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  1. Honestly this is the only game mode where winning or losing doesn't seem to matter afaik, I have been playing and not gaf about winning or losing and it's great. I just couldn't justify putting effort into writing down wins/losses, unless there is a mod to keep track.
  2. I accidentally into random battle instead of frontline and now my recent WN8 is over 9000 #paddingwn8 #wn8isimportant

    1. sohojacques


      Time for another 4 year break. Quit while you’re ahead.

  3. It's rare to find a troll who puts this much effort into it, I commend your effort sir.
  4. Is it even for sale right now? *mumbles something about availability limited artificially*
  5. I can't stand it when companies do this to enforce artificial limits to availability, I'm here right now wanting to buy a Progetto so shut up and take my money WG. I'm starting to love light tanks on FL, I haven't memorized the map yet but it's great just buzzing around spotting people and getting flanking shots in. I feel like this game mode finally has a map large enough for the game to be played the way it is supposed to be played, rather than being played on tiny narrow corridor camping meta maps.
  6. I can't believe I logged into this game again after 4 years of staying sober, fuck.

    1. Oicraftian


      > plays game

      > uninstalls in 5 rounds.

    2. Kolni


      big oof

      everyone has relapses, just dont make it permanent

    3. Wanderjar


      welcome back off the wagon

  7. I decided give frontlines a go despite not having played the game for 4 years, I started looking for these recommended prem tanks like Progetto and Skorpion G but I can't find them for sale anywhere. Are these tanks and others only for sale on a limited time basis, and if so does that mean I can only buy them for real money and not gold?
  8. They introduced a new map but forgot to add it to custom matches, fucking amateurs.
  9. That means his graphics card is 10 degrees short of being hot enough to boil water at sea level, and he needs some urgent help with his fan setup to keep his computer cool.
  10. I knew exactly what yours was, but it was entirely besides the point. First they have to fix crew skill stacking to get vehicles back in line with the values the devs intended for them to have, then start addressing balancing issues. MBTs for example were obviously not meant to have some quasi-LT mobility due to Acceleration, Terrain Resistance, Traverse and Turret Traverse speed being stacked so high. I don't care if the vehicles I listed are not the best in their tier, the examples were only for DPM values they were obviously not supposed to have, which I thought was fairly obvious when I wrote it.
  11. Low pen meaning tied for second place in tier 7 with Leo2? only the T-80 has more, and everything else including M1 Abrams and Challenger 1 has less. Honestly it could do with having pen values lower than the M1/Chally but higher than Stingray 2, probably somewhere around 400 to 410 since the LAV-600 has 408.
  12. Not a good sign that they're giving in to the whinging crybabies who have no fucking clue what they're talking about, although it is just a temporary win and a good way to avoid some of the sperglords sperging their retardation all over the forums. Shade421 & Crossfader you two clearly missed my point
  13. I was playing the Zhalo-S this morning, I was doing well and even ran out of ammo on the very last shot that killed the last enemy tank, I had over 9000 damage. I was looking forward to basking in my glory, taking a selfie of my stats and buying hookers and blow with my new earned credits. Then the server takes a giant dump and goes down for five hours, now all I've got is a faint memory of it and nothing to show for.
  14. My initial thoughts were along the lines of WHAT THE FUCK WG, FUCKING WTF100, GO FUCK YOURSELF WG. Now that I've had more time to think about it I lean more towards exactly the same with a lot more exclamation points and angry faces, and replacing WG with OE. This ^
  15. It's about fucking time they fixed this, I'll give you some examples PAC90 at 7028dpm has a 70% higher dpm than Zhalo-S at 4185dpm Leo2AV with 5000dpm and .03 accuracy B1 Centauro 7600dpm (lvl 3 crew) VFM5 4500dpm (lvl 2 crew) Good riddance I say, shame it took them so long to nerf this into the ground, even crew skills themselves without the reload had unintended benefits to mobility and gun accuracy/aim time when stacked high enough.
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