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  1. Hi Assassin7 long time no speak. Sorry for being so direct but my military training of 28 years demanded it. Moving on I just checked my stats around 12:05 24may they say I had 9 battles in the last 24 hrs . I played 6 battles on the 23rd from 5:45 to 6:30pm, I played 3 battles on the 22cd may 10:30 to 11pm . How is the time frame 10:30 on the 22cd to post time copied below a 24 hr period? Last Update: Fri May 24 2019 06:53:00 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) Thanks guys, this is my last post up here since this is the wrong place for me to post. Again thanks
  2. Ya, I don't use forums. Sorry for using the wrong section! 63yr old Disabled Vet trying to find out why my stats are not being posted daily. I played 3 games yesterday between 6am on the 21st to 6am the 22cd . Wotlabs says 13 games and the update is not 6am anymore. Last Update: Thu May 23 2019 17:09:00 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) Not sure why, and I'm not trying to be pissy as you say, just asking questions. Military and very direct! I played 6 games a bit ago around 6pm are those stats going to show in last 24hr with the last three days stats that have be
  3. Hum, maybe the meaning of ask anything is different for you. I was told when I signed up for patron that my daily stats from my games would be posted at 6am my time daily, and they were for a long time. But I've been sick and not playing much, now I'm back and my daily stats are not being posted. Well I think they are but in the last 24hr I played 3 games at 67% winrate. But they were added to 10 games I played 3 days ago, or something like that. If the stats are not going to be posted daily then why pay?
  4. Sorry but been sick, I played like 10 games on Tuesday the 21st and 3 games yesterday 22cd. the 10 games were all bad teams so I stopped, won two I think. On the 22cd , 3 games I won 2 67% winrate but you combined them . I am donating money to patron for the service and was told you would post my stats at 6am my time everyday. Its not happening so I am asking is this what you are going to be doing or can I get the service I am donating for? Thanks Seniorchiefretired
  5. New to this but wanted to make sure I was linked to world of Tanks account so I can get the Automatic daily updates to my stats. What do I need to do, to make sure that happens :)
  6. ok then, no trolls here. Just shut up and play, got it:(
  7. Its 10pm in North Texas and wotlabs has yet to update. Usually at about 6pm central US, midnight in the EU. it updates and I can start the new day stats. Some times its a little late but today 4hrs and counting. Just wondering it says it updated at 7:18pm EU time but has none of my games from today, still has yesterdays! Hummmm
  8. Glad its not just me. I had about 3 weeks of 30% winrate gameplay, I just could not get on a descent team 3 -15 over and over. One min you are looking good , the next you are all thats left and 12 tanks are swarming you, lol I mentioned it in WOTs forums and was trolled, your a shitter, learn to play etc. Makes me happy to see I wasn't going nuts
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