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  1. Original article by @Garbad Several months ago I posted an E-100 replay where I did very little damage, yet I claimed I carried the team. Some scoffed, so I explained how I won the game by letting my E-100 get shot up for a long time against a hostile T-57 platoon, which allowed my teammates to flank in and win. That got a lot of interest, and people asked for other examples of when I had a large, positive contribution to winning a match that doesn't show up in the stats. Winning by outthinking the opponent, not by outfighting them. I tried to find a few replays where I contribute
  2. Original article by @Garbad Kewei, NA's favorite damage whore, recently wrote a guide about how to improve. In a nutshell, solopub in tier 10 and sink until you start swimming. This has generated a lot of discussion, both in favor and against. Accordingly, I am writing this guide to help those people who have already tried the sink or swim method, who have already read the wikis, watched the replays, and so on. In short, my goal is to give greens a roadmap to being bluer, or maybe even purple. GREEN IS THE COLOR OF ENVY For example, I take it as a given that the average
  3. I usually jerk it thinking about your children working in a sweatshop to make me cheap nikes.
  4. Let me guess -- you are too young to remember the cold war. Also, trivia time: did we find WMDs in Iraq? Y/N
  5. Yeah, I do. I even am edumacated enuf to know the difference in 'your' and 'you're.'
  6. Westy, seriously. Stop talking bro. You don't even know enough to be wrong.
  7. Fun fact, nukes > terror. I'll make that trade any day. Beer, I concede. I guess you pubbies have to have something to take solace in. Anyhow, I got to go. I can shit talk or I can actually debate, but look at that dumb ass pubbie trying to talk about china repoing our shit. Seriously? Even a high school drop out should know better (which, to be fair, he may well be. I won't judge you all by his deplorable shortcomings).
  8. Go eat some dog. Go on, tell me how ignorant I am. Tell me how foolish it is realize Vietnam was just a small part of a larger conflict the US won. Tell me how china is gonna recall our debt, because hurr durr durr ekonomiks. As you do so, realize that you write on the level of a 3rd grader. Finally, call me ignorant and ask me to help you understand. Go on.
  9. Confirmed China is gonna repo our cheap tshirts. Honestly now. Are you kids ignorant enough to believe this shit? I can banter, but if you are just plain stupid I won't get much out of mocking you.
  10. You are confused, friend. No one gave a shit about Vietnam. It was merely a means to an end. And who won the cold war again?
  11. 1. Don't get caught up in the survival %. Because its driven by win rate, you could be doing just at survival and just losing too much. The stat itself isn't particularly informative. 2. Instead, remember that survival is a means to an end. Stay alive long enough to get things done = win more = survive more. That's the chain. 3. So the key is developing skills, positioning, and judgement to get things done while staying alive, or at least, living long enough to have a big impact. Some schools of thought: 1. Sit in back and chai as your team unwittingly meat shields
  12. No, the difference over here is we actually lead. Your opinion on leadership is, well, irrelevant.
  13. I don't understand azns. Dogs for food, plastic for lovers, octopi for porn stars...
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