads me to believe that you need a multilayered, automatic backup solution. First layer with read + write access by your parents and the second one with read only, both with incremental functionality after the initial setup. And forget wifi for any form of serious backup. 2.5 and 5GBits is becoming relative affordable if I remember it correctly.
  8. Nordschleife with Tractor



    1. orzel286


      Wait, this is not audi r18... XD

  9. KGB defector in 1984



  10. Furthermore WG isn't playing with open cards. WG never made it public how base xp is calculated. We know some things for example a kill in a winning game is around 50 XP, if I remember it correctly, but there are also things that make little to no sense like close range damage multiplicator. Makes sense for some heavies and TDs but for the rest ... .
  11. Nope - a young german girl/woman. One of the best DCS/IL2 players world wide. Decendant from Hanna Reitsch and Ernst Udet
  12. Do u still have warrenty? AIOs arn't meant to be serviced. Just replace it.
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