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  1. A great YT - channel for young men. A realistic, honest view on life with a positiv touch. Especially for those that grew up without a real father figure.


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      Are you one of theese young men? Tbh i dont think all this red pill, beeing a man nonsense is just a bunch of guys who dont understand our society and think some immaginary manly values and blaming women will fix their problems.

    2. Folterknecht


      I ve long since passed the good side of 30. That aside it 's high time that men realise, that the state has replaced them as the companion for women.

      Are you aware that in many western nations you can end up paying child support for other mens childrens, while your cheating ex walks away with the house + alimony?



    3. Action


      cant say i do. also i have to admit i never researched in that topic. dont know if its possible here in germany. Im past the 30s myself and though not all my relationships were perfect i never had the feeling that the women i was with only wanted my money (because i have none :D).. maybe im one of a lucky few, dont know. but with all this red pill dudes and this not living with women on equal terms and seeing them as objects i (imho) have the feeling some dudes who (maybe) had it worse in life than me, try to find easy answers for very complex problmes (and i admit that is a way of thinking most of us had in their lifes at one point or another). but i really think degrading women or deniing them their status as an equal will not solve this and sure as hell an online dude cant replace a father fugure

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