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    Action got a reaction from sohojacques in One of these things is NOT like the others   
    Kinda funny kanye looks like the most normal in this picture
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    Action reacted to Madner Kami in Premium VK 75.01 (K) (What is PowerCreep?)   
    There's a Tiger 2 in the game? Is it a T7 premium? Because it certainly can't be at Tier 8, can it?
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    Action reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Premium VK 75.01 (K) (What is PowerCreep?)   
    *Cries in Tiger 2*
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    Action reacted to Assassin7 in WOT Classic: Patch 0.7.0 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo   
    El haluf with that cancer ass north corner 
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    Action reacted to Vesirott in New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5   
    At least it is not tier8 bobjectv4? Trying to see the silver lining here.
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    Action reacted to Never in [13/12/2018] Player profile revamped   
    As some may have already noticed, the player profile page on WoTLabs has been revamped and modernized! Along with it, now you can see the category for your WN8 score in each of the stat periods.

    Hope you guys like it, cheers!
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    Action reacted to Haswell in RDDT Community Recruitment   
    Brand new account with a recruiting ad for its first post... okay.
    Can I have my pink hair dyes now?
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    Action reacted to Never in Unverified users may now access and post in the forum   
    As has been brought to my attention, the verification system is apparently faulty, meaning new users have been unable to participate in discussions in the forum for quite a while. I have done a complete validation of the system and I could find no fault. As far as I can tell, it's working as normal.
    However, as this appears to be causing issues, I have enabled access and posting rights to users in the default "Registered Users" category. Several functions, like rating posts, are still restricted to verified tankers.
    Edit: I figured out why this issue happened, and we can thank IPS (the makers of the forum software) for it. Months ago, they introduced a "quick registration" feature and made it the default without asking. This quick registration screen ommits custom fields, including the mandatory "Server" field which the verification system needs in order to know which region to authenticate your account. As new users couldn't select this field, they could not verify.
    Fuck, fuck fuckity fuck.
    I have now enabled the full registration screen. Verification should be working normally again. This new access to unverified users will remain, unless we run into trouble.
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    Action reacted to Never in Bunch o' Fixes (Error 78 and Site)   
    Fixed a bug that prevented tanks from being recorded to an account if there was no tank WN data available (normal in the case of new tanks where the XVM guys haven't added it yet). Fixed a bug in the forum where a database issue caused some threads to show a "78", "77" or "80" error. Edit: More fixes
    Fixed issue where Patrons would see ads on the website. Fixed issue related to adding new accounts on the Russian server. Added GPDR cookie notice to website. Bunch of random, mostly cosmetic fixes.
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    Action reacted to Never in Major Server Migration Completed   
    As many of you probably saw, we had a big server migration recently. Here's the low down of what happened:
    As I have disclosed in a couple of posts, the database server ran into an issue where it ran completely out of space. The biggest problem was that the database engine we were using kept all the data in a single file, and that file could never be shrunk even if you deleted older records. This caused that file to grow bigger and bigger and bigger over time, until it took up all of the considerable space on that server (1.5TB). When there was no more space left, the database server would crash and the website would go down.
    Fortunately, I managed to work with DigitalOcean to secure a great virtual server which meets all the needs of the database and the website in a single server. This is a 12-core, 48GB RAM server with 1TB of SSD space. The next step was transferring all the data over. This took the longest time. All in all, the database totalled around 5 billion records, and after removing the inflated space from the database engine, clocked in at around 500GB.
    It took 3 days to transfer and import all the records into the new server, which now runs the latest versions of PHP and MySQL for better performance, plus it lets me clean up old records that aren't used anymore in order to reduce disk space, meaning there will always be space available.
    Not only that, but as the website and the database are now on the same server, there is no more issue with the firewall tables getting reset, a problem which, despite a LOT of research, I couldn't actually fix. This was one of the biggest causes of the downtime in the past, as the database server started refusing connections from the website server at random.
    All in all, you can expect WoTLabs to be MUCH more stable from now on.
    Thanks everyone for all the support!
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    Action reacted to hazzgar in Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs   
    So we basically get siege mode light tanks that either cant turn or are as fast as regular lights with even worse guns and view range. 
    This also shows how bad WG is at understanding their game becasue it is clear they seriously overvalue getting to key positions first. Yeah this seems like a great idea on paper but NOT ON THE MAPS WE HAVE.
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    Action got a reaction from sohojacques in Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs   
    More bits from the Armoured Patrol Gamescom Q&A
    cant say im too hyped about this right now... dont think it will work out too well
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    Action reacted to Errants in Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs   
    Man, if only the video wasn't from QB...
