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    Action reacted to Kymrel in M35 Marathon Megathread   
    As far as I'm concerned it's never going to be a free tank for anyone. You can either buy it with money or time. A loooot of time considering the monetary value. So if you do something drastic like spamming two tanks for 3k games, sure you will get a tank. But for those who can work a bit of overtime or have disposable income it's probably better to get as far as we can by playing normally and then pay the rest if we want the tank and goodies.
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    Action reacted to NightmareMk9 in M35 Marathon Megathread   
    I'm sure someone can look up Average XP per class/tier.
    Spam Type59 and other Pref 8s for 2 weeks, Free Tank and 80M Credits
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    Action got a reaction from kunjuro in M4A2(76)W Red Army Sherman "Emcha" (Academy 1/35)   
    Looks really good. Did some models as a kid but havent done something in ages... have a tamiya patton lying arround somewere that ill probably never build YOu did a really nice job there. do you place them like this or do you also build diorama?
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    Action reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in The Official Unofficial 13 57(GF) Lover Masochists' Thread   
    if it were a non-autoloading light then maybe i could agree that it would benefit from food greatly, but being an auto-loader food dosent do that much for it like with most auto-loaders when running food.
    With a set up of BiA vents,v-stab, and optics:
    15 second reload (14.40 w/food)
    2.11 aimtime (2.02 w/food)
    0.34 dispersion (0.33 w/food)
    VR 447m (465m w/food)
    gun-handling when on the move/turning turret drop form 0.10 to 0.09 w/food
    Tank/turret traverse see very minimal buffs
    terrain resistances get very small buffs
    overall the biggest buff i see would be that VR increase, and maybe the better accuracy. 
    And maybe its just my luck, but alot of shots taken to the front of the 13 57's hull result in engine damage and frequent fires on top of that.
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    Action reacted to kunjuro in M4A2(76)W Red Army Sherman "Emcha" (Academy 1/35)   
    Hey folks How's everyone doing? Is patch 1.00 any good? I have only played a few games so far - like the graphics update but the maps feel.... anemic. Something feels off. Still, glad that the game got a makeover.

    Anyway, here's what I worked on during the Lenten Holidays here in the Philippines. This is Academy's M4A2(76) Red Army Sherman. According to documents complied by the Soviets and accounts of Soviet Tankers, they found the Sherman a really great vehicle - especially the 76mm version. They lovingly nicknamed their tanks "Emcha" - since the #4 looks close to the Cyrillic symbol for "Cha". Would highly recommend folks read Dmitry Loza's book "Commanding the Red Army's Shermans" which is easily available online. This academy kit was really easy to build, but there are quite a few nagging inaccuracies - especially in the running gear. The skids and the return rollers don't touch the tracks! Academy fixed this in later Sherman kits supposedly. I still need to add a lighter coat of dust on the entire vehicle to blend the weathering together and add metal wear and tear on the tracks + drive sprockets. Hope you like it.



    And this is what the pre-shading looked like:

