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  1. As it seems, MoE on LTs have gone insane. I just took out the ELC AMX (fuck my shit up edition, thanks WG), before selling it, and after an amazing 200 damage game, this battle report showed up in my garage.
  2. But should there be such a huge delta between the patches? As I said, I did 4k damage in my 13 90 just to see a 0.08% increase compared to what I had before this battle, and that's in the mid-60s, not even close to 90% where things get stiffer.
  3. Having done a quick search, I couldn't find anything regarding this one. I've been noticing a steady decline in MoE on my T9 LTs (at least for the ones I own). It really looks like someone screwed up the formula or expected values or something. This is how I noticed it. I had 2-marked the RU and before the patch it was sitting at around ~87.5%, and then the patch went live. Only recently did I have the time to play, and I noticed a steady decline in the MoE percentage, despite doing fairly well. And now what got me to post this: I just had a 4k damage game on my 13 90 (no assist da
  4. I am currently looking to actively participate in something other than pubbie battles, and the tournaments featured in the portal are pretty appealing. I am either looking to join an existing team or try to form a new one, with decent/above average players. Requirements for joining my elitist club: • 1500ish+ WN8, with your recent stats being equal or higher to your overall stats • Competitive tanks readily available in your garage (e.g for T8: AMX 50 100, IS3 - for T6: Cromwell, Type 64, etc.), preferably w/ skilled crews and proper equipment mounted on them. • Disc
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