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    Action got a reaction from OOPMan in [NA] Returning after 4 years, want helps relearn the game.   
    Stop as soon as you can and rethink your life choices D:
    if that isnt an option id say start with familiarising yourself with the map changes, take at least some gold in all of your tanks and learn the few weakspots that are left.
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    Action reacted to GehakteMolen in I give up... (after 8 years)   
    Hello all,
    After 8 years of wot, i give up.
    I started playing wot during the closed beta in augustus 2010 (so almost 8 years ago) and while i was often mad, the core of the game was so good, that all the small things WG did for the good or bad didnt change that much. The overall direction the game was goiing was also good so slowly the game grew more and more on me. This was the game i always wanted: tanks fighting tanks, without all the other lame ass crap** (except arty, arty was, is and will always be c****r)
    All i wanted (and did) was bashing random bobs in randoms while platooning with stronk pleyers. Hence i have  been in 322 / 247/ FAME / 322 for 6 years, not for worthless cw trash, but for stronk plutons.
    Over the years WG showed the amazing abibility to:
    Make the worst maps in gaming history and despite rewoking some 4 times (cough *komarin* cough) still failing in making them playable Too retarded to fix the elephant in the room that killed the game as a whole (arty) Total lack of foresight when adding things you cant undo (tier 10 TDs and later on arty and light tanks) Toss in the fact the only person in the whole company with both common sense and real power was siderailed (our lord and saviour  ) And the game never mananged to live up to its full potential.
    OP tanks were originaly always nerfhammered, to keep the average the average, and most ridiculous forum suggestion where ignored, and when they didnt ignore it, like gold ammo for credits, it lead to a shit show, which ofc took a year to fix (m4 sherman with 150 pen and 350 dmg anyone? etc etc etc.
    However despite all of it, the game roughly stayed the same:
    The real problems, gold ammo and arty got ignored OP tanks dont get fixed fast small all round improvements Yet, the past 2 years, it started to change. the core strengths of the game got slowly ditched:
    The menus / garage where updated, making it a cluster fuck of chaos, instead of a clear easy to read menu for missions (which the game always had!), the menu became worthless, i simply stopped following missions, too much work / clutter Historical accuracy got ditched, leading to fantasy tanks and bs armour models new OP tanks dont get nerfed, insead old models got buffed, leading to powercreep Due to the above, all tanks slowly become the same, they all got dpm and gun depression buffs, all tanks started losing weakspots The real changes, which would have totally revived the game, sandbox, never happened, while heavy tanks got better, they did it by buffing them, not by nerfing what makes them crap in the first place (gold ammo!! and arty) Toss in the awefull map reworks, and a physics patch which makes driving TDs a pain and the game went for me downhill fast and as cherry on the top, still tons of arty to ruin your game. The game is now back to square 1: camp 2 win, and you try? you die!
    It was fun the all the time i lasted, i think i never played a game longer as i played this one, but the game simply turned to shit because WG was unwilling to remove arty in 2012 and reduce dmg of gold ammo 20% in 2013. And now the player numbers slowly start to fall, ``forcing`` WG to milk the playerbase for as long as they can, ruining the game entirely (see all the new russian super tanks)
    I always said the only company capable of killing wot is WG, and for me they succeeded, after playing daily/ weekly from august 2010 till jan 2018, having 6 years of non stop prem account and playing more as 50.0000 games during those years, WG managed to make me basically quit. (i do have enough credits to keep playing for ever, but i probably wont even bother)
    Imo its a shame WG fucked the game up so hard, but so be it, i still got 6 months of prem left, so gonna play a bit.
    ps: perhaps the gold ammo changes + inevitable rebalance that will follow 3 months later will magically improve everything, but i somehow doubt that, ever since Serb left, WG never had the balls to really change something, they always backpeddled like coward weaklings...
    Wotlabs is also almost dead, so thats why i made a topic
    GehakteMolen, the biggest arty hater to ever play
    ps: something that always bothered me: unlike all the wannabe arty haters, my arty hate knows no limits** there are only 2 players who hate it as much as i do, everybody else i just pretending to hate arty.
    I never defend(ed) arty from scouts rushing in nor protect them in anyway way or shape, and the only reason i dont mass tk them is due to the ban system, anyone who helps arty win a game is a traitor for the good cause: trying to ruin the game for arty. All arty deserves is curses and friendly fire, they are the scrouge of this game and the reason everything is the way it is (open maps not working , heavy tanks badly balanced, TDs they way they are and so on and on). I also never platooned with arty (for 2 players i made and exception) and never told them gg or anything other positive (i thinkg, perhaps i made a mistake) what i always did do was report them for unfair play, untill WG disabled that feature, due to unicums getting falsly reported aswell.
