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    1. Ham_


      Only on 12 monitors though? At least its something

    2. Folterknecht


      Please read the full text. 

      "Update: We received word from NVIDIA that you can manually enable G-SYNC on all Adaptive-Sync monitors, even non-certified ones: "For gamers who have monitors that we have not yet tested, or that have failed validation, we'll give you an option to manually enable VRR, too."

    3. Ham_


      Ah, was reading a different source, had no time to read that. I have a a freesync 144hz monitor which was way more affordable than any G-Sync, both the monitor and a comparable graphic card. At least I can upgrade to a NVIDIA card without buying a new monitor, it's crazy how long they've locked out a good portion of the market who owned freesync monitors.

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