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  1. 2bbbe6a0323fbee4079f014445f1d77d.png -> 39b1c792902b1aad8ead0bf788f7fcf1.png

    That's like 3 mins after. Definitely not there for the giveaways :serb:


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    2. Gandaran


      wait wait. Sodapoppin is a streamer now? Is it the sodapoppin that used to play for Complexity Red in WoW? (mained druid iirc)

    3. kestenovski


      lol, he made me even click follow button to be eligible for the giveaway. i had to take a shower after it ended coz i felt dirty. 


      also lirik and soda are bleeeeeeeeeeeh. 

    4. Medjed


      seems like i was the only one who haven't watched his stream not even when it was a giveaway....i guess bcs i have type59 and it's a piece of shit that i'd trade for pretty much any other pref MM t8 prem

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