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    Folterknecht got a reaction from _Dean_ in AMD (Ry)Zen   
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    Folterknecht reacted to Marty in AMD (Ry)Zen   
    Just in case anyone will take that review seriously, those gaming benchmarks are completely off compared to any other review out there (and previous gen ryzen aswell). Not even XFR 2 and XMP (and MB tinkering with RAM frequency/timings in any way) can't make that sort of a difference. 
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    Folterknecht reacted to Sipher351 in New build   
    Well for now the ball is still in Newegg's court because it's been less than 30 days since the purchase. I'll let you know how it goes though.
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    Folterknecht reacted to kunjuro in M4A2(76)W Red Army Sherman "Emcha" (Academy 1/35)   
    Hey folks How's everyone doing? Is patch 1.00 any good? I have only played a few games so far - like the graphics update but the maps feel.... anemic. Something feels off. Still, glad that the game got a makeover.

    Anyway, here's what I worked on during the Lenten Holidays here in the Philippines. This is Academy's M4A2(76) Red Army Sherman. According to documents complied by the Soviets and accounts of Soviet Tankers, they found the Sherman a really great vehicle - especially the 76mm version. They lovingly nicknamed their tanks "Emcha" - since the #4 looks close to the Cyrillic symbol for "Cha". Would highly recommend folks read Dmitry Loza's book "Commanding the Red Army's Shermans" which is easily available online. This academy kit was really easy to build, but there are quite a few nagging inaccuracies - especially in the running gear. The skids and the return rollers don't touch the tracks! Academy fixed this in later Sherman kits supposedly. I still need to add a lighter coat of dust on the entire vehicle to blend the weathering together and add metal wear and tear on the tracks + drive sprockets. Hope you like it.



    And this is what the pre-shading looked like:

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    Folterknecht got a reaction from Fulcrous in New build (split RollerCoaster)   
    lucky you ;-) usually people are on some kind of a budget, that's why performance or vale/$ is one of the first things to look at for me.
    monitoring: GPU-Z, CPUz, HW-Info64 and Afterburner if you want to mess around with the GPU
    benchmarking/testing: Memtest86+ (USB version), Prime95 for stability and heat testing, Cinebench, things like Heaven bench or 3Dmark to determine if the GPU works properly (produces bench scores in line with similar GPUs)
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    Folterknecht reacted to _Dean_ in Dying RX480   
    Check to see whether or not it's your connection from the card to the monitor first if you haven't already. I've had something similar happen before where it was just the cable. Definitely worth checking to make sure it's not something simple like that before buying a new card.
    If it is the card you could probably find another 480 on the slightly cheaper side now and be good graphics wise
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    Folterknecht reacted to kunjuro in Tiger I in winter whitewash (1/35 Academy)   
    Hey folks. Still waiting for patch 1.0 to make/break the game.  Played a few matches with the T-10M since the patch, found out that I'm still a bad scrub, and moved on to something else.

    Anyway, here's my progress on a Tiger I in 1/35 by Academy. I took a previously built kit of mine and practiced doing winter whitewash via hairspray technique. Also used vallejo's snow effects for the first time. Going to paint my nearly finished Leningrad Tiger I soon - so this is warmup practice for that. Hope you folks like it.  Constructive criticism and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Folterknecht reacted to Bavor in New build   
    EVGA is selling graphics cards for near MSRP in their motherboard bundles and cooler bundles for several months.  It looks like they sold out of all the bundles except for the x299 bundles recently though.
    There are promos on the new 860 EVO drives now because they are a new item.  Some retailers are already running out of the 850 series drives that the 860 replaced.
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    Folterknecht reacted to EricBrogar in r9 270x to 1050 ti   
    SO, the 1050 ti arrived today and I ran the Encore "Benchmark".
    OLD (270x) Ultra all on: 7342
    OLD (270x) AA off: 8992
    NEW(1050ti) Ultra all on: 9764
    NEW(1050ti) AA off: 12322
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from TheMarine0341 in r9 270x to 1050 ti   
    ~20% faster on avg as long as you buy the 4GB version
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    Folterknecht reacted to Never in Forum Software Updated   
    The forum software has (finally) been updated to the latest version. Hopefully the old bugs were all ironed out to make way for the new ones.
    Some thing changed, including the reputation system. If you're interested in the nitty gritty, here's a rundown. Let me know if you find anything broken!
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from zbran in Graphics card upgrade   
    NV and to a lesser degree AMD don't directly profit from the high prices, AIBs and resellers are the ones that are making the huge profits there. NV and AMD "profit" from a higher number of sales/better utilization of their production facilities.
    There are potentially two potential problems for AMD and NV (and AIBs) resulting from the possible collaps of the gpu-mining market. Nr1 is if they increase production capabilities now, that arn't needed later (if demand drops from miners) and Nr2 the huge amount of cards that would flood the market if gpu-mining collapses (AMD already had that to a degree around 2014/15).
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from zbran in Graphics card upgrade   
    In 2017 EVGA got unlucky with a supplier which resulted in a batch of 10xx cards that was prone to failure. As far as I'm aware that is sorted out by now. Furthermore their customer support is really good and you are dealing with them directly.
    I don't know anything about the architecture of the upcoming 20xx cards (how could I ???). I would expect a typcial generational leap in performance around 25% (970 ~ 1060; 1080Ti ~ 2080 ...).
    As for prices? Who can say with the current crazy market and rumors that NV is working on blocking consumer cards from mining.
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from zbran in Graphics card upgrade   
    I share lordawesomes sentiment about buying a highend card now. In addition SLI/CF is dead - plain and simple. Nowdays buying a card with the thought of adding a similar card down the line is "stupid". Are there even DX12 titles that support multi GPU properly???
    All that aside I have two mayor gripes with these Inno cards. Nr 1 - these coolers arn't that good when it comes to thermal/noise performance, even EVGA's dual fan design is better, let alone Asus Strix or MSI Gaming.
    The 2nd thing is - how are they handling warrenty complaints/requests ...? A quick check reveals you have to go through the seller of the card (at least in europe). With all that in mind and the current pricing nonsense going on I 'd rather buy directly from EVGA europe.
    And when it comes to OC/frequency with the 10xx series cards the reference PCB is more than good enough for air/water. The deciding factor is luck of the draw (silicon lottery) and the ability of the cooler to avoid throttling.
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    Folterknecht reacted to NightmareMk9 in WOWS Codes for personal missions   
    10 Personal Missions that each give you 10 flags (mostly good ones)
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from kunjuro in T-34/85 Dragon 1/35   
    This one is the best model you posted here so far - by a large margin I might add.
    The dirt on the tracks/wheels and on the sides looks very realistic, same as the rust on the cast turret.
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    Folterknecht reacted to kunjuro in T-34/85 Dragon 1/35   
    Hey all. Since the game still hasn't really drawn me in (only bought the T-10 back in anticipation of the free tank) and Overwatch is still fun, I have spent more time on miniatures. Sharing with you my progress with a T-34/85 by Dragon. Older mold, but it came with free soviet tank riders. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!




