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  1. I've just returned to the game and haven't played heavy tanks in idk 7 or 8 years, what equipment is considered meta on fast bois like T-10 and 277, garbage dumps like the 110 & and the bigger brothers 1-4 and 5a, and possibly the french autoloading heavies? I have no friends so I'll be playing solo mostly, I'm looking at turbo, IRM, vert, rammer, optics and hardening. It seems like Turbo, hardening and IRM would be good choices depending on the tank, but at the same time vert and rammer have been staples forever, and then we have optics which I'm not all to keen on going without as a
  2. Stop trying to make excuses for tier 4, 5 and arty, it's all shit and we all know it. You're both trying to polish a turd here, doesn't matter how much you polish it, it's still a piece of shit.
  3. Another Brit LT hit supertest: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/07/03/wot-supertest-tier-ix-british-light-tank-gsor3301-avr-fs/


    Looks like another shit tier gun at T9

    1. Kymrel


      240 alpha and a 9.3 second reload for an awesome 1548 dpm. Is this where we die laughing?

    2. FavreFan4ever


      Remember this is early stuff. Could be placeholder stats.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      I mean, it's a fuckin light tank.  course the gun's gonna be garbage.

      However, it looks sneaky breeki af with 32% base camo and 390 base view range is workable


      I just wish they'd give it HESH or HEP.

  4. A German medium tank that isn't the size of a heavy tank, with what seems like pretty good overall stats? sign me up except for the fact it's a ranked reward. I wish the ranked and frontline reward tanks were reversed so I could get the medium from grinding FL.
  5. LamaLeif

    Leopard 1

    Leo 1 is still the same paper sniper, except now it's slightly faster with a very accurate gun with great aimtime and bloom. It's essentially a poor mans Strv 103B with a turret, it has less dpm, a slightly worse gun, far worse camo and worse armor. While the gun is now amazing the rest of the tank is fairly meh still, if they had a tier 10 frontline mode it would be an excellent choice for that, random battles or ranked? not so much.
  6. Is this a soviet tank with double barrel turret? don't worry it will be fair and balanced by it's hull traverse speed, and lack of good HE shell.
  7. Well, this may come as a surprise to you, but WoT isn't a realistic tank simulator, it's a fucking arcade game.
  8. This seems to be a quality that has become more rare with time, these days most people I have come across are more interested in wn8 than winrate. I suspect it stems from newer players being exposed to twitch streamers who solo queue for the wn8/marks farm, as well as clans having wn8 reqs to join them. Before I quit playing in 2014 I had several people on my friendslist that I knew would do what it takes to win, one of them being Adroxis whom I used to platoon with a lot. We have pretty much identical mindsets when it comes to doing what it takes to win, at minimum we expected to go for
  9. Whichever way they decide to go about this, they will have to adjust more parameters than just shell damage numbers. If they were to say... increase the TTK across T7-10 while they're at it, I wouldn't be opposed to that.
  10. It's not as simple and clear cut as that, because now you are indirectly buffing any vehicle relying armor and making the game even more of an armor meta.
  11. The tier 7 AMX M4 45 was one of my favorite tanks when I did the grind through it 5 years ago, everyone said it sucked but I played it spamming premium shells and had a funtime.
  12. You do realize that giving STB1 0.09 dispersion on the move/hulltraverse is among the best in the entire game right, I think only 140 has better at 0.08 but I didn't look through all the meds just the most similar ones. It also means it could get the swedish medium suspension which seems incredibly useful from the video explaining how that works. STB1 dispersion stats right now 0.15 moving, 0.15 hull traverse, 0.13 turret traverse 30B dispersion stats right now 0.12 moving, 0.12 hull traverse, 0.04 turret traverse I probably won't bother with either tank, unless the STB1 actuall
  13. I agree which is why my immediate response was to think, shit I finally moved my crew out of the Leo1 which I hadn't played for years before I finally quit.. now I may end up spending gold to put them back in. I haven't played random battles for years, will these buffs and nerfs change much? I'm certainly intrigued by the Leo1 changes because I love fast tanks with good gun and depression,, but in a corridor map meta how useful will it really be compared to taking a more armored option?
  14. Leo is getting AP as standard shell and APCR as expensive shell, which is a pretty good buff.. unless I remember wrong it's been a few years.
  15. Honestly this is the only game mode where winning or losing doesn't seem to matter afaik, I have been playing and not gaf about winning or losing and it's great. I just couldn't justify putting effort into writing down wins/losses, unless there is a mod to keep track.
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