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  1. 15.3% of battles with 3 arty vs Hussar's 20.4% 18.6% of battles with no arty vs Hussar's 12.6% That too makes me jealous. I seem to have made my account on the wrong server. Good thing WG allows server transfers, right? /s
  2. I'd really like to see something like this comparing the number of arty per game between the different servers. It might just be confirmation bias, but watching Stanlox on the Russian server, he sees so few arty compared to the norm on NA it makes me jealous.
  3. One would think a thread like this would help you succeed at Nonstop Nut November.
  4. Can't find it anymore, but part of the video said "We'll make changes so we don't break current balance." Yeah... don't mind me if I put zero stock behind WG saying that, especially given what the "current balance" looks like. On the other hand, these tanks could be rather fun I think. Plus, I need somewhere to put my Italian crews now that the Standard B and Progetto 65 are crap.
  5. The only reason is enjoying the tank. Other than that, you don't get any benefit from buying/owning/playing Collector's tanks. Not really, no. Retraining for credits (the 90% option) doesn't lose too much crew xp, but it is still a loss. Perhaps the best option would be to play some tournaments to get gold that you can use to retrain crews and demount equipment. tanks.gg does have armor models. If you go to https://tanks.gg/list , pick a tank, and then go to the Model tab, you'll see the armor model there.
  6. Not really answering your question here since Kolni has already done that, but addressing your Marder concern. If you owned the Marder, you should still have it. If you want to rebuy it, you still can, but it's in a different spot. In the Tech Tree, there's an icon next to the nation name at the top. Click on that, and you'll see all the "Collector's Tanks" for that nation. Both the Marder III and Marder 38(t) should be in there now.
  7. Neither tank is about the armor. They both have decent turrets (277 more so than the 5A), but that's it. You rely on the combination of mobility, great guns, and the usable turret armor. Play them like heaviums. Same goes for the T-10. If you're relying on the armor in the T-10, you're doing it wrong. Even the turret isn't great due to the cupolas. The T-10 and Obj 277 have almost the same playstyle. The 277 relies a bit more on using the turret, while the T-10 relies on tier 9 being easy. Other than that, you play them the same. The 277 did take a bit for me to get a hang of though, to be honest (I'm not sure why, given how much I love the T-10). But, once you get the hang of it, it's an amazing tank.
  8. I'm questioning the accuracy of some of what that website is showing. Just recently I played the Type 5 for a bit. The mark is definitely not 5.2k as is shown there. 2.7k-3k was keeping me from dropping when I was above 91%. I would also bet the Progetto 65 has dropped quite a bit recently and the website hasn't updated yet. The value shown on the website was probably accurate before the nerfs. However, just a couple of days ago I played a battle and my marks jumped by almost 5%, so it's definitely dropped.
  9. igorCro said: "I believe nerfing Progetto 65 was a mistake. It was the only tank with no armor that was competitive. Some might say, okay, Leo1 is there, but let's be honest, Leo1 is way worse. If Spaghetti 65 gets nerfed, there won't be paper tanks that are competitive anymore." On the first page.
  10. Wn8 has never been a great measure of skill on it's own. It's prone to too many ways of padding like the OP pointed out. However, every metric, if viewed by itself, can be padded. Indeed, any metric used as a measure of skill will inevitably be padded. To paraphrase Goodhart's law (used in economics) " When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure." Any metric used to measure a system will be exploited and will cease to be a good metric because of that exploitation. To get a decent picture of someone's skill, you want to take a look at a combination of stats that will cover each other's weaknesses. For instance, if you take recent Wn8, recent winrate (to avoid redline campers), recent average tier (to avoid low-tier stat/winrate padders), and DPG/marks at tier 10, you have a decent picture of how good a player is. Then, assuming you're evaluating them for Clan Wars, you would get them in a few detachments to see how they play as part of a team. Basically, you use stats to narrow down your recruitment pool, and then use their performance in Clan Wars as a final deciding factor.
