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  1. Final proof that Beethoven was a rocker!







  2. And let me mention that I couldn't play todays WoT solo random (the 322 way) with a WR between 55-60% in todays arty. I 'd probably end up between 48-52% - fuck that shit - if this isn't dumbing down the game, while on the other side the average 2012 arti noob with 43% is nearing 48% today.
  3. You know I'm on the other end of that argument. I miss my 2012 GW-P, 261 and GW-E with tracers and counter battery play. I 'd go mad, if I had to endure the stun BS while playing tanks.
  4. Hi, there from an other Ex 322, OM, PTS - never was in FAME - player. My main was sold and my 2nd account with 2-3 t10s is used for playing ships from time to time. Though that game will probably reach shit show status even faster than WoT. Bring back a modified 2012 client and I ll come back and play, as I did for a week or two like a few years ago, but the nonsense of endless goldrounds, no weakspots, fantasy tanks and nearly fully stabilized firing in historic tanks (the accuracy is at least at that level when moving) is keeping me away without a desire to return playing.
  5. Video below - keep in mind that a few drivers updates might drastically change the picture depending on the scale of the issue. Warning - any fanboy flame wars and it will be raining forums sanctions!!!
  6. Did you play any kind of serious flight game like IL2 or something like ELite Dangerous?
  7. At a certain skill level ... and he s far away from it.
  8. Damage counter ingame was at least possible since 2013 via XVM, if I 'm not mistaken.
  9. Paul Harrall and the christmas menace



    1. CandyVanMan


      Paul Harrell is a true hero, best gun channel on youtube, easily.

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