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  1. Well this is an achievement, I'm at the moment n 90% with my Lowe nice to see somone out there three marked this beast. GG
  2. Good evening, or whatever day time it is, to everyone who is struggeling with WR, At first I have to say I'm average player just trying to enjoy the tanks. I'm still improving in the game but my tips are following: 1. Play tanks you are good with and you enjoy them as well - good crew is a must 2. Never go alone, always stay with team 3. Save your HP as long as possible 4. Try to be supportive but not for a price of your own tank 5. When it's not going well just take a break. You don't need to push it too much 6. When you are in platoon with friend it helps a lot When I'm trying to increse my WR I'm just playing with tanks where I have 55% WR or more. So good luck in the battles to come and may SPG's shells miss you.
  3. My second tank with 3 MoE is the Panther. When I was grinding towards E50M I had great time with it and I was in doubts to sell it because it was so much fun but after all I decided to sell it. It was before those buffs in 9.17 and right after that I decided to pick it up back again and I was like ok I'll give it a try and it was even more fun with good crew and that faster reload helped it very much. Now the Panther it's another keeper. I'm average player but I thought to do on it 3 MoE it's going to be challenging enough and I just wanted to have them as it looks so beautiful. Again it was hard MM showed me no mercy during time I was trying to earn the third mark and I droped few times. The reasons were obvious like shells from sky I got right into the face or when I got on city map as only tier 7 tank among tier IX salt was real I'm not going to lie to you. For the first time when I come close to the final mark it was on 94,67 then some bad games happened I got clicked, it came down to 92%. I said ok I just need more time and I got close again to 94,56 and MM smiled at me in its own way and told me ,,you won't get it today nor in short time to come" and it went down even lower than for the fist time, sadly on 89,4%. I refused to give up on marks even my dpg was increasing I had problems to be consistent. I let the Panther be for a week. I took a huge amount of APCR shells and chocolate because many times happend I bounced my AP shells when there was no reason for that anyway I got back to 94,47% after some great games - and today (17.04.2017) I took a big breath when I saw the numbers - 94,47%. I got into battle and I did 3,400 dmg and 1000 spot and it dropped to 93,5% I was like wtf ???????????! I almost lost my mind I was really sad I have to say. I went to kitchen for glass of water and I told myself I have to push it today. What really followed was like pure experience of a decline to 91,7%. I was winning the games but I did only 1,8 combined so it was not counting for me because my feeling was that I have to do like at least 2,4 combined to not lose the %. Some magic happend and I finally reached the border of 95% and right after that I felt like the pressure has been released already Thank you for reading. I really like how the Panther looks like but in its stock - historical - configuration I like the look even more so for scientific purpose I decided to add this lovely pictures.
  4. Hi everyone I'd like to share with you my very first 3 MoE. It's on my first tier V. tank Pz. IV H. When I started to play it was because of the Tiger and this little beast was on the way. After some time when I had good crew and learned how the game works I thought I could get an ace tanker and I also wanted to prove to myself that I'm not potato in it anymore. Year ago I was terrible and when I started to play it I realized how much fun I have while driving Pz. IV H and suddenly second mark appeared so I was thinking I could try to do get the marks. Even it's only low tier tank get from 93% to 95% was really hard. I got to like 89,5% with the 10,5 mm howitzer after that I was stuck on 89-90%. I realized if there is a chance to push it further than 90% I have to starte to use chocolate to maximize the view range and I have to mount 7,5 cm Kw.K. 40 L/48 and take many APCR shells for times when MM is trying to ruin my effort and I dropped few times from 94% to 90 I think three times. I'm not sure if it's possible do achieve final marks with the howitzer due to its inconsistent performance even its very fun to use it that's why I went through this with 7,5 cm. When I reached 95% I mounted the howitzer back because it's so much fun to play with it and marks of excellence looks so badass on the howitzer's gun barrel. Thank you and I wish to all of you that shells from spg's are going to miss your tanks
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