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  1. Yep, and its only just occured, having not been on the forums, and i find myself apologising now everytime I die in the game. I do need to improve quite a bit.
  2. Thankyou for your response anyway Its Matra. Thats a bit harsh isnt it? LOL. Ive gone from Tanker with training wheels, to usually heads in the wrong direction? [Which I really dont btw!] So, if you have only played random battles, what would be an acceptable WR? My WR is 44.77% But my hit ratio is 68% Doesnt that say, that Im normally doing well, as part of a random team, but Im just on the losing side more? Ive played 1550 battles with my E100
  3. Thanks. Not sure about this, but I notice that I see at the bottom there, of my Stats page it shows my E100 to have wn8 [whatever that means] as 488, but at the top it shows it as 372? I wonder, does that mean, that most of my other stats would go up as well? If they were just showing my stats for my E100 instead of lumping all y tank stats together to come up with 372?
  4. Really? Well I dont know much about that, sounds a bit ominous. But thanks for the tip. I'll just have to wait it out I guess.
  5. Hi there, Im looking for a new clan to join. SGTA is great but they mainly run tier 8, and I want to join a clan where I can use my Tierx E100. My WN8 is growing and growing, but I could do with some compadres! Cheers. http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/RolloLongjaw
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