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  1. 2 hours ago, Ham_ said:

    PC building is so standardized that the only thing you can fuck up is using bad parts, or being a retard when it comes to assembly.

    That are the easy parts every newbie can figure out to some extend with some research and a little help.


    Adjusting the build/components to the usecase, maximizing the bang for the buck and validation is what makes the difference, especially if you look at botique stores like Pudget Systems.

  2. Install MSI afterburner and let it display the CPU and GPU temps while ingame and report back.


    With tanks I also know that heavy network traffic can impact performance leading to dips in FPS. Make sure to connect via cable to your network (if not already the case), play tanks in windowed mode and reduce the size of that window, so that you can run and see something like "Glasswire" in a second window. If you see spikes in network traffic while FPS dips you found your culprit. Glasswire displays applications and their network usage.

  3. What resolution are those monitors?


    That aside:


    1) For testing purposes disconnect one monitor, restart and

    • run benchmarks like Firestrike or Heaven and a few games, compare your results with others
    • while wunning these benchmarks monitor your temps (CPU and GPU)
    • idle temps (empty desktop no browsers open or whatever)

    2) restart and reconnect your 2nd monitor

    • repeat above tests


    Furthermore this built looks like some kind of stew - picked random parts from the shelf, throw them into a box and stir them around o.O A 980Ti has the same performance as a 1070 and there is absolutly no reason this shouldn't run 1080/1440p at max or near max setting with decent FPS.

    Also updating your BIOS to the latest version  in combination with a fresh W10 install might do the trick. In the last months MS seems to have released at least one (forced) update, that might screw with performance.


    If you are hell bend on spending money, get rid of that single 8GB stick and motherboard and replace it with 2x8GB DDR4 and a good used Z170. That single 8GB stick could be a reason for some dips in min FPS especially when you have applications running in the background. A Z-series motherboard would allow you to use the full potential of that K-series CPU via OC (4.4 GHz at least).


  4. If you think that RT has any relevance for gaming in the next 2-3 years beside 2-3 prestige projects sponsored by NV and therefor you should pay a premium, go out and preorder now. You probably also believe in astrology and nothing can help you anyway. The amount of dedicated RT-hardware on that chip is not big enough to power a game at reasonable resolution and FPS, especially considering that all game engines are also new to this whole thing and need to be optimized/rewritten and game devs to need to learn how to use that shit. Atm the whole RT thing might be good enough to power an additional effect here and there (see PhysX or hairworks in the past).

  5. 3 hours ago, Haswell said:

    Wouldn't you get bombed to shit in a tank then? I wonder how will they handle the inherent imbalance between fast flying things and slow ground stuff.

    Destroying a moying tank in a sim, especially if player controlled is hard. Forget WT and it's mouse aim. Furthermore you will also have friendly air cover and realistic damage models for planes, no WT planes with fire extinguishers in the engine and fuel tanks.


    But we ll have to wait and see ... .

  6. 1 hour ago, Haswell said:

    Looks great, but I thought IL-2 is a flight sim at heart?


    It is, but as Magz explaines in (t)his vid, the game engine makes tanks possible and they are extending a developer mod to a 100km x 100km map (Kursk area).


    I doubt it will have much in common with WT let alone WoT. There is no vehicle research or crew leveling in IL2, you just buy a module (Moskau, Stalingrad, Kuban, Bodenplatte ...) that includes vehicles (planes atm) and map(s) - that 's it. There is "no" balance only the drive to get as close to historical accurate as possible. -> get gud, it's a sim after all.


    But tanks could be a big success for them even as a sim, because the barriers of entry are much lower compared to planes. And if they keep their current buisness model, it might appeal to many people.

  7. I wouldnt touch neither of them, at least until you made sure that you can upgrade the RAM in the 4GB model with the FullHD screen. Often in low cost models (or Apple) the RAM is soldered without the option for expansion. Trust me when I say two low clocked cores with only 4GB RAM in todays day and age becomes a pain in the arse even with websurfing the moment you have more than 5 tabs open. Without addblockers you better have a good old fashioned men's magazine at hand to bridge the site loading times.


    And I havn't encountered a 1366x768 screen I didn't want to smash the moment I saw it, if only because the web is designed for FullHD. And that is before the issue of picture quality these screens have.

  8. 17 hours ago, Bavor said:

    AMD is offering a 16 core Threadripper to a few of Intel's 40th Anniversary winners,37320.html

    If I won an i7-8086K I'd take the Threadripper swap deal, then resell the Threadripper to buy other hardware.

    I feel the Threadripper is the wrong chip for that PR stunt - a 2700X + a X470 board would make more sense. Threadripper and Skylake X because of their architecture make "poor" gaming CPUs compared to 6 core Coffeelake. Or they should have gone for a "Replacement Kit" - 2600X + 16GB DDR4 + X470 board which is roughly the same price as a new 8086K.

  9. 13 hours ago, Fulcrous said:

    Probably "poor" in the sense of voltages required.


    "Poor" is the tech press coverage of new CPUs in the last 1-2 years, especially when it comes to the OC section of their reviews and tests.

    While the manufacturing process of new silicon gets smaller, the voltage these clowns run to get big numbers and draw attention to their reviews is slowly creeping up. While I know what to make of 1.4+V under air/H2O, the avg user doesn't. Not understanding that short term "bench stable" in this case leads to electromigration in the long run.