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  1. lol Now let's try shooting HE out of the top gun on the Patton
  2. If we don't like the many fascist box tanks, the Type 58 has 370, and so does the Firefly All other tier 6 meds get 360, and 10 m VR isn't that much of a disadvantage, especially given that all the other meds have pretty good stats everywhere else. I don't have one on my normal account, but there should be one on an old alt of mine... Replays might be a while in coming Edit: I've got a Jumbo on console, if you want the results of clubbing particularly autistic seals Edit 2: I can't remember the password OR email to my old alt. The stats to my PS4 account are at wotinfo, ign VeganJoy. You can check my individual stats for each tank, however inflated they are.
  3. FTFY 300 base turret armor, without angling effective? Wonder if there are egregious cupolas or something.
  4. Pretty sure it fucks with gun handling and tank mobility. From what I've heard it's 15 seconds of waiting for the shit to wear off. There is no reasonable reason for stun to apply a full stun at the edge of the blast radius. They could let the stun time scale with the distance from the shell impact, or as @xWulffx said, only proc on direct hits. Same for cancer going through walls and boulders. At least WG had the sense to keep stun off of rapid fire arty. What is the minimum caliber for stun? Also why does LefH have 400 m VR ffs??? You could get a patrol duty with that at tier 5! Edit: How close was the RU to the wall in that training room? Pretty sure Pilsen has thin walls in that hangar thingy, so that might make a little sense if the RU was directly against the wall.
  5. Lol Really though my eyes are still bleeding from reading the @Gasai__Yuno thread. I might go to WebMD for a self diagnosis of stage 4 autism
  6. Thanks @SchnitzelTruck I just discovered the member sanctions collections and binge read the entirety of @Gasai__Yuno And now I have become learned by the best tank destroyer player in the NA server and highest performing E-25 player in the world. I have not '' proclaimed '' this and it is true because it is correct and includes facts. That is how quality content is.
  7. Raj is definitely far better than me at tonks, and he has a couple hundred more matches in the SP. Pretty much everything he said is very, very true, and more. As he stated, you really need to think about team compositions and who's going to your flank. Unless you can manage to go downhill both ways, flexing is not an option, and relocating will take a very long time. Think about your surroundings. As your flank begins to fail, get ready to press ff in advance. You should already have a good fallback point where it is harder to get flanked, or where friendly TDs have shots, etc. The DPM on the SP isn't bad, and you can get two shots for most heavy's single reload. Abuse this. Also, the frontal spaced armor is tougher than you might think. If you angle properly without giving up side armor, the APCR shell from an E75s 128 won't pen. The hull weakspot is only easy to hit if you sit still. Just poke out, shoot, bait a snapshot, get another shot, back up. Another thing on weakspots that Raj pointed out: stay at a comfortable range, especially on open maps. Let derpy heavies try to hit your weakspots at 100-200 meters. You should try to be the spearhead on certain maps and team compositions, but if you are going to have a drawn-out firefight you will much prefer staying at range. Given that weakspots will be a bit harder to hit, you'll want APCR for these situations, if nothing else. As far as your two lines of thought, they at first glance seem to differ. However, you can try to combine the two. Expect nothing from your pubbies; they are meat shields unless you know explicitly that they are not brain dead. Nevertheless, the armor on the SP can take dozens of hits. Take the hits that you know won't pen so that your meat shields stay alive longer. Every shot that you bounce is another shot that doesn't do damage. Given your copious armor, you can also take shots very aggressively. The gun handling allows for reasonable snapshots. I played most of my games when the base pen was 170, which was enough for about 75% of the opposition. Modern superheavies and stupid premiums kinda made it a joke, hence the buff that doesn't change much. 22 pen doesn't exactly bridge the difference between barely penning the side of a KV-4 and flailing at an O-Ho. However, if you're actually semicompetent, you can shoot full gold and make money. No tank that you'll see laughs at 243 pen. If you're adverse to gold spam, learn all the weakspots. At close range, the gun handling is fine for hitting things like the E75 cupola or the lower glacis of everything. Gold will never fail to pen lower glacises (glacii?), and the 192 base should go through any actual weakspots. TL;DR: Use your DPM/good reload, abuse your troll armor, and plan very, very far ahead. Thanks for reading, go stomp some pubbie ass
  8. Pretty sure the average Russian potato computer can barely handle the game as it is It is pretty dumb that non-clicker shells have a max range of 720 m, and draw distance is like 200 m less. They could make armor penetration drop a lot over long distances, to dissuade the average pubbie from taking long shots. It'd be so cool to have nice, long range firefights.
  9. So have the arty changes been a complete hard nerf, or are arty great for being consistent support fire vehicles?
  10. Quick fun fact: my iOS autocorrect thinks that "Garbad" is short for "garb adsorption" Anyone know some good threads to read for entertainment? Not playing until 9.18 goes live on EU, the last couple of sessions have been 10-12 arty games
  11. Damn son! Wish I had the capital to do that...
  12. The playstyle of each gun defines where you should be. If you've got the derp, you should never be over 200 m away, unless it's something soft like a TOG. All flanking should be up close and personal. In contrast, the 76 requires you to stay at range, not closing distances. I am personally a fan of the Russian heavy playstyle, so playing the Jumbo with the 105 feels right, and it works in practice. As far as shell costs, let's say I just did 3500 damage. That would be about 12-13 HEAT shells, total cost about 50,000. For APCR, you'd probably shoot over 40 shells, which is easily over 110000 credits. I can justify high alpha sprem, but not for lower alpha guns. At the ranges that you should be at, 381 m/s isn't that bad. Once you get used to it, you can reliably hit a maneuvering crommie at about 100 meters. Sure, HVAP from the 76 is 990 m/s, but it's not really necessary at shorter ranges. Also, VR? Tons of tier 6 meds have 370 m of VR, so...?
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