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  1. How is that a problem then? With the changes, the Tiger I is keeping the same DPM. It just gets that DPM with 280 alpha, better aim time, and better mantlet armor. I honestly don't think the Tiger I needed a buff. I think it's fine as is. With these buffs, it's going to be pretty crazy.
  2. I've definitely been enjoying this thing. Overall it's a very comfortable tank to play. The mobility isn't paper med level, but for the amount of armor this thing has it's definitely very good. Decent acceleration, ~50kmh on flat ground, and decent traverse speed. It definitely beats the M48 Patton (which is pretty closely comparable in the hulldown semi-armored medium role) in the mobility department thanks to the higher top speed and power/weight. The armor is interesting. HEAT or a large enough caliber gun will wreck you, and AP/APCR can pen the cupola (although it's an iffy shot). But, overall, it's a very bouncy tank, and is a pain to face head-on if it's hulldown. Even when not hulldown, it is still troll thanks to most of the tank (besides the thin flat frontal plate) being autobounce or very close to it. The gun has a lot of strengths, but also some weaknesses. 440 alpha on a 7.7 second reload (without Vents or Improved Equipment) is absurd. Add decent gun performance and the second best gun depression in the game at tier 10, and you have a very strong gun. You are held back sometimes by the lowish pen (254/310), low shell velocity (1,000/840), and needing to get used to the automatic siege mode, but those can all be worked around. In summary, this tank has everything you need to be a good pubstomper. Decent mobility, usable armor, gun depression, and a rather good gun. I would say the STB-1 is a better tank, but I prefer the UDES 15/16 over it thanks solely to the fact that the UDES can actually hit things outside of 200m. The STB-1's gun is amazing close range, but at anything mid-to-long range it's an RNG crapshoot which puts me on tilt after only a few battles. The UDES on the other hand performs pretty reliably at any range, which is nice. This is one of the tier 10s I've been playing most recently, and it's definitely been fun. My only regret is that my DPG is crap thanks to 2 drunk sessions with the tank early on, but that will be fixed with time.
  3. As I said in my review, you can't rely on the armor. The only way it works is if RNG massively favors you. Instead, rely on your combination of gun performance, gun depression, and alpha/DPM. Go hull down, poke, and snap shot. Make sure you can trade 2 for 1 with anything with higher alpha, and make sure to just stick to trading with all the 240/250/300/320 alpha tanks. This is more of a second-line heavy than a frontline brawling heavy. Try not to be the main center of attention, and don't try to tank. The tank revolves around the gun. The armor is unreliable and the mobility is only decent.
  4. I'd love to see a ton of these maps come back. I miss a lot of them, and they would definitely be a massive improvement over the current map lineup. The one issue I have is that WG seems to love making the most retarded changes to maps before bringing them back. See Kharkov, Fisherman's Bay, Fjords, Ghost Town, Highway, Minsk, Pilsen, Province, Steppes, Studzianki, etc. All the recent map changes and map additions have been beyond infuriating. There's no reason for them, they make the gameplay worse, and anyone with two braincells should've been able to see that before they were released (sadly, WG map devs don't have 2 braincells collectively in the team, so...).
  5. I decided to pick this tank back up over the weekend since it was on sale and I used to love it. I haven't played it since the LT changes. My original thoughts about how bad the tank would be now were proved correct, sadly. It's kind of depressing to see a tank I used to love nerfed to such a level. Mark jumped from 83.51% to 90.24% on my first battle (which was only 1.4k combined), which shows just how far the mark has fallen. Mobility is mediocre. Top speed is bottom in tier/class, power/weight is bottom third. No armor to speak of, and it's a huge target. Absolutely no survivability. Camo is decent, view range is tied for second best. So, it has decent scouting ability on paper. However, this is limited in practice since are better scouts out there that have actual guns, scouting is dead, and the complete lack of survivability (especially the huge size) limits your active scouting ability. Gun is horrid. 158/210 pen is a shadow of its old 181/250. 220 alpha means you can't trade at all with anything but light tanks. Reload is 8.81 base, so you have no DPM. But, the big thing that kills the gun is the shell velocity. 630 m/s is absolutely painful to use, especially if you're facing any wheelies. Overall, an awkward little tank with an awkward gun. No real place in the meta considering the AMX 13 57 and T71 DA exist. Probably the worst tier 7 light tank in my opinion. I don't see why WG had to nerf it so hard, especially by removing the autoloader. The autoloader made it a quirky, unique, fun tank, and made up for the lack of long range ability by giving you some short-range burst. Removing it was a horrible move on WG's part. Final verdict: No reason to play it. I'll be 3-marking it in honor of what it used to be and how much I used to enjoy it, and then selling it and never looking back.
