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  1. Is it just me, or is this just kind of par for the course for WG at this point? You start out with a good idea: Multiple equipment/consumable loadouts that can be swapped between at the start of a battle. This is honestly an amazing idea, and as said earlier will really help light tanks, which kind of need it. But then WG adds some not so good ideas: Stat changes to all tanks in the game that can and will be min-maxed to death by players who understand them, and will widen the gap between good and bad/new players. And then, just for good measure, they throw in a massive grind th
  2. To me, this looks like an AMX CDC updated at least partially for 2021. They're both huge paper targets, but the Kpz 07 looks a lot better than the AMX CDC to me (although given how bad the CDC is, that's not saying much). Worse power/weight, but much better terrain resistances and top speed, so the mobility will actually be really nice. You give up some pen/accuracy/shell velocity. But in return you get gun performance (the biggest issue with the CDC) and quite a bit more DPM (over 3k DPM without Purple/Bounty equipment). I don't think it will be any more than
  3. It had been a while since I had played the T49, so I took it back out for a spin, and this happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd-628YUv48&feature=youtu.be (Apparently that didn't embed. If anyone can tell me how to embed a Youtube video, I'd appreciate it). That battle was also played without equipment. I've been using Bounty Equipment on the T49 lately, but moved it to something else and forgot to move it back. Lately I've been switching back and forth between Bounty Rammer, V-Stab, and Optics (for that sweet view range) and Bounty Rammer, V-Stab, and IRM (for t
  4. I still think the T26E5 will be better than the Super Pershing, for two reasons: Super Pershing armor is unreliable. A lot of things can just autoaim the front, and even hulldown you can always pen it. Westfield. Spawning in the valley in a Super Pershing is one of the worst feelings in this game. The issue with the JP isn't its DPM. It still has ~3k DPM, which isn't bad. The issue is the combination of the gun being kind of unreliable (and the fact that one missed/bounced shot means you lost a third of your DPM), and the complete and utter lack of flexibility (slow
  5. To add to this, the small gun also takes longer to dump the clip (9 seconds vs 7 seconds), meaning more exposure, which is not ideal.
  6. Common Test Iteration 2 was just released, with no buffs for the heavies. Running out of reasons to grind this line. The tier 7 just looks pathetic. The tier 8 is just a worse Bisonte (Imagine a tier 8 tech tree tank being worse than the tier 8 prem. That never happens). The tier 9 looks decent, but I can't test that since you can't get battles in anything but tier 10's on the test server. The tier 10... was kind of painful to use. Armor is situational (only works when hulldown AND using all of your gun depression. And even then you have the weakspot on top of t
  7. I could see it being used in a couple of positions, maybe. The big issue is that DPM, which is a huge thing in CW. If you're playing in a Chieftain position, you'd rather have a Chieftain just because of that DPM difference. If you want the clip, you'd rather have a 50B that takes 26-27 seconds to reload, not 45. If you want to wolfpack, then 907/140/277/260/Chieftain for the DPM. It's not a bad tank. The issue is that it has no place in the CW meta. That's probably not the best way to explain it. But I'm too tired to phrase it better. Hopefully it answer
  8. In my opinion, the Carro will be the best of the three Italian tier 10s. The Rhinoceronte is held back far too much by the horrible bloom and trash DPM. The Progetto these days is held back by being a paper med without the gun handling or DPM to really make that work. Both the Rhinoceronte and Progetto have the double downside of low DPM, and gun handling that won't let them effectively or consistently use that limited DPM. Those two downsides together really do make for a painful experience. This thing will have better DPM + better alpha than the Progetto. At the same time, it
  9. That would help with the issue of reward tanks in Clan Wars. But you would still have the issue of Chief/279(e) running around in pubs. So it's only a partial solution. WG has actually banned reward tanks in several tournaments recently, as well as Ranked.
  10. My few thoughts on the issue, for what they're worth. First off, I don't know why everyone is freaking out. Most likely the Chieftain has only been removed from the reward pool for this campaign, and will return in the Summer or next Winter's campaign. WG has removed reward tanks from the pool for a campaign in the past, so this is nothing new. If the Chieftain was being removed from the pool permanently, I would expect an announcement about that (which we may still get, but have not gotten yet). Second, it's a bit of a sticky situation for WG. On the one hand, the Chieft
  11. Yep, arty rage definitely is a beautiful thing. I just miss the days when you could tk arty... It was a great way to let off some steam every once in a while. They also buffed the gun performance when they moved the T49 to tier 9. The dispersion values on movement and hull traverse are both god-tier (0.07/0.07 fully equipped). It's only the turret traverse dispersion that's horrible (0.24 even fully equipped), but you can work around that by locking your turret, pre-aiming corners before poking them, etc.
  12. Congrats on the 3-mark minivinny! Making a sexy tank even sexier with that third star... All the activity in this thread has made me think of how long it's been since I last played the T49... It's been too long. I had the same experience of a clicker complaining when I was playing in a triple T49 platoon. Starts off the game by saying we've already lost because of us. We quickly prove him wrong by killing 2 and crippling 1 in the first 3 minutes of the game. But that doesn't stop him. He then complains constantly about us not spotting (even though we walked away at the end of the gam
  13. Figured I would post this here, since there isn't really another place to post it. Here are the list of the best low-tier tanks to use your Holiday Ops tanks discounts on if you want to buy then sell for maximum profit. Tier 7 and higher: Just to be clear, you aren't going to make credits by buying and then selling a tank at these tiers. At tier 7 you'll break even, at tier 8+ you'll lose credits. So just use these discounts to get tanks you want. Tier 6: O-I or Hellcat, both @950,000 credits. With 60% discount, you buy @380,000 credits and sell @475,000 credits, for a profit of
  14. 15.3% of battles with 3 arty vs Hussar's 20.4% 18.6% of battles with no arty vs Hussar's 12.6% That too makes me jealous. I seem to have made my account on the wrong server. Good thing WG allows server transfers, right? /s
  15. I'd really like to see something like this comparing the number of arty per game between the different servers. It might just be confirmation bias, but watching Stanlox on the Russian server, he sees so few arty compared to the norm on NA it makes me jealous.
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