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  1. Yes. 8PM- approx 9:30PM eastern like clockwork.Kids on other games no issue.No issue with STB either.Watch a movie or soething and come back to game after 9.
  2. I hear your pain. I ended up taking a 2 perk crew from one of my mediums for the Auf Panther. Couldn't take not having sixth on the lights. Waited to a half off crew retrain day so it was less gold. GL
  3. Finished the grind last week for the on track.211 games 48% winrate. only really got it to work in the last 25-30 games. As others said ran the 88 until long 105 was avail. Didnt have free xp when I first got it so started pretty bad, not making same mistake with the E75 lol. In tier 8 battles could pull 3k-4k wn8, tier 10 under 500, too aggressive. I actually completed the HT 15 mission with the KT so it can work.
  4. I have only gone up a few lines but the most fun has been tier 5 Russian T-34. Both tier 6 Russians are fun too.The Amer M7 is fun too but goes to lights afterward. GL
  5. Hi Blitz, I'm only lemon-lime myself but am willing to platoon, grinding tier 8's also. Usually online Tues- Wed-Thurs my off shift schedule. M
  6. So is there any point in grinding out to tier 10 in the German Meds? I am currently at 8 in both lines
  7. Still on the Hellcat, my son has the 25/2 and does not like so that biased my opinion. Might not be so bad afterall to unlock and continue grinding line.
  8. Thanks MaxL great guide. I just started the US td's and have some problems with the Hellcat. Done better with Jackson so far, but my HC commander does not have Sixth yet and Jackson does. Make quite a difference. Plus I probably play HC too aggressive lol. +1
  9. 99% of time crew training on. I will turn off for a day now and then to convert xp for modules for a new tank so it doesnt run stock.
  10. Is there any plan / discussion of being able to retrain crewmembers in their primary skill ? Would be cool to make a complete crew from excess radiomen and loaders waiting in barracks. Thanks
  11. Good input all. I'm grinding vk3002 now and am almost ready to free xp the last 25kxp so I can buy the Indi while the on track event is going. Also have enough to mount 9 cm gun right away. Have been told much better than long 88. M
  12. I sold the E8 when I moved to the T20. For Tier 6 I have German VK's (have alot more German crew) I just started grinding for the Hellcat this month, on the T67 now. Only 10 games but is going well. From the comments I will be disappointed in the HC? Used to always here how great it was. Also got the Jackson off the E8 and am doing ok with it. Would Hellcat be still considered better than Jackson? Thx
  13. Thanks everyone for the input. Much appreciated. +1
  14. Not trying to hijack thread but I just bought the KV1 myself. First Russian HV tank. Is it worth grinding through for the 1S for learning the Russians or I could free xp the 1S and move my crew there? People seem to prefer the 1S at tier 5. Thx
  15. ya just tried a race. we won and survived but no xp or creds.
  16. Yeah this. Was like 46% on the III/IV, the tier 6's much better around 55%. Amazing for me lol.
  17. mikeyg1966

    tiger 1

    Tiger really comes alive with top turret and long 88. Totally different tank then.
  18. Gotta say im not having fun with this one either. keep 15-20 gold rounds on board for T9 battles, and i see them alot it seems. The short 88 was a pain at tier 6 on the 30.01P. Worse at T7. EDIT And i unchecked crew training on all my elite tanks to get by this ASAP
  19. Still grinding a-20. Man i cant wait....
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