  6. Ground out several levels of the Marathon and then decided to buy the tank. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. It's strong if played correctly, but not OP at all imo, and definitely not game-breaking or cancer to play against. The gun is absolutely amazing. Some of the best gun handling I've dealt with at tier 8, especially considering it has 360 alpha. Pen is good, gun depression is great. 360 alpha puts you in an interesting place where you can outrade 240/250/300/320 alpha guns, and trade 2-for-1 with 390/440/490 alpha guns. So, the alpha works really well, but takes some effort to get it to work. It's not just braindead. The combination of alpha + DPM is really what makes the gun (and by extension the tank). The armor is trolly, but that's it. If your opponents can't aim, don't see the cupola, or RNG favors you, you can bounce a decent amount. Barring those, it means nothing. Your best bet is hulldown at mid-range using your gun performance to snap shot and not give your opponents a good shot. Even then, don't rely on the armor. Mobility is slow medium level. Faster than the T26E5 (which is nice), but not true medium. You're limited on early-game aggressive positions you can take, and how quickly you can flex, but overall it has the mobility to get the job done. Overall, a very fun tier 8 prem to play. Reliable gun + gun depression + decent mobility is a nice combination. And, it looks sexy as hell in my opinion. My gripes with it are: If you play it alongside the E5 (like I've been doing lately), you have to get used to the cupolas being on opposite sides of the turret. It should not be called the M54. It never reached production. It should technically be called the T54E2. The fact that WG originally had the correct name for it, but then changed it last minute just rubs salt in the wounds. It should've been used for another American Medium tank tech tree, just like the T95E2/T95E6. The fact that WG instead decided to make it a premium doesn't surprise me, but does disappoint me. The only tank it really trains crews for is the T57 Heavy. the T110E5 isn't really worth playing anymore sadly (I say that despite the fact that I've been playing it lately). You can also train crews for the T29, but mid-tiers are horrible, especially with the number of M44's around. Overall, I would suggest this to skilled players, but not new/average/below average players. It's a good tank, but requires some level of effort/skill/positioning to get it to work.
  7. I recently bought this thing back, since I enjoyed grinding through it a year or so ago. 105mm + full APCR is a potent combination. 223 pen, 330 alpha on an 8.4 second reload (Rammer, Optics, Vents, Food, Bia) at tier 6 hurts. The gun handling is derpy, but not unworkably so. Mobility is decent. The tank tends to go 30-35 most of the time. Doesn't take too long to get up to speed. Slow to turn, but again, not unworkably so. Armor... Yeah, it's French. Don't count on it. Overall, an unusual, but quite good tank. Also, the mark reqs are hilariously low. 16 battles at 1,431 DPG puts me at 48.03% marks.
  8. Purple text reminds me too much of Gasai_Yuno. Other than that, pretty good review. Props for trying to bring this forum back to life. I've been trying to think of something I can do towards the same goal. My one issue is that seemingly everything has been hashed out already, so adding to the conversation (especially with so many better players than I am around) is difficult. Still trying to come up with an idea, but I like yours. Gotta remove the props for saying positive things about arty though...
  9. churchill50


    I've run mine with Rammer, GLD, Binocs. I usually play aggressively, but I still like having Binocs for late game situations where I need view range. Overall, I definitely enjoy the SU-130PM more than the Skorpion G thanks to the gun performance and more consistent gun depression, even if I have to give up some accuracy and mobility. Overall, it's a very strong tank.
  10. To be fair, I did agree with you on the 263 in another thread, and on the EBR being cancer. Also, I do intend to respond to this thread again. I just haven't had a chance to do so over the last few days.