  11. Today I learned the Leopard I and STB-1 aren't competitive. They're both great tanks in their current states. The Leopard I especially is insane. It requires skill to play it well, due to the huge profile and lack of armor and camo. But, when played well, it's just crazy.
  12. For CW: 279(e), Chieftain, 907, 277/260, Leopard I, CGC, EBR 105. 430U was kind of meta for a bit, but hasn't been for a while. Progetto is used every once in a while on a few maps but has never been main meta. If you're talking about pubs, then there are a lot more tanks that are meta.
  13. Took me a while to watch through it because irl stuff kept coming up. El Halluf: I didn't know about that spot. I've always farmed other people who go there, so I just avoid it. I might also have gone there at some point a long time ago and been artied, so I stopped using it. I'll definitely try it next time I'm on that map with no arty though. I don't know why I haven't used it, since I've used the corresponding position on the other side plenty of times. Definite misplay by me there. And yeah, you're definitely right about trading. The analysis of how the whole game could've gone differently was really interesting. Empire's Border: I've never really played the lower ground in the corner before. Maybe that's something I should try. Do you happen to have a replay where you played that so I can see what positions you use? I was thinking I would be fast enough on that initial spotting poke to get there before the FV got in position. But, I do see that was a risk. I definitely didn't notice the Leo PTA and Standard B poking back up, although I should have. I should've pulled back at that point tbh due to the crossfire. I do need to work on not trading. I tend to play higher alpha tanks usually, so that's not something I'm good at. Ruinberg: I committed in the beginning since I thought the 277 was coming with me. I do see that that was risky though. My one thing is I'm not sure where else I would've played. Looking back at how I handled the Foch was painful. You do have a good point about that mid rush being common and needing to work around it. I'll do what you suggest and farm people doing that going forward. I think I forgot I was spamming HEAT there. APCR definitely would've been better against the 60TP and E4, and then I would've had the HEAT to pen the UDES frontally. That situation at the end was what I was talking about with my horrible shots/reactions. I don't know what was wrong with me there. You have a very good point about just tanking the UDES to kill the E4. I hadn't even thought of that. Fisherman's Bay: Yeah, I realized it was a mistake to drive forward after the 13 105 spotted me while I was doing it. Not my proudest moment. I should've realized that and just backed up. I see what you mean about noticing the 705A and then working that side later when my team was pushing it. Good point about taking the time to take that blindshot on the 140 correctly. Yeah, it was risky. Really no excuse for that. Keeping the 140 spotted was intentional. With the STB-1, arty, and the E4, I figured he would die if I gave it a bit of time. Yeah, that push up into the crossfire between the UDES and 430U was a bad idea, and badly executed too. Thank you for the analysis about general gameplay. I do tend to trade my HP too much. That's something I'll work on. You have a very good point about my situational awareness. Watching these replays again, especially with your commentary, I realize how bad my situational/map awareness was. Highway: Do you have a replay showing how you would play a med in the city? Just wondering what kind of positions/playstyle you would use. I went field since I thought that's where a lot of their HP would be (since they have a lot of mediums in their lineup), and because there was only one arty. I reacted really badly to the fire. I should've pulled back. I had never even thought about how my actions can trigger a fastcap on a map like that, although I don't know how I didn't think about that. That's a really good point. I'll try to be more aware of that in the future. Poking up there was just kind of a habitual play. If there aren't many people up north of that, it can be really good. As is... yeah, that was bad. I should probably go spam a lot of games in the T-62A to really learn how to play it. Right now it's just not something I'm quite used to playing. It might not be a bad idea to do that, just to force myself out of the habit of trading and to force myself to be very good with positioning. Thank you again for doing this! It was a little disappointing realizing how badly I played some of those, and how much better I could've played them. But taking some of the stuff you pointed out should help me a lot going forward.
  14. Sweet! Thank you again for doing this kolni! Now it's time for me to get my playstyle torn apart for 42 minutes. I hope those replays were good ones for you to review? I know they were pretty pathetic as a session. Ended on like 2.8k DPG I think.
