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    Folterknecht got a reaction from Vindi in Returning 322 player experience after 8 years   
    there from an other Ex 322, OM, PTS - never was in FAME - player. My main was sold and my 2nd account with 2-3 t10s is used for playing ships from time to time. Though that game will probably reach shit show status even faster than WoT.
    Bring back a modified 2012 client and I ll come back and play, as I did for a week or two like a few years ago, but the nonsense of endless goldrounds, no weakspots, fantasy tanks and nearly fully stabilized firing in historic tanks (the accuracy is at least at that level when moving) is keeping me away without a desire to return playing.
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    Folterknecht reacted to Never in Dark theme for the Forum is (finally) here!   
    As has probably been requested about a billion times in the past, the forum is finally getting a dark theme! You can select it by scrolling to the very bottom of the page, clicking on "Theme" and selecting DarkLabs.
    I'm considering this a very beta version of the skin, and there might be several things that will require tweaks along the way. Let me know if you find something off and I'll get it fixed ASAP.
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    At a certain skill level ... and he s far away from it.
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from Private_Miros in WN8 and Spotting Damage   
    At a certain skill level ... and he s far away from it.
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    Folterknecht reacted to Never in 2021 Development Roadmap   

    As some of you may know, WoTLabs has been in "maintenance mode" for some time now, with new features few and far between. As we start 2021, I'm returning to active development!
    This is what you can expect in 2021:
    Session Statistics
    The first feature that is being developed is a section where players can see all the statistics for any given session. This is accomplished by taking a snapshot of your account's stats at the moment you finish a tanking session (clarification: the player must request a stats update manually by visiting their stats page) and comparing it with the previous snapshot. Due to server capacity, currently an account can only have its statistics updated once per hour. Patrons will also be able to bypass this and request an update for their statistics at any time.
    ETA: Q3 2021
    Full Rankings
    WoTLabs will soon have a page with full rankings for the server, which will be sortable by several criteria (Win Rate, WN8, battle count...). There will be rankings for the server overall, as well as for each tank.
    ETA: Q3 2021
    Improved API
    For those who wish to use WoTLabs data for their own apps, the current API will be expanded with periodic stats and individual tank stats, as well as a larger daily limit on calls. Due to the impact on the server, access to this API will be available at a $5 / month Developer tier on Patreon.
    ETA: Q4 2021
    Detailed Server Tank Stats
    In addition to the table of average statistics, each tank in the game with also gain a full page of server statistics with insightful graphs showing how players perform with any given tank.
    ETA: Q4 2021
    Detailed Player Tank Stats
    You will be able to see more detailed statistics about your tanks, as well as comparisons with the server average and different percentile brackets.  As a provisional feature which may be discarded along the line depending on how well it works with current server constraints, you will also be able to see  graphs and periodic stats for each individual tank, much like your main stats page currently shows for your account. Keep in mind that tank data is purged every 6 months or so, therefore records will only go back so far.
    ETA: Q4 2021
    These are all the new features that are in planning and/or development at the moment. This list, along with the ETAs, may be updated along the year!
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    Folterknecht reacted to Fulcrous in Upgrading 4690K rig   
    4x8 is cringe due to you basically being locked into dual-channel ram and resale purposes. Far easier to sell 2x16GB sticks than 4x8GB for the same reason 2x8GB is easier to sell than 4x4GB of DDR3.
    For air cooler, minimum should be NHD14 and NHU12A if you can afford it. Otherwise bequiet dark rock pro 4 is an alternative.

    The cheapest upgrade you can do right now is replace your current fans with noctua 120mm fans. Cooling performance will still be largely inadequate but will barely be good enough - hence the strong recommendation to add a Noctua fan in the earlier build.
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from JMak97008 in Upgrading 4690K rig   
    That was me - sorry. I just wanted to quote part of your post and must have hit the wrong button, as it was already past midnight here. Honest mistake on my part.
    Regarding the content - yes, many used Intel i7 K cpus go for insane prices (on both sides of the pond).
    I'm not "buildzoid", KingPin or Igor Wallossek, but from my ~20 years in dealing with PCs and OCing, when it comes to filling up all RAM slots there are several things to consider assuming we are starting with near price and capacity parity:
    4 > 2, therefor 2x the amount of possible trouble (DOA, partial defects) 4 > 2, higher chance of getting a total lemmon when it comes to OC more "strain" on the memory subsystem, with a higher number of sticks higher memory capacity of a stick usually means lower OC potential. That usually applies to "high density" sticks, with atm go up to 32-128GB. 16GB sticks are an old hat nowdays and are sold at up to 4400MHz from factory, where as 128 sticks anly go up to around 3000MHz max imo. 2 sticks leave room to grow, though it seems unlickly that you 'll need to expand to 64+GB with that system and usecase.
