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  1. I have more trouble getting a stst update, it seems like the site is down more than it's up. My WOT forum signature come from you guys and there are huge holes in the stats. It hasn't updated in a week, as of last night. What gives?
  2. I have been noticing what feels like a progressively longer and longer delay between real time events and when the stats update. This is most evident in my forum signature. It shows that I haven't played a battle all weekend, which is patently untrue. Is there some reason why there's such a lag between playing the game for a day and the stats showing up on WOT Labs? My in-game session stats are up to the minute. I've also notices in random battles yesterday, XVM seemed to be having an issue. More than a few battles, I'd only get XVM data on a couple tanks per side, with everyo
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