  15. So, I think I got a pretty good session. All T-62A, which I've been playing again recently. So, here are 5 replays from this session. If you've already started the other ones, then that's fine. If not, I'd rather you reviewed these instead if that's okay with you Kolni. First, El Halluf: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5326445#el_halluf-churchill50-t-62a I should not have taken the aggressive cross. With the WZ-120 there, I was lucky I didn't take more damage. Next bit is a lot of me expecting my gun to hit and theirs to not, and that not happening. Then fell back (which I probably should've done earlier), and did alright. I wish I had known I was exposed to that SU. Next, Empire's Border: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5326446#empire_s_border-churchill50-t-62a Against the Leopard PTA and Standard B, I should've taken cover behind the rock to my right. I don't know why I didn't do that, or why I didn't notice they came back sooner. Not the best game. Then, Ruinberg: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5326448#ruinberg-churchill50-t-62a I feel like I played this pretty well. Could've handled the end a little better. Some of my shots/reactions were horrible. But overall, I feel I did well. Then, Fisherman's Bay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5326450#fisherman_s_bay-churchill50-t-62a Overall, a mehgame. I got aggressive in the end since I realized the game was ending. I probably should've played that differently instead of exposing myself to the crossfire between the UDES and 430U. Finally, Highway: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5326451#highway-churchill50-t-62a Really screwed up this game, which wasn't helped by the fire. I'm thinking I should've gone where the T-54 Ltwt was, instead of where I went. I do feel like field was the right play since that's where most of their HP was, but I should've played it differently, imo at least. I really want to hear what your gameplan on this map would be. Overall, I feel like that is a much better session for review than the mix-and-matched tier 9 replays I put up before. I feel like there's a lot more to learn from these replays. Plus, I was playing my normal playstyle with the T-62A, so a review will be more applicable to my normal playstyle.
  16. Kolni, I had a question for you. If you weren't going to get to my replays today, then would it be okay with you if I played a tier 10 session tonight and put those replays up for you instead? I just think that might be better than the set of replays I put up already.
  17. Sorry for the late reply. I ended up staying late at work last night and tonight. Thank you for reserving a spot for me Kolni. I don't have too many good replays. Most of what I have are Ranked or CW, which is all I've been playing recently. I also have a few other pub games, but most of them are either easy farms where there's not really anything to learn, or games where I played horribly and can already spot my own mistakes. Four out of five are in the Standard B. Kind of unfortunate since it won't show how I normally play. I tend to play much more passively in the Standard B than in most other tanks. Also, all of them are tier 9, which is even more unfortunate. First, Standard B on Mali: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5317071#malinovka-churchill50-prototipo_standard_b Took a chancy shot early on the Rev. Not sure if it was worth it. Staying out that long for the T-44-100 kill was risky since I knew I was proxied by the E50M. I should've noticed the Emil I sooner and gotten out without taking damage. Tunnel-visioned on the Rev and missed a chance at the Strv S1. Risky pokes on heavies. I do feel like I made the right play ignoring the E-100 and getting down the hill. Then, Type 61 on Paris: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5317072#paris-churchill50-type_61 Standard early paper med play. I was super indecisive for a while, especially after killing the Emil I. Not even sure what I should've done differently besides taking mid earlier. Erlenberg from north spawn: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5317057#erlenberg-churchill50-prototipo_standard_b Pretty standard initial position. Pushed across the river when we won east. Totally missed a chance to clip the S Conq out that hurt me later on. Probably shouldn't have pushed back across the river. Then I should've just pushed past the 257's alley to get away instead of hesitating. I was expecting my Leopard's to do something from their camping position, but they were useless. Redshire: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5317058#redshire-churchill50-prototipo_standard_b Better clip management could've probably netted me another 1k damage. Other than that, standard medium tank mid play on Redshire. Finally, Mountain Pass: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5317060#mountain_pass-churchill50-prototipo_standard_b Missed easy shots early on, got a little too aggressive south and could've been farmed for that, fell back way too far, failed to notice we were capping out until it was too late. Overall, a horrible game. Thanks for offering to do this Kolni. I just wish I had better replays to offer. These ones are kind of sad. I wish I had a decent tier 10 session to upload, but all my tier 10 sessions are from last patch (since then I've just been playing CW and Ranked). Plus I'm now horribly out of practice, which shows in everything from decision making to aiming. Even still, I'd love to hear your thoughts on those replays.
