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  1. Er, are we just going to pretend this isn't happening? (Unless I've misread this, I read that its getting a gun depression buff)
  2. And abusing the corners of the square render box from the top of Prok hill.
  3. Is the T100lt really considered bad now? I know it is outclassed by that fucking wheeled piece of shit but it is still #2 in tier right?
  4. If they had planned, It wouldn't be a pandemic like this.
  5. To quote a smarter man than me, "Those that don't study history are doomed to repeat it. Those that do, are doomed to stand by helpless while everyone else repeats it."
  6. Granted, However there is still a lot of cases that have very mild symptoms that have not been tested and don't appear on the global statistics. IIRC It is implied that 80% of cases have mild to no symptoms. This represents a huge problem when the primary mechanic for tracking the outbreak revolves around tracing people once they become symptomatic. Look closely at the sub populations that invested in _massive_ testing regimes to get ahead of the bug. These sub populations will give a much closer representation of the big picture because they include more of the mild symptom cases. eg. The diamond princess has more or less run its course and that was ~1.8% mortality. I am going to be very curious about where NZ's numbers finally end up. They've implemented an early lock down as well as a pretty intensive testing regime. Granted its not perfect, but its a long way ahead of other commonwealth countries. I know this goes against most traditions of where larger sample sizes are better. But in this case, the greater population presents an incomplete picture. Make no mistake, This is a _very_ serious bug and deserves all of our respect. Traditionaly the bugs with lower morbidity can kill more people overall because as opposed to Ebola or MERS, its doesn't kill most of its hosts before they can spread it. I haven't gone into the local effects when medical capacity are overwhelms and the ~8 - 10% of hospital cases that would recover if they could get a bed suddenly become statistics, this may well account for the acute spikes in morbidity that we are seeing on a local level (Italy / NYC / Early Wuhan)
  7. That's a slight misnomer given that deaths happen a lot quicker in the evolution of the case than does recovery. So using the deaths:recovered ratio is never going to accurate while things are moving quickly. Off the top of my head I think the numbers are death is likely in the first 2 weeks while full recovery takes up to 6 weeks. Our resident medical experts can proabably shed more light onto this. IIRC the overall death rate is trending toward ~1% from expert opinion.
  8. Isn't that along a similar line to saying it was the concussion / fireball that flattened Hiroshima, not the nuclear bomb. footnote, What are you trying to achieve by pushing the "This isn't as serious as everyone is saying line."
  9. I get you, I think his point was that CO2 will be breathed out normally where as CO actually binds to a red blood cells haemoglobin receptors permanently thus meaning that red blood cell can no long transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.
  10. https://imgur.com/gallery/CBPHDwP I've not looked to see if this is posted yet, apologies if it has.
  11. IIRC Ebola is the place in Africa where the virus was first noticed.
  12. Seasonal flu's are typically virus'. As such antibiotics are not effective against them. However they can be useful for any secondary infections that may occur (ie a secondary bacterial pneumonia) Coronavirus' typically mutate at a rate that will yield a different strain on a monthly basis, hence why you need a flu shot every 12 months. Of note, virus mutation is not a switch that suddenly flicks, it is a result of thousands upon millions of replication that result in slight variation of the RNA. The end result is that the become different enough over time that a new vaccine is required. Mutation happens much more quickly when there are millions of cases. I am pretty sure that every microbiologist working on a vaccine dies a little inside everytime they look at the current trajectory of the US's cases. I'm not a doctor or an expert on any of this, so take my words with a grain of salt. Also, wash you hands and stop touching your goddamn faces.
  13. Yeah no, You need to educate yourself. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf Start there. edit: To clarify, this is something that is going to effect nearly everyone in some form. We should all be educating ourselveson what is coming and how to best prepare.
  14. Yeah, I might be overly optimistic. But it seems that we might be taking the same approach as South Korea and starting to test everyone close regardless of symptoms. This has shown to work remarkably well over there and also in Taiwan. Just look at the numbers in SK vs everywhere in Europe. Those outbreaks all started at similar times. Fingers crossed I guess and keep an eye on the numbers.
  15. And finally NZ closes our borders. We might yet get through this relatively unscathed.
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