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  1. Kinda funny kanye looks like the most normal in this picture
  2. the ammount of people queueing up in arty is downright disgusting. 86 people in queue 50 of them spg.
  3. so im currently lvl 18 and layed more than i already wantet... and doing that up to 10 times is really not a task i am looking forward too... its probably not worth it for the emil aint it
  4. I also see a lot of Emils driving arround on NA. do you think its because of the upcomming premiu or does it have some viability? i can see it has immense ridgeline potential but werent the swedisch heavies pretty derpy? cant tell because i never touched the line. My current rooster is 432, Lynx, Patriot and S1 cheesewedge
  5. take the russian line but put them in a 430U ;-) Thousands of, stapadders, unicorns and clanies cant lie
  6. i know that feeling but lights are my weakspot. i recently 3 marked it and i think its one of the most fun op lights in the game.
  7. I dont have a problem with it. its a boring t8 casemate TD that is so close to the t28, most of the players will play it exactly the same way. it will get fucked by T10s, it will get fucked by arty and any decent player will stay away from it. Let the noobs and whales have soe fun with it and stomp it for the week you see more than one of theese things every 5 battles
  8. so the panard 105 (Tier 10) currently has 350m view range. so no way to get to 445 without binocs, which is completly contradictory to the rest of that thing. my oppinion stands. active scouting wont work in this game no matter how fast you get. P.S. went to reddit to see what they write and it is as shit as the official forums. "lights dont need guns, active scouting meta is comming back, this will be so much fun"
  9. Action


    I run Vents, Rammer, Optics. I have put a girl crew in it but since they are just working on the 3rd skill i run food to compensate for the not too good view range. In my expirience it gets set on fire A LOT so i also run the FF directive. in t9s and 10s it is a decent scout with a lack of penetration (but arent that all lights) and as top tier xou can stomp down pretty hard on everyone due to the pretty good armor. Unfortunately on NA you see a top tier match every 20 Matches or so
  10. I am still in a dilemma. Seems to be a pretty good tank that also is fun (damn you elc even) but i dont really want to give wg any more money... Is it worht for someone who mannaged to 3 mark some lights?
  11. i had good times in that thing too but right now im more interestet in the t8 that they announced at the same time. Dont think the t50-2 will return tomits former glory and a lot of people will be heavily disappointet because it cant compete with their nostalgia
  12. No coments on viewrange and firepower in this vid unfortunately. I personally dont need different driving modes but it is cool i guess... My biggest issue stands with the role of active scouting and the current maps.
  13. More bits from the Armoured Patrol Gamescom Q&A https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/08/23/qa-summary-of-gamescom-stream-22-august/ cant say im too hyped about this right now... dont think it will work out too well
  14. So the rumors are confirmed. WG is implementing wheeled vehicles into the game. I, as an excessive light player am pretty happy about this so far (also because french) but it seems to come with some caviats. Just watched quickies video from Gamescom were he answers some questions from some develloper and it seems, while having very good mobility, the new lights will have bad view range and even worse guns than regular lights to push them in an "active scouting role". Not too happy about that tbh because recent map changes and the trend to tunnel maps pretty much takes away all room for ac
  15. Stop as soon as you can and rethink your life choices D: if that isnt an option id say start with familiarising yourself with the map changes, take at least some gold in all of your tanks and learn the few weakspots that are left.
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