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      someone reading "Jetzt"?

  2. The problem with mining cards is the constant high load and temps on the power delivery. That eats into the expected life time of these components like nothing else.
  3. Folterknecht

    Team voting for turning bots blue

    False reporting (unicums ...) can be detected without many problems.
  4. I get 90-100 FPS avg in WoTEncore without any stutter. Reported VRAM use isn't always indicative of what is really "needed".
  5. If you only play WoT on a regular basis the GTX970 won't be a disadvantage. That game doesn't use much VRAM ~2GB at 1920x1080. With WoTenCore I get 17500 points with my 970 @FullHD (max settings). Ingame it's ~100FPS. How HD maps will influence performance, I'm not really sure.
  6. Off topic: Take a look at the GTX970 market (used), they are usually much cheaper than 480/580, while offering similar performance when it comes to WoT. The possible difference in VRAM doesn't matter in this game at FullHD.
  7. Folterknecht

    Need new headset - halp?

    Nurki take a look at these reviews: They include soundsamples for the microphon similar to what I did in my mini-review of that USB thingy I did on techpowerup and the GSP300 sounds really good.
  8. Folterknecht

    Need new headset - halp?

    Good solution for "fixing" jack thingy on pc to widen your options/selection so you can also buy headsets with regular plugs. That aside
  9. In hindsight I'm happy that I waited with Coffeellake (first wanted to see Z390) and instead switched from 3570K to 3770K. I 'll lean back and wait for new CPUs to be released. The question is when these fixes will be implemented in hardware. Zen+ (spring '18) won't have them I'm pretty sure.

  11. Folterknecht

    AMD (Ry)Zen

  12. Yep - hit's 5GHz stable with 1.35V. ---------------------------------------------
  13. As I understand it, the issue is VM related (one VM having access to an other "independent" VM).
  14. Folterknecht

    [FS - EU/Ger] i5 3570K

    Hi, I'm selling my old i5 3570K which is delidded and lapped (1000 grain). 4.4 GHz @ 1.27V are doable even with a medicore CPU cooler, 4.5 GHz wasn't possible to get really stable with any reasonable voltage (<1.37V - Intel max VCore) which is why I didn't try to push harder. The IMC allows for 2000+ MHz RAM speeds with 4 sticks, though I couldn't find the limit with my RAM/mobo combination which is limited somewhere around 2050 MHz. Undervolting at stock speeds is also possible up to around -0.15V. As you can see from the linked topic above the CPU is running nice and cool even under max speed+load after delidding and lapping, which makes it a good fit for SFF builds, HTPCs or something similar. The LM used was Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut. All speeds and voltages mentioned here worked in connection with my system (Asrock Z77 Professional, 4x 4GB G.Skill 1866MHz DDR3 and Cogar GS 650W). What I can't guarantee is how the CPU behaves in a different system. Price: 80€ (Paypal) + shipping
  15. I just completed the operation yesterday and didn't have the time to test out the chip. Before I delidded it, I was running it @1.26V and 4.7GHz and it seemed stable, though hot as you can see from the first screenshot. That 's why I didn't run extensive stability tests, but the system made a stable impression. Yesterday after delidding and producing the "after" screenshot, I tested 5GHz for around 45min with Prime small FFTs and 1.35V. Just punshed in the numbers and it didn't crash, bluescreen or produced stalled workers in Prime95. But I can't say if it's stable or what voltage it really needs for certain speeds yet. Edit: 5GHz @1.35V resulted in 70°C.
  16. Delidded my 3770K


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      Dear god whatever site you're using to upload to has some of the WORST pop-up adds in the freaking world

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      I see no pop-ups ... µBlock Origin

  17. before: thermal "paste" under the IHS : after: ... -30°C
  18. User "LSSAH" ... really???

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      There's a report function ;)

      Anyway, thanks for the heads up; I cleansed him.. err... ok, maybe not the best word choice.

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      Just now, Private_Miros said:

       I cleansed him.. err... ok, maybe not the best word choice.

      I think it's exactly the right choice of words


    I still remember watching Calgary '88 in TV as a boy. This guy was the highlight.

    1. Medjed


      Is that the guy that absolutely sucked at ski jumping, yet was everyone's favourite?

    2. Folterknecht


      Yep that's him - Eddie the Eagle

  20. Folterknecht

    New PC build ~$1000 budget

    I strongly suggest buying 16GB RAM from the start. With Ryzen and it's memory issues adding aditional RAM down the line may become more than a bit tricky. This
  21. Folterknecht

    New Build

    I heard EPIC won't get updated (Zen+)... if that is the case, Threadripper might also not get it. Zen2 is a different story and still far away at this point. ----- And don't put to much hope into Volta-gaming release anytime soon. Nvidia can milk Maxwell for a long time with AMD flopping Vega.