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from JMak97008 in Upgrading 4690K rig   
    Seeing that you still hang on to the 4690K, that tells me you probably won't upgrade again in the next 1-2 years. Therefore I 'll point into a slightly different direction.
    Forget 4x 8GB, instead go 2x 16GB. Nowdays it doesn't make a big difference in price and you avoid the problems that sometimes come from populating all RAM slots on a board.
    Get 8 cores and 16threads, if you can afford it! There is no question that the 10600K is the "value" gaming king with the 3600X in second place atm. The thing is that new modern consoles will have 8 relative fast and powerfull cores. That tells me the 8 cores might become the defacto standard within 3 years for console ports, and you might and up in a similar situation like now with the 4690K and 4770/4790K. While the 4c/4t CPU sucks balls gaming in modern games especially while looking at frame times, the 4c/8t CPUs from yesteryear are still somewhat relevant. Get a 10700 non-K with "fast" RAM 3200+ on Z490, up the powerlimit, optimize RAM and raise the BLCK to 102.9MHz or get one of the AMD 8cores.
    The last paragraph is somewhat speculative, my crystal ball is in the repair shop atm.
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from Wanderjar in Wifi disconnects under heavy load   
    We arn't into necrophilia here.
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    Folterknecht reacted to Enroh in CPU Usage and Mouse Polling   
    reminds me of the good ol' days of IRQ conflicts
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from hall0 in HOW TO post in case of: hardware issues + new-PC-upgrade + usefull links   
    As one of the main PC-support guys in this forum, I m getting a little bit annoyed by the back and forth that's eating up everyones time, causes misunderstandings and can be easily avoided by providing basic system information right in the starting post.
    In case you
    want to buy a new PC or upgrade the existing one not sure if problems are hardware or software related or a mix of both try to solve hardware, temperature or performance problems If your system doesnt work at all either provide the name/model in case its prebuild/of the shelve or post a copy of the invoice, if its build from parts/custom, detailing the components please provide the following information in your starting post by either uploading a screenshot like this (use HWInfo32 if your not sure if you have a 32 or 64 bit operating System) or linking to the DxDiag.txt file you uploaded somewhere on the web. In case you are using the screenshot, pleases also post your monitors native resolution OR the monitors name/model.
    Also tell us what power supply (PSU) you are using - if not sure open your case and take a photo of the sticker with all the numbers (readable pls) and upload it somewhere.
    And of cause the budget and your location play an important role, if you plan to spend money.
    If you have temperature issues please also add the temperatures. Screenshots of the GPUz sensor screen set to "MAX" (left click between sensor name and histogramm) for your graphic card and the tempsensors/values provided by HWInfo for your CPU after you put some load on the system.
    The name and model of your computer case ( or at least big tower or small cube), CPU cooler and the exact GPU brand/model (for example "Zotac GeForce GTX 970 AMP! Extreme") will also help a great deal.
    In case of performance issues pls first make sure
    you dont have a temperature problem (modern hardware will often throttle back in that case) and your drivers are up to date. If your temps are ok pleases provide the following infos regarding your ingame settings:
    - resolution, old or new render, Antialiasing settings ...
    or just post/link a screenshot like this if not sure.
    List of topics already covered here:
    Boot Failure Troubleshooting Flowchart by Morris Rosenthal How to apply thermal paste Samsung Releases Second 840 EVO Performance Fix How to clean a Laptop Deliding and lapping a CPU Does RAM speed influence FPS in WoT? You want to buy/bought a new monitor? Things to check before/after purchase!  
    Guides + FAQ + Reviews:
    i7 2600K Sandybitch vs. i7 7700K Kabylake IPC comparison @4.5 GHz  
    How to fix Gigabyte motherboards bootloops       
    Johnny Gurus Tops & Flops (comprehensive lists of PSUs by the most trusted PSU reviewer on the net - ofc they can't test them all)  
    DDR3 (4) RAM Guide and FAQ by Tomshardware  Part1 (good starting point for newbies) Deep dive into DDR3 RAM by Anandtech (if you re bored with tweaking secondary timings) Which memory speed u really "need" by Anandtech (at least read the conclusion)  
    Graphic Cards
    how to flash your ATI/AMD graphic card BIOS How to fix piss poor cooling performance on GPUs without switching to watercooling or a different aircooler!
    the difference between Custom and Reference GPUs
    ASIC Quality and what it means  
    How to: change WoT replay folder using symbolic links How to: disable Youtube Intro videos PSU repair - A case study (Don't do this at home!) and a 2nd similar story FAQ - NICs (Network Interface Cards) the basics by TH A look into Freesync (adaptiv sync)  by TH
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    Folterknecht reacted to Never in [13/12/2018] Player profile revamped   
    As some may have already noticed, the player profile page on WoTLabs has been revamped and modernized! Along with it, now you can see the category for your WN8 score in each of the stat periods.

