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  1. churchill50

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    Except that, as it says in the article, it's juxtaposing this marathon (where "all missions are available from the start") with the British Challenge, which had no time locks at all. As soon as you completed one stage of the British Challenge, you could move on to the next. So, the contrast they're drawing here is interesting.
  2. churchill50

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    The problem is that further down it says: The word consecutive makes me think it will be like the Progetto/Caern AX marathons. Plus, if you can complete all 10 stages at the same time, how would that work. Say you decide to grind out the base xp. Does that mean that each base xp point you earn is applied to all 10 stages? I would think it doesn't, since that would mean that you would only need to grind out 50,000 base xp total to get the tank, which seems absurdly low.
  3. churchill50

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Wow. I knew about Crab, but not the others. Do you know if they're planning on coming back at some point? Also, are they still active on this forum, or not? I have some time off tomorrow, and nothing sounds better than a little derping around in the T49 (with iVStab no less). I'm looking forward to it. I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with the derp. If I get the 3rd mark with it, great. If I don't, then at least I had fun. Cool. Some replay reviews would be awesome as I work towards the third mark. Platooning also sounds awesome. On a similar note, I believe we ran into each other in battle a while back. We were both in our T49s, on Paris. We were close to taking shots at each other a few times, but both of us never did take the risk, as it would've meant taking a shot from the other every time.
  4. churchill50

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    I realized I never said thank you for that review Chang. It was definitely helpful. Thank you for taking the time to watch the replay and write out that advice. I'm still not sure about the capping part to be honest. I had seen it done before in situations like that, and had always laughed at it. So, since that was the first time I was in a situation like that (I tend to cheat myself out of end-game carries due to too much early game aggression), I just did it without really thinking. I wouldn't do it again if I got another chance. I'm hoping for 3-marks as well sometime soon. I'm at 89% MoE, so I'll be starting my 3-mark grind soon. If I do get them, it will be in huge part thanks to this thread. I'm currently trying to decide whether to switch to the 90mm gun for greater consistency, or stick with the derp for the fun (and lack of heresy). I also had a question for the senior chodestarz. The T49 became my most played tank the other day (finally surpassing the T-34 that I spammed in my first 2k games). Does that and my two marks mean I can be inducted as a junior chodestar? I'm also thinking of buying iVStab for the T49. I haven't totally decided yet, but I'm definitely leaning towards it. The descriptions in this thread of its effects have intrigued me.
  5. churchill50

    Free Coaching Through Discord

    Would you still be able to do these after Aug 17th? I'm kind of dead until then, but would love to get some coaching.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it is the K-91 with that shell velocity, not the Object 277.
  7. churchill50

    Obj 430U

    This thing is definitely strong, there's no doubt about that in my opinion. What I am wondering at this point is how this thing will stack up against the 113, especially in competitive play? I'm going to be grinding the 113/WZ 5A line during the coming on-track, but I'm not sure it's even worth getting the 113 at this point. Any input on which of the 113 and 430U is better and whether or not the 113 is worth getting would be greatly appreciated.
  8. churchill50

    Do you EVEN 90?

    I keep going back and forth about this one. I do enjoy the scouting (as in pure scouting) role, and the combination of traits make it look like the best scout at tier 8, or possibly in the game. Plus, I could always use more training on my female French light tank crew. Plus, it's combination of characteristics really make it look like an ELC AMX, which is something I do miss going to goof around in every once in a while. I'm still on the fence, but I'm leaning towards buying it.
  9. churchill50

    Team voting for turning bots blue

    While I like that idea, I think it could also be abused. You'd have to limit it so that players cannot give karma to other players who are on their friends list, or are in the same clan as them. With that limitation however, I feel like it would be an awesome idea.
  10. And also that, if the IS-7 is not researched, then the T-10 crew will be moved to the Object 257. So, if you want to keep your T-10 crew where they are, then research the IS-7 before the patch drops.
  11. churchill50

