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  1. Probably because he is almost single handedly keeping the lights on here
  2. You and I play drinking games very differently
  3. I've come to the conclusion he has 0CD. source: the official NA forums.
  4. I see you earned yourself a reward tank. Have you made up your mind what to get? Must be a good feeling getting there this time around. I felt pretty sorry for all you guys caught up in the NICO bs that happened last campaign.
  5. Like the 268 v4. unless you where being facetious. If thats the case, bravo to you.
  6. pretty good, just come back to the game after a few month hiatus. The type 4/5 nerfs bought me back What about you?
  7. Is incoming the hitpoint/alpha rebalance currently on sandbox likely to change the viability of WN9?

    IIRC there wasn't enough of an upgrade to using WN9 to justify putting the effort into developing and pushing it out.

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    2. simba90


      @PlanetaryGenocide That would only work for recent values, Account overalls will be even more borked that before given that hitpoints/alpha is suddenly taking a ~20% jump up and you're no long comparing apples with apples for historical data. Kind of like when the broke the light tanks back in patch 9.something

      @Haswell Yeah I know WN9 is dead, but I was just wondering if the complete breaking of historical data would make RichardNixons pseudo running recent idea more viable?

    3. Snoregasm2


      Are they actually pushing ahead with this? I was hoping that Russian backlast (like with the 430U proposed changes) would be strong enough to stop it happening.

      I would rather live with the current armour/gold ammo meta than the proposed changes.

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      @simba90 fair enough, didn't consider that.

  8. I would block Paris twice if I could.
  9. I put an iVstab on my BC and haven't played it since
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