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  1. Playing some more of the T-50, it really is kinda shitty. But a kind of shitty I like and can now 3 mark Yeah, fuck the rest of the lights, but LTTB is still nice imo.
  2. It's been 3(?) days since 9.18 was released in NA, and I finally decided to try the new T-50. It originally caught my eye seeing it had pretty amazing DPM on a low alpha gun compared to the new Chaffee and ELC. I decided to fit in vents, rammer, and binocs (optics later if I can get decent view range with crew skills, else a vstab). Loaded almost as many gold rounds as standard rounds. Did 5 battles. In one, I got instantly blown up after following a fail flank. 3 of the next 4 battles were also losses, but holy moly is this a fun tank. I originally never got the T-50 back in 9.17 because
  3. It's really great when you can talk to your teammates after battle and congratulate eachother. I had to 1v6 once in my Ravioli (3 spg, a full health T25 Pilot and Scorpion, and a Mutant) and I honestly could not have won if my team was not still watch8ng and cheering for me. Though they were not there to support me on the battlefield, it still was enough teamwork for me that they gave my useful info and moral support.
  4. Patch is fine overall. I had a shitstorm of concerns before the patch, but 2 days in, it's pretty nice actually. 1. I gave up on light tanks for the most part. Just play my LTTB every now and then. At least the new light tanks are fun to shoot at. 2. New MM is great overall, definitely better than before. It's more fair, but it kinda sucks always being put in a tier 9 match in my SuperPershing. It's that or an all tier 8 match. 3. Arty is not as rage-inducing, but still frighting to me. Splash radius is pretty ridiculous, especially for stun. Also, I frequently see 1-2 arty gam
  5. So, I started playing tier 8 again after buying the Super Pershing and Ravioli. They're fun and capable tanks, but I find myself in a lost flank too often and it's really frustrating. For example: A typical city map, I have one flank covered in my Super Pershing. At this point, I usually get 1200 damage or less done before my teammates die off and I get flanked from all directions. I have no problem dying in a lost flank if it holds out long enough - usually enough for me to do 2400 damage and above - but It seems most heavy tank engagements last for a 3 to 5 minutes before my teammates
  6. Just gonna quote myself from a Reddit comment. I know WG made arty more of a support class, but it seems to be easier to farm damage on slow tanks in the open now with arty. I may be so bold as to say arty got all the love from WG while lights were overall nerfed in this patch. Like I stated in the anecdote, both sides of the engagement were too stunned to shoot at each other's weak spots and with neither side willing to back off into cover, we were all sitting ducks. To me, it's good WG changed arty to make it less RNG reliant and cruel on vulnerable tanks, but with the way the
  7. So I did figure out how to more effectively use my armor after playing today. 1. Best thing I can do is cover the more obvious cupola with the corner of a building or something. I've found out if I do this, some players panic and try to then shoot my lower glacis, which so far has not been penetrated. Better yet, they aim for the cupola but shoot the building instead, lol. I have yet to be penetrated on the turret cheeks while in this position. 2. Lock my turret, raise my gun, wiggle my hull just a bit. The difference in my strategy now compares to before is that I lock my turret as
  8. Just got my Super Pershing today. It's fun, but the armor is trolling me more than it's trolling my opponents. I don't undestand how I get penetrated in the cupola endlessly to death with the wiggling and blocking I try to do with my gun. What other defensive technique is there I can use besides those and using cover.
  9. If anything, I'm salty WG decided to nerf the top speed of a lot of the lower tier lights. Chaffee and MT-25 now have a top speed of 62 kmph. What. I'll admit that MT-25 looks like a better scout now with the 380m view range, but seriously. What was the idea to nerf both LT speed and VR in general....
  10. ah, guess this is limited to EU? I can't find it for NA. If I were to participate, it's about time I dust off my MT-25.
  11. Not that I have it all together myself, but part of being consistent in performance is about your mentality. Don't get heated, always be calm and rational about your decisions. Keep a lax damage goal in mindset, like 1.2x my health or 5 penetrating shots. Simple enough, you probably had this in mind. Also, get 1 more shot in, while recieving none from then enemy as you expose yourself. It's obvious to think this, but in my experience, keeping this conciously in my mind helps me a lot in getting the burst with autoloaders or using high alpha guns and keeps me from some potential slip ups.
  12. I have a stange gravitation to tanks with good guns on mediocre platforms, and I love this tank. People say 200 APCR pen is lacking, but 200 APCR is a godsend for a person like me, who's first experience in high tiers was with an AMX 13 75. My only real issue is, I struggle to understand high tier meta. Playing in T9 and T10 battles in a paper medium feels scary, so I dunno how to react to the situation; it feels different from doing the same in a T6 or T7 battle, oddly. I end up doing the best playing it like a turreted TD or a sniper medium, so I guess that's how the Ravioli works?
  13. 390m base view range is alright in it self, but it really is stupid that lights will now have less view range than mediums and some heavies as well. I was looking forward to the 9.18 changes for lights, but now I don't see any point in driving a high tiered one as any possibly of enjoyability except for the slight mobility and camo advantage over mediums is gone. Also, reworkings to low tiered lights look pretty awful too. Going by this post, it seems the Chaffee and ELC will be heavily nerfed. Sure, no more tier 8 matchmaking, but I actually enjoyed playing in T8 battles in my Chaffee.
  14. Sadly, I don't have many high tier tanks. Hopefully to change, but since I'm purely a "for fun" player, I'll probably stick to mid tiers, haha. M8A1. Good gun, fairly mobile, a turret, and kinda cute for a military weapon (although the Luchs is cuter). T-34 and (less so) Crusader. I can care less about alpha when I have sub 2 seconds!!!11 of reload. And when you get on the flank of a higher tier heavy while it's distracted, the damage racks up very quickly. AMX 13 F3. Good top speed, use 25ish sec reload to relocate if needed, much more fun to shotgun with than an FV304. RNG w
  15. This tank is a blast for me, and in my opinion much more fun to play than to play the Cromwell. Instead of going for GLD, I went for a camo net because I'm a filthy camper and I like shooting at enemies 350m away while not being spotted. Really, this tank is mediocre all around, but because it doesn't really have a potent weakness aside from its HE-vunerable armor, I was able to fill in a multitude of roles from sniping to flanking to "brawling" to passive scouting (lol). It's not a very aggressive tank; I don't create openings in enemy defenses like I would in a Cromwell. Instead, I wait
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