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    Action reacted to Never in Tanks & WN8 Expected Stats Updated   
    The latest tanks along with the 2018-03-30 WN8 Expected Values table are now live on the website.
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    Action reacted to Sapros in Is something wierd going on with the WN8 ratings?   
    You should stop looking at Wn8 altogether.
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    Action reacted to tajj7 in The Return of Camo Meta?   
    The camo meta was as worse as the corridor meta, they have just made some maps super base campy. IMO that is not fun for lights because in some of those spots (like the corners of Erlenberg) you are not going to outspot those TDs, especially as most bobs playing them use net and binos. 
    Making maps more open should not mean making the entire middle section of some maps a complete deathzone with line of sight for base camping bots to shoot you.
    IMO it's not a camo meta, it's a camping meta.
    We basically have two types of maps evolving, the be in heavy tank or get out map, and the camp all round the edges and wait for someone to push map. 
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    Action got a reaction from CraBeatOff in Do you EVEN 90?   
    I finally brought it. The first few games I was really angry about myself to throw more money at WG and thought the bad reviews on Youtube were right after all. But now after 100 battles or so and beeing close to 2nd Mark I finnaly aced it and I am really happy about it. I have the feeling i finnally grasp how this tank works (As usual a lot of thanks to the WoTLabs Community and @CraBeatOff's replays in particular).
    My acetanker is quite the oposite though... 0 spotting but still a little bit proud
    Though this thing is really a lot of fun, I think the better Players and the Unicorns here are right, that this is nothing for the average pubbie. I think it should recieve some buffs too. Aimtime and clip reload buff would be really nice.
    Does anyone know if this thing would profit from iVertstabs or iVents? I have my first 5k bonds too.
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    Action reacted to kolni in Do you EVEN 90?   
    Personally I only think it's worth it if you really enjoy light tank gameplay. I think it's a little similar to TDs in the manner that the ideal way to play it is to find a bush and play passive. The difference is just how far up the bushes are. Camo is always nice and something worth hanging onto as compared to mediums can't really double bush or solid bush at closer ranges while light tanks can continuosly farm. But on most maps it's not worth more than armour. It's a pretty fun tank to play indeed, but it's not very good. 
    Maybe I just don't have the patience and find it too unappealing to not go pewpew whenever I can but to me a tank that isn't outperformed by almost every other class by the exact same player on most maps is a tank that I'm not really going to buy into. Back when the Blackdog was released and this would have been released along with it then yes, I probably would have liked it. Now the use of lights is too limited. It's the same reason I don't like the Strv's. Get Kharkov, Abbey, Pilsen, Windstorm, Erlenberg, El Halluf, Sand River, Airfield, Ruinberg or basically anything that's lane-oriented without real camo abuse abilities and you're so much more crippled to influence your games there than your advantage becomes of influencing the maps that do allow you to sort of excel. I'd even argue that mediums are better for Prokh and Mali since you can direcly control what happens around you. A scout in a bush locks an area down but something that can push can lock it down too. Just not in the same way. 
    The point is that the tank is only really worth getting if you enjoy risky passive gameplay. That's where LTs really shine and become a lot of fun. I just personally think that situations are too few to warrant playing them in the current meta
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    Action reacted to CraBeatOff in Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?   
    32% survival. 700 assist. Those two are the issue. How can you spot/assist more, while still staying alive? It takes around 2900 combined to 3 mark this last I checked. These values vary by 100-200 depending on the population playing the tank. You have 1200 dpg, which means needing 1700 spotting to make it there. Thats an unrealistically high number for spotting though. For comparison, I have 1600 direct and 1300 spotting average over 300 battles. Our people's champion @SmyleeRage ticked 2k direct and 900 assist to 3 mark. As you can see these numbers add to that same 3 mark value (with possibly needing a little streak to get it over the target) I 100% marked this tank with a long run of 1900-2000 direct dmg sessions, and presumably maintaining my 1300 spotting because I didn't change my play style. I just made sure to think to myself "stay alive like Smylee, stay alive like Smylee" and that seemed to do the trick.  Back to the numbers, since you aren't going to sustain 1700 spotting, you'll also need to boost your damage a little bit - and as @TheChang can tell you - the best way to do this is to not lose all your hitpoints early, so you can stay alive. Staying alive and healthy gives you the one resource you need to influence the battles (to carry) via damage. You have the speed and camo, you just need to be able to take key risks instead of bad risks, and have a hit to trade sometimes. 
    Crew skills look good - pop a booster this weekend with the double crew XP mission and get into 5ths, so you can have designated target active, and start on recon for the commander
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    Action reacted to tajj7 in Do you EVEN 90?   
    Well considering the real one only had 2 crew, you have to fear for the third guy who is presumably hanging on for dear life on the outside somewhere. 
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    Action reacted to CarbonWard in Do you EVEN 90?   
    Complains about Mauerbrecher selling like shit, releases ELC EVEN.
    Its like they got a grudge against their quarterly report.
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    Action reacted to Fabunil in Team voting for turning bots blue   
    If the whole T-22 fiasco should have taught you anything it is that you shouldn't under any cicumstances allow players to democratically punish players.
    If anything they should implement a Karma-system where people can compliment other players on the team who are not total dicks who then in turn may get a reward if they recieved X amount of Karma in Y amount of games, this would help alleviate the toxicity of all the dipshits seemingly infesting the random battle mode.
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    Action reacted to Darvek in Team voting for turning bots blue   
    Mob justice is never going to work, especially given how irrational and hate filled the mob is.
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    Action reacted to xmenxmen2 in God Have Mercy On Us (WT E100 P)   
    Type 5's will eat it for breakfast
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    Action reacted to Tanager in Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?   
    Definitely.  I never dreamed that my first ace in this thing would come on Paris, of all maps:

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    Action reacted to CraBeatOff in Best tier 8 LT (tech tree only)   
    WZs are tanks for people who want to play mediums with a camo cushion
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    Action reacted to Archaic_One in Highlight and Lowlight of WOT 2017?   
    Highlights were Christmas boxes and reusable consumables
    Lowlights were Chrysler GF and copyright strikes
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    Action reacted to flare_phoenix in Post Your Camo Ideas!   

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    Action reacted to Archaic_One in So this has caused a lot of upset on EU forum: Wg's Q & A   
    The bigger problem to me is that WG honestly has no idea how to run a modern business.  This is why you have a community outreach and media relations department, so you can avoid having NA say they will copyright strike youtubers or having serb saying 'how terrible' or just randomly letting a couple of code monkeys do a media event. Nobody at WG is ever on the same message, they all just randomly talk to whoever sticks a mic in their face regardless of the consequences.  Its like a bunch of little kids putting on mommy and daddys clothes and briefcase and playing business on the dining room floor.
    There are two people at my company authorized to talk to the media, the President and the outreach coordinator.  If we are getting interviewed or releasing a statement, our engineers and project managers will sit down with her and prep her for the interview, she will have a script and she will not be dragged off point for anything because she is a pro.  If a little environmental consulting firm with 50 people can figure this out . . . 
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    Action reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in VK 168.01..... is this the climax of the advent calendar?   
    but it has a bike
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    Action reacted to canadiantrex in And then they said "WOT IS P2W!"   
    This thread gave Baby Jesus cancer.
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    Action reacted to Treeburst in T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package   
    I just did 15.4 in a T49! Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, got absolutely incredibly lucky several time. 
    Got a little salty at the end because I thought I had just missed it, but the E5 won it for us and got the "with honors" for me. 
    Holy shit I am stoked!  Got 15.3 in the T49 too a long time ago.
    Here's the game, assuming anyone is interested. And you SHOULD BE! Just to make me feel good. And I already feel pretty damn good about it :).
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    Action reacted to Epic in 9.20.1 2nd CT Updates   
    the only error is you reading that blog 
    screenshots of armour model were posted on reddit: https://imgur.com/a/Rrkpe
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