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    1. Action


      Have you ever tryed to just go up to a woman, say hi and ask her out for a coffe? this kind of red pill trash only teaches you not to see them as your equals and that wont go anywere. you are trying to convince yourself that there are easy answers for very complex problems man. but unfortunately the world doesnt work that way. the smallest percentage of all women are 'whores' and the smallest ammount of men are 'cucks'.

      that guy makes money on weak boys who dont have an answer for their lifes problems. but beeing all macho and behaving as if he has all the answers for all the questions you cant figure out is just as manipulative as every other "life coach" shit.

      all IMHO of course.

      so man what happened in your life that this guy appeals to you that you have to post theese videos on a regular basis in a gaming forum? i am honestly curious. cheers

    2. Folterknecht


      Believe it or not - I did that, no problem there. Short term that 's all fine and dandy, long term that 's a whole other story. Problem is most women are shallow, boring and extremely allergic to honest answers. Feelings >> facts + logic. Yes I 've also met 2-3 women who did value the no BS approach, typically the type that played and interacted much with boys at a young age. One of them (in her earlý-mid 20s) even asked for my advice (before contacting anyone else) when she wound up unexpectedly pregnant. After I gave her the facts as I saw them at the time (I didn't say do this or that - not my place, as I wasn't the father), I "send her off" to one of her grandmothers, the only female in her family and friendcircle I trusted somewhat to keep a level head and not start searching for baby names right away. As a male I'm somewhat limited when it comes to pregnancy and babies.


      And your idea that men and women are equal is pure nonsense. Our physique is different, our brains are structured differently, our interests and talents are different (overall). But no - like good little communists, if we repeat nonsense long enough, it must become true - and in a pinch we use a hammer to form the world to our liking.


      Not sure if you are old enough (I was in my teens at that time), but in the early and mid '90s east german woman were somewhat of a sought after commodity on the west german dating market, that ofc has tapered off a long while ago. While there were certainly enough gold diggers among them, overall they were less materialistic, better educated and more emancipated (in the true meaning off the word, not todays travesty) than west german women - beside they had much less hangups when it came to their bodies (can't forget that one). But with east german woman it went the same way as with the GDR as whole - assimilated and integrated (GG Art 23), not much "unification" (GG Art 146) there.



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