    Hope you guys like it, cheers!
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from Sylvansight in Suddenly getting FPS drops for every game   
    Install MSI afterburner and let it display the CPU and GPU temps while ingame and report back.
    With tanks I also know that heavy network traffic can impact performance leading to dips in FPS. Make sure to connect via cable to your network (if not already the case), play tanks in windowed mode and reduce the size of that window, so that you can run and see something like "Glasswire" in a second window. If you see spikes in network traffic while FPS dips you found your culprit. Glasswire displays applications and their network usage.
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    Folterknecht reacted to OOPMan in Laptop shuts off when trying to game on battery or under load   
    Sounds like a hardware fault, maybe with the hardware that detects charge level or maybe battery temperature mis-reporting and triggering a shut-down. If your battery is holding a charge then I'm not sure a new battery will help. You might need to return the laptop to MSI for repairs.
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    Folterknecht reacted to Fulcrous in Laptop shuts off when trying to game on battery or under load   
    The battery should be able to run the laptop under load. It may be an issue with settings that when the charger is unplugged, it switches to power-saving mode and therefore causes shutdowns.
    This would be my initial suspicion due to the fact that you are able to run 3-4h with the battery. Right click the windows taskbar --> search --> Control Panel --> system + security --> power options and show us your settings on the main menu and advanced power settings.
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    Folterknecht reacted to Marty in CALLING ALL NERDS, I NEED PC SUGGESTIONS   
    The CPU-Z screenshot however says your memory runs in single channel. Either it reads wrong or it does run in single channel - sorry for the dumb question but do you have the sticks right next to each other (1 in grey slot 1 in black) or do you have them in slots "1" and "3" (so both in grey or both in black)? If the former, you're running in single channel despite having 2 sticks, and need to switch to latter. 
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    Folterknecht reacted to Never in Bunch o' Fixes (Error 78 and Site)   
    Fixed a bug that prevented tanks from being recorded to an account if there was no tank WN data available (normal in the case of new tanks where the XVM guys haven't added it yet). Fixed a bug in the forum where a database issue caused some threads to show a "78", "77" or "80" error. Edit: More fixes
    Fixed issue where Patrons would see ads on the website. Fixed issue related to adding new accounts on the Russian server. Added GPDR cookie notice to website. Bunch of random, mostly cosmetic fixes.
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    Folterknecht reacted to Haswell in LIttle Free Premium Polish Tankette isn't bad.   
    It's tier 2. That automatically makes it bad.
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    Folterknecht reacted to Never in Major Server Migration Completed   
    As many of you probably saw, we had a big server migration recently. Here's the low down of what happened:
    As I have disclosed in a couple of posts, the database server ran into an issue where it ran completely out of space. The biggest problem was that the database engine we were using kept all the data in a single file, and that file could never be shrunk even if you deleted older records. This caused that file to grow bigger and bigger and bigger over time, until it took up all of the considerable space on that server (1.5TB). When there was no more space left, the database server would crash and the website would go down.
    Fortunately, I managed to work with DigitalOcean to secure a great virtual server which meets all the needs of the database and the website in a single server. This is a 12-core, 48GB RAM server with 1TB of SSD space. The next step was transferring all the data over. This took the longest time. All in all, the database totalled around 5 billion records, and after removing the inflated space from the database engine, clocked in at around 500GB.
    It took 3 days to transfer and import all the records into the new server, which now runs the latest versions of PHP and MySQL for better performance, plus it lets me clean up old records that aren't used anymore in order to reduce disk space, meaning there will always be space available.
    Not only that, but as the website and the database are now on the same server, there is no more issue with the firewall tables getting reset, a problem which, despite a LOT of research, I couldn't actually fix. This was one of the biggest causes of the downtime in the past, as the database server started refusing connections from the website server at random.
    All in all, you can expect WoTLabs to be MUCH more stable from now on.
    Thanks everyone for all the support!
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