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  1. Hopefully it hits WG'g in the gonads pocket
  2. Find another game. (yes, I'm salty as fuck about these changes.)
  3. simba90

    Type 62

    Ah Yes, My mistake. I had my wires crossed with my wz132 setup. The type 62 was my go to tank when I wanted to play something fun before I got my bourrasque.
  4. simba90

    Type 62

    This thing can be pushed out to pretty crazy view range limits combined with the CVS / LNES makes for a fun scout that is not too bad in the gun side. Just be prepared to spam plenty of HEAT.
  5. Imagine being so butthurt about a single game that you go out of your way to post on someone's replay page about "camping/sniping purples not even that good at winning hurr-durr" I take this back. This guy is even more retarded than I realised. sr360,please keep it up, this pleb has learnt lots watching all your recent scout replays.
  6. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2021/01/12/wot-supertest-crew-2-0-info/ Oh man, this sounds worse than I could have imagined.
  7. Put it this way; If you're in a T8 tank, what is more intimidating to encounter? Personally, most 112/ patriot players that one encounters are idiots and not a problem. So you have to discount the 'average' encounter. A 112 is easier to play against because you only need to put some distance between you and him (Fuck Mines - its banned). A patriot is less easy to deal with because while he is still only taking 240hp, its death by a thousand papercuts and try running away if your perma tracked.
  8. My tin foil hat might be a bit tight; Has anyone else noticed a big upswing in ammo rack detonations? It seems like every other game at the moment has some poor bastard losing his/her head

  9. I've been playing around with equipment for that tanks since the big shakeup. I've since settled on CVS + bounty optics + LNES + food + BIA + SS directive makes this an insanely good tank on open maps like Prok / fishermans bay / Mali / Muro. I really haven't missed the rammer or vents tbh. I've had more 8k+ spotting games in the last month than I have in the last year combined. Also, Fuck EBRs with a rusty rake.
  10. With a good (4.9ish skills) crew, turbo + improved vents + directive + rammer, throw coke into the mix and this tank is _really_ nice. The turbo makes a big difference imo to being able to contest positions as well as being able to run away when things go south. I've not noticed a big upswing in games won but the tank just feels that much more comfortable that it is back into the running for my favourite T10 med.
  11. This tank with a good crew / coke and optics + CVS + vents has been absurdly fun to play this patch.
  12. Er, are we just going to pretend this isn't happening? (Unless I've misread this, I read that its getting a gun depression buff)
  13. And abusing the corners of the square render box from the top of Prok hill.
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