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  1. I lost control of myself. Bought 75 got ISU and Maus 3D Skin and the lower tier prems. Bought another 75 boxes. Got Bisonte and Conq GC (fml) and 13 105 skin. Bought another 25 boxes. Got GSOR and STB1 Skin (jesus f*** finally) Still no Borat. Watched some yt videos about how broken Borat is. Bought another 11 boxes - got it in the 9th. I'm only missing the WZ skin now from my wishlist but this is enough. Sitting at 75k Gold atm don't know what to do with it anyways. When the IS3A was available I got it and all 4 skins in 25 boxes. Never bot
  2. I'm no F2P player haha. I will try it with food and try the bounty vents laying around. I only have bond rammer atm which is on the 430U but I have 9k+ bonds which I could invest in something like Vstab and Vents to have a proper setup. I just thought it would work pretty well with standard equipment bc. as mentioned above I don't have limitless supply of improved equipment and I would rather mount that stuff on CW tanks (which I don't have at the moment due to meta changes).
  3. I tried vents but with my potato 3 skill crew I'm sitting at 412m viewrage. I feel like this is not sufficient with the amount of TDs we are currently seeing on EU.
  4. What are you running on the STB-1? Just got it and it plays a lot differently then the Type 61 for me. I feel it needs Vents and Vstab for the gun to perform properly.
  5. This tank is so dank I don't really care if its good or bad. I just want to have it.
  6. Same for me. When I started playing in beta I couldn't stop after a bad streak and just continued playing until I got that one good round to call it a day. It usually never happened. Nowadays I just try to quit after 5 bad games and do something else. Way better for your mental health to stay far from that downward spiral. Tbh I don't miss Foch too much. Yes he was there a long time but I never really enjoyed watching his streams.
  7. Haha that's the Body_Count I have known to like. I must admit joining the mythical clan of 322 was always a dream of mine since after the beta. When you saw a 322 platoon (especially Folterknecht in an old T8 arty haha) on the enemy side you didn't need things like XVM winrate calculator to know that you are in trouble. Sadly I was never good enough for 322 so I joined -322- years later after I played some platoons with Body_Count. It never fully took off but I was proud to carry the Tag into battle for some time. Good old times. Edit: also that IS4 pic brings back nice memo
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