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    Folterknecht reacted to EndlessAgony in Looking To Upgrade From Old Laptop   
    >8GB of RAM
    Go for 12 gigs at least, 16 gigs if you can. Even buy a laptop that comes with 8 gigs and upgrade it. It'll lengthen the life of your laptop considerably in regards to gaming.
    In regards to that Acer you posted, yup - you can put the EVO in. The 1 TB HDD will most likely be 2.5" with 9.5mm height, while the SSD is 2.5" / 7mm IIRC - you'll be able to use it, but depending on how the disc housing is done, you might need one of the rubber holding thingies to secure it in the laptop - dunno what they are called in english, they cost about 2.50€ where I live and basicaly wrap around the disc on sides to make it thicker and allow for it to be securely mounted in.
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    Folterknecht reacted to Errants in Burger King tries to explain Net Neutrality   
    Paying different amounts for different speeds/data caps is not a violation of net neutrality as once you've gotten your internet access, anything you do with it is treated the same. It doesn't matter if you're rocking a 14.4 kbps modem, or 1 gbps fiber connection, when you go onto a web page, your traffic is treated the same by everything and everyone else.
    Without Net Neutrality, companies could restrict (either banning or slowing) traffic to sites they didn't want to carry information for, and free up or expedite those they want to promote. E.g. Comcast makes a video hosting site, and has unfettered access to all, with faster up/down speeds and no data caps for Comcast customers. However, Comcast users looking to browse YouTube or Twitch find that their speeds are slashed, and they're limited to only 1 hour of video per day. Additionally, Comcast users can't even get onto Vimeo or Giphy. Comcast is kind, though, and for an extra fee, the speed gates on YouTube and Twitch are removed. For even more money, you can lose the time restriction, and gain access to Vimeo. You can't ever get to Giphy, though, because Comcast doesn't own it, and Giphy won't pay Comcast enough to let Comcast subscribers through.
    The BK analogy/video is flawed, but it is a decent example, if you pay attention to the first bit - "BK feels they can make more money off their chicken products, so they are restricting Whopper access." That, AND the silly costs (time or money) to get a regular Whopper, are the point of the video, and therein lies the example of why net neutrality is important.
    Radio stations and network television are available, at the same quality and with the same information, to anyone who has the equipment to access them. The internet should be no different.
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    Folterknecht reacted to OperatorError in Burger King tries to explain Net Neutrality   
    So....Burger King doesn't understand Net Neutrality either?
    Because with NN, ISP have definitely been charging different rates for different amounts of bandwidths - i.e. letting customers pay for faster burgers.
    The better analogy would be a restaurant that served food faster from chefs that paid kickbacks to the owner - with the extra money showing up on the menu price.
    Also, this;
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    Folterknecht reacted to TouchFluffyTail in AMD (Ry)Zen   
    APUs come at $100 for the 4/4 8 CU chip, or $170 for the 4/8 11 CU ship. Ultimately depends on what he wants.
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    Folterknecht got a reaction from kunjuro in God Have Mercy On Us (WT E100 P)   
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