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  1. Steam>Spending money on WoT= Bought: PUBG, Stardew Valley, Starbound, FTL, FO4, Darkest Dungeon, Rampage Knights/Lost Castle, DOOM, Transistor, Subnautica, Hollow Knight, Shadow of mordor GOTY, BL2 GOTY and Dead Cells. Yeah it's quite some money but goddamn you can get some dank value and no cancer out of those, getting like 4 AAA titles for a price of a fucking premium is insane. Now to never touch these games :kappa:

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    2. #NightWolf5628
    3. Enroh


      Yes me either :feelsbad:

    4. kolni


      200 hours worth of content vs 20 hours worth of credit grinding for a fort knox :thinking: 

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