  11. I haven't personally tried it yet (although I probably will be doing so with the bonds from this last Ranked Season). However, from the discussion in here (on Pages 40-42 iirc), the Improved V-Stab is the most suggested piece of equipment for the T49.
  12. So, since I've been sitting here watching this thread for the last week or so (with much groaning and gnashing of teeth), and because I got a new mechanical keyboard and want to take it for a spin, I think I'll reply to this thread. Yes, they have better mobility, and yes their camo + small size allows them to use bushes better. But please, tell me how that matters in the corridor maps/heavy armor meta nowadays? Mobility is of some utility when dealing damage. That's for sure. However, the light tanks' extra mobility pales in comparison to the armor, DPM, pen, alpha, gun performance, gun depression, and HP they have to give up to get it. All of those things allow for much better damage dealing ability than the mobility and camo of light tanks. The highest tier 10 light tank DPM is at the same level as the lowest tier 10 medium tank DPM. The highest tier 10 light tank prem pen is just slightly higher than average tier 10 medium tank standard pen. Those are not differences you can overcome just through a little mobility and camo on the move. There's a reason average damages in light tanks are lower than in any other class. It's because they generally are a step or two below any other class in terms of firepower. As far as padding Wn8. Who cares? A 30 second glance at the player's service record is enough to show that their abilities don't add up to their Wn8. Any recruiter from any clan worth anything will know that. Plus, Wn8 isn't really good for much besides measurement of personal performance and improvement, so... I do have to agree here. The EBR is broken. It wrecks any other light tank out there, and with minimal effort/thought put into playing them. Provided you can play a light tank decently well, an EBR is easy af to play. The simple fact is that they destroy any other light tank since: A) They beat them to important positions, and can flex much more easily. B) They can snapshot (with great HE nonetheless) while enemy light tanks have to stop and aim at them. C) They take much less damage than their counterparts thanks to pubbies' inability to aim and the fact that they can't be tracked. And, D) They can chase the enemy light tank down whenever they want. Altogether, that makes them hell to face in any other light tank. EBR's were my biggest problem when I was doing LT-15 for the 260. And now we get back to me disagreeing with you. I don't even know where you came up with this argument to be honest, but wherever it was you got it from, it should've stayed there. The problem here is two-fold: First, you are blaming light tanks for a problem originating with arty and TD's. Take arty and TD's out of the equation, and suddenly you don't have a problem anymore. Second, your assertion that light tanks are the things spotting you for arty and TD's is fallacious at best. On certain maps, sure, they can spot you early on your path to wherever the main fight is going to happen (although 90% of the time this is easily avoidable by just taking a non-retarded path, like staying along the redline on Lakeville). However, once you're in the main fight, light tanks aren't the ones spotting you. You're spotted by whatever med/heavy you're brawling with currently (since this whole game has boiled down more and more to brawling in the current meta). Light tanks have nothing to do with that. Take them out of the equation and you would still be spotted. So, yeah... Again, I don't know how you came up with that argument, but please don't repeat that creative process again.
  13. PSA about buying directives for credits. The price might change, but as of this point, the bundles are pretty expensive credit wise from what I've heard. The price I heard was 2million credits for the pack of 100 Firefighting directives, which is honestly absurd. So, if it looks like those prices aren't going to change and will go to the live server, it would probably be worthwhile to buy a ton now since they go for 180 bonds for a pack of 100, which is really cheap.
  14. I agree with Dirizon on this one. The 263 was a great tank. Playing through it didn't even feel like a grind. One note I will make. If you don't like the 263, you might not like the 268v4. They have almost identical playstyles, and the 263 is the stronger one tier for tier (since the 268v4 was nerfed). The 268v4 gives up some of the 263's armor reliability, in the sense that you know whether you can be penned or not in a given position in the 263. In return, the 268v4 gets armor that pubbies have trouble reliably penning, but that anyone who knows the armor layout can pen pretty easily regardless of how you're positioned.
  15. If I remember correctly (and it's been a while, so I might not), Dirizon told me on the forums once why he uses O instead of 0. I'll have to go look to see if I can find it. Wish me luck.
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