  18. I'd love to have you review my replays. It would be great to get your insights on how I could improve. The only issue is that I've barely been playing recently. I'll look tonight when I get off work (in about an hour and a half here) to see if I have a 5 game session that I could upload. Would you be okay with battles from multiple sessions, or would you prefer just one session Kolni? If someone else hops in here with replays before I upload mine, oh well.
  19. How is that a problem then? With the changes, the Tiger I is keeping the same DPM. It just gets that DPM with 280 alpha, better aim time, and better mantlet armor. I honestly don't think the Tiger I needed a buff. I think it's fine as is. With these buffs, it's going to be pretty crazy.
  20. I've definitely been enjoying this thing. Overall it's a very comfortable tank to play. The mobility isn't paper med level, but for the amount of armor this thing has it's definitely very good. Decent acceleration, ~50kmh on flat ground, and decent traverse speed. It definitely beats the M48 Patton (which is pretty closely comparable in the hulldown semi-armored medium role) in the mobility department thanks to the higher top speed and power/weight. The armor is interesting. HEAT or a large enough caliber gun will wreck you, and AP/APCR can pen the cupola (although it's an iffy shot). But, overall, it's a very bouncy tank, and is a pain to face head-on if it's hulldown. Even when not hulldown, it is still troll thanks to most of the tank (besides the thin flat frontal plate) being autobounce or very close to it. The gun has a lot of strengths, but also some weaknesses. 440 alpha on a 7.7 second reload (without Vents or Improved Equipment) is absurd. Add decent gun performance and the second best gun depression in the game at tier 10, and you have a very strong gun. You are held back sometimes by the lowish pen (254/310), low shell velocity (1,000/840), and needing to get used to the automatic siege mode, but those can all be worked around. In summary, this tank has everything you need to be a good pubstomper. Decent mobility, usable armor, gun depression, and a rather good gun. I would say the STB-1 is a better tank, but I prefer the UDES 15/16 over it thanks solely to the fact that the UDES can actually hit things outside of 200m. The STB-1's gun is amazing close range, but at anything mid-to-long range it's an RNG crapshoot which puts me on tilt after only a few battles. The UDES on the other hand performs pretty reliably at any range, which is nice. This is one of the tier 10s I've been playing most recently, and it's definitely been fun. My only regret is that my DPG is crap thanks to 2 drunk sessions with the tank early on, but that will be fixed with time.
  21. As I said in my review, you can't rely on the armor. The only way it works is if RNG massively favors you. Instead, rely on your combination of gun performance, gun depression, and alpha/DPM. Go hull down, poke, and snap shot. Make sure you can trade 2 for 1 with anything with higher alpha, and make sure to just stick to trading with all the 240/250/300/320 alpha tanks. This is more of a second-line heavy than a frontline brawling heavy. Try not to be the main center of attention, and don't try to tank. The tank revolves around the gun. The armor is unreliable and the mobility is only decent.
  22. I'd love to see a ton of these maps come back. I miss a lot of them, and they would definitely be a massive improvement over the current map lineup. The one issue I have is that WG seems to love making the most retarded changes to maps before bringing them back. See Kharkov, Fisherman's Bay, Fjords, Ghost Town, Highway, Minsk, Pilsen, Province, Steppes, Studzianki, etc. All the recent map changes and map additions have been beyond infuriating. There's no reason for them, they make the gameplay worse, and anyone with two braincells should've been able to see that before they were released (sadly, WG map devs don't have 2 braincells collectively in the team, so...).