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    Action reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in Do you EVEN 90?   
    Sacrifice 3 virgins to the MM gods so you get Malinovka over and over again. 
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    Action reacted to Strigonx in For 1.01, what's better for HT 15.3, S Conq or Maus?   
    I did mine in a Defender

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    Action reacted to Ruuhkis in Panther G (Tamiya 1/35)   
    Time for some more v.i.p pictures! After seeing Kunjuros nice looking Tiger I in winter camo I wanted to try that technique myself. So, here's what I have now, a mighty Panther G! Next step will be re-gluing all those tiny photoetch that I rubbed off and then start some detailpainting, inside of hatches and exhaustsystem. In the end this model will be in diorama so suspension and tracks are done after the model sits in a base. Any comments, advices and critisims is welcomed.

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    Action reacted to Ruuhkis in Panther G (Tamiya 1/35)   
    Sure! First I did paint whole tank in 3 color late war "Ambush" scheme with Tamiya acrylics, then I covered it with hairspray. After hairspray dried a bit I covered the tank with Tamiya flat white/buff mix with random pattern, letting original colors show throught this layer. Once this was dried I soaked an old brush with water and started "rubbing" white layer off. Hairspray protected the base and allowed white not to stick too hard onto the model so it could be removed with wet brush. I repeated this painting step twice to get the effect I wanted.
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    Action got a reaction from Medjed in The End: Object 279   
    i dont fkn believe a single word wg says anymore... in one form or another they will put this thing in the game.
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    Action reacted to Ezz in Supertest: CHIMERA (Tier VIII British Medium! with 490 alpha!)!   
    A player in a TVP VTU could definitely beat it.
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    Action got a reaction from GamerDaPro in Rebalance of Preferential Premiums (starting w/ KV-5)   
    What really nags me about the changes is the reselling option for more gold... i have a lot of pref MM tanks and since MM is is so fucked up, i rarely even play T8 at all... i also dont want to get fucked over in 85% T9-10 matches. and this will happen if they dont change the Matchmaker shit.
    Does anyone know if there is at least a slight chance to get compensatet with real money? (Like the super P incident) I mean, i live in the EU and i think we have laws for things like that. On the other hand i assume WG coordinatet a change like this with their in house legal team :/
    This sums up the situation pretty good i think
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    Action reacted to Unavailebow in Rebalance of Preferential Premiums (starting w/ KV-5)   
    I think the concept is problematic partly because of the tank value goes onto it being a pref, regardless of it shits or not. People went full alarmed as they have to pay extra money in order to make the tank worthy only because WG fucked up balancing and matchmaking and has to take away its pref value. Basically saying its "trading" in a way trying to fool people for extra credits.
    First they sell it as something else then they turn it into something else entirely that not everybody originally wanted, only refer it as "Situation has changed", to make sense for an extra "trade". This sounds more like a business trap where the sellers pushing all the responsibilities to the customers but in fact they are manipulating the environment for them to grasp more.
    Let's say you bought a phone, advertised to have a nice front camera. In fact also comes with a flawed monitor. Few years later the company announce a "fix" for the monitor which is to get rid of the front camera completely, service charge a hundred quid. No a particularly good example but there you go.
    Its not the value for gold that posed questions, its a good excuse for creating illusions the point is still, not selling what originally as advertised that fools people into the deal. Now people have to make another decision to pay more otherwise a possibility to lose advantages over the paid ones, forced decision. If that is the case KV-5 owner originally thought to happen it makes complete sense, but clearly we are not.
    I own quite a pile of pref-mm prems, I still remember how much it cost for the big-head Mutant6, their price tag comes along with their pref-mm. Once they are allowed that strategy to happen for once, there is nothing to stop them to apply that to all other pref-mm, nasty business strategy.
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    Action got a reaction from lavawing in Rebalance of Preferential Premiums (starting w/ KV-5)   
    What really nags me about the changes is the reselling option for more gold... i have a lot of pref MM tanks and since MM is is so fucked up, i rarely even play T8 at all... i also dont want to get fucked over in 85% T9-10 matches. and this will happen if they dont change the Matchmaker shit.
    Does anyone know if there is at least a slight chance to get compensatet with real money? (Like the super P incident) I mean, i live in the EU and i think we have laws for things like that. On the other hand i assume WG coordinatet a change like this with their in house legal team :/
    This sums up the situation pretty good i think
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    Action reacted to leggasiini in We Need More Russian Premiums (T-34/E)   
    Probably the first reward of Personal Missions 2.0. Makes more than sense, IMO. Its very fitting for that.
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