    AMX 301er Appreciation thread

    All 3 tanks are very good, and are among the top tanks at tier 9 (in my opinion at least). Compared to the M46 Patton, the AMX 30 loses some turret armor (although I haven't found either of their turrets to be too reliable), view range (390 base vs 410 base), gun performance (AMX 30 has worse dispersion values and moves faster), gun depression (8 degrees vs 10 degrees), and traverse speed (35.53/31.97/17.76 vs 52.53/44.45/27.52). In return, the AMX 30 gains dpm (90 extra base dpm), pen (248 vs 218 standard, 300 vs 265 prem), accuracy (0.35 vs 0.37 base), mobility (higher power/weight and top speed, and better terrain resistances), and camo. Overall, I like both, and both have very similar playstyles. However, lately I find myself preferring the AMX 30 for the better mobility and the fact that the standard shells are usable. Compared to the T-54 (with the D-10T2S), the AMX 30 loses armor (on turret and hull), premium pen (300 vs 330), and traverse speed (35.53/31.97/17.76 vs 54.93/49.94/24.97). In return, it gains dpm (~100 extra base dpm), standard pen (248 vs 201 standard), gun handling (aim time and accuracy. Dispersion values are the same), mobility (higher power/weight and top speed, and better terrain resistances), alpha (390 vs 320), and gun depression (8 degrees vs 6). As before, I like both tanks. However, in this case, they perform different roles. The T-54 is more of a brawling heavium type of tank, whereas the AMX 30 is more of a second line, ridge-line tank. Both tanks are good in their own roles. However, I prefer the AMX 30 to the T-54, mostly because of the fact that the AMX 30's standard rounds are very good, whereas the T-54's are not. Plus, if I want to play a heavium role, I'm going to pick the T-10 over the T-54 most of the time. I would definitely suggest picking up the AMX 30 1er if I were you. It is a very fun tank to play, and it performs very well.
  12. churchill50

    Highlight and Lowlight of WOT 2017?

    My highlight was getting my first two 3-marks. First was the T20 in September, and the second was the T-54 on Dec 31st at 10:00PM. Secondary highlight was the Christmas event. 4 female crew members and insane discounts? Oh, and bonuses to credits, xp, and crew xp as well? Yes please. It was the single best event in my memory in WoT. I'd have to agree with you on the lowlight. Tier 8 mm has not been fun. Plus, I'll be grinding tanks like the VK 45.02A, 110, and AMX 65t in that mm soon, which I am not looking forward to.
  13. churchill50

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Thank you. After watching the replay over, I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on how I played. Right after I played the battle, when I uploaded it and posted here, I was caught up in how good some of the shots were and the fact that it was my highest damage game in the T49. However, when I watched the replay a few hours later, I began to see a ton of mistakes. Among them are: I moved away from South too early I think, even though it was obvious that it was going to fall. I believe I could have gotten one more safe shot off before falling back. My play against the T-34-3 on the bridge was horrible. I could have used those hitpoints and crew members later in the battle. Sniping on the T95. I should have moved up further so that I actually hit him. My shot on the JPanther was totally up to luck. I should have stayed on the hill to take a first shot on the T-34-3 before moving down. As it is, I left it up to the M40/M43 to save me. I left too much up to luck on the T34 shot. I should have aimed at least a little longer. I should have slowed down and aimed in before coming out to shoot the AMX on cap. Those are the biggest mistakes I saw, although I'm sure there are more. So, I was wondering if you, and others in the thread, could look over the replay and tell me what else I could improve on. I would greatly appreciate it. Also, what are your thoughts on the Sheridan? I'm considering buying it during the on-track, but I'm not sure. Your input would be great. Thank you. churchill50
  14. churchill50

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    I feel like I finally have something to post here. I got on here originally more than a year ago after struggling initially in the T49. I learned a lot from this thread, which helped me learn the T49's very unique playstyle and start doing well and having fun in it. This game that I just had is the culmination of that: It was quite a fun game. Thanks to everyone who has posted here for giving me pointers on how to play the T49. It's become one of those tanks that I go to play just for fun or when things aren't going my way.