  23. I decided to pick this tank back up over the weekend since it was on sale and I used to love it. I haven't played it since the LT changes. My original thoughts about how bad the tank would be now were proved correct, sadly. It's kind of depressing to see a tank I used to love nerfed to such a level. Mark jumped from 83.51% to 90.24% on my first battle (which was only 1.4k combined), which shows just how far the mark has fallen. Mobility is mediocre. Top speed is bottom in tier/class, power/weight is bottom third. No armor to speak of, and it's a huge target. Absolutely no survivability. Camo is decent, view range is tied for second best. So, it has decent scouting ability on paper. However, this is limited in practice since are better scouts out there that have actual guns, scouting is dead, and the complete lack of survivability (especially the huge size) limits your active scouting ability. Gun is horrid. 158/210 pen is a shadow of its old 181/250. 220 alpha means you can't trade at all with anything but light tanks. Reload is 8.81 base, so you have no DPM. But, the big thing that kills the gun is the shell velocity. 630 m/s is absolutely painful to use, especially if you're facing any wheelies. Overall, an awkward little tank with an awkward gun. No real place in the meta considering the AMX 13 57 and T71 DA exist. Probably the worst tier 7 light tank in my opinion. I don't see why WG had to nerf it so hard, especially by removing the autoloader. The autoloader made it a quirky, unique, fun tank, and made up for the lack of long range ability by giving you some short-range burst. Removing it was a horrible move on WG's part. Final verdict: No reason to play it. I'll be 3-marking it in honor of what it used to be and how much I used to enjoy it, and then selling it and never looking back.
  24. Ground out several levels of the Marathon and then decided to buy the tank. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. It's strong if played correctly, but not OP at all imo, and definitely not game-breaking or cancer to play against. The gun is absolutely amazing. Some of the best gun handling I've dealt with at tier 8, especially considering it has 360 alpha. Pen is good, gun depression is great. 360 alpha puts you in an interesting place where you can outrade 240/250/300/320 alpha guns, and trade 2-for-1 with 390/440/490 alpha guns. So, the alpha works really well, but takes some effort to get it to work. It's not just braindead. The combination of alpha + DPM is really what makes the gun (and by extension the tank). The armor is trolly, but that's it. If your opponents can't aim, don't see the cupola, or RNG favors you, you can bounce a decent amount. Barring those, it means nothing. Your best bet is hulldown at mid-range using your gun performance to snap shot and not give your opponents a good shot. Even then, don't rely on the armor. Mobility is slow medium level. Faster than the T26E5 (which is nice), but not true medium. You're limited on early-game aggressive positions you can take, and how quickly you can flex, but overall it has the mobility to get the job done. Overall, a very fun tier 8 prem to play. Reliable gun + gun depression + decent mobility is a nice combination. And, it looks sexy as hell in my opinion. My gripes with it are: If you play it alongside the E5 (like I've been doing lately), you have to get used to the cupolas being on opposite sides of the turret. It should not be called the M54. It never reached production. It should technically be called the T54E2. The fact that WG originally had the correct name for it, but then changed it last minute just rubs salt in the wounds. It should've been used for another American Medium tank tech tree, just like the T95E2/T95E6. The fact that WG instead decided to make it a premium doesn't surprise me, but does disappoint me. The only tank it really trains crews for is the T57 Heavy. the T110E5 isn't really worth playing anymore sadly (I say that despite the fact that I've been playing it lately). You can also train crews for the T29, but mid-tiers are horrible, especially with the number of M44's around. Overall, I would suggest this to skilled players, but not new/average/below average players. It's a good tank, but requires some level of effort/skill/positioning to get it to work.
  25. I recently bought this thing back, since I enjoyed grinding through it a year or so ago. 105mm + full APCR is a potent combination. 223 pen, 330 alpha on an 8.4 second reload (Rammer, Optics, Vents, Food, Bia) at tier 6 hurts. The gun handling is derpy, but not unworkably so. Mobility is decent. The tank tends to go 30-35 most of the time. Doesn't take too long to get up to speed. Slow to turn, but again, not unworkably so. Armor... Yeah, it's French. Don't count on it. Overall, an unusual, but quite good tank. Also, the mark reqs are hilariously low. 16 battles at 1,431 DPG puts me at 48.03% marks.
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