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  1. it does have the highest dpm on a medium, now that the obj430 was replaced.
  2. arent you the one that made that guide for the stb-1 that is listed on the wotlabs main website?
  3. Thanks mate, 3243 average for 2 gun marks is certainly possible for me.
  4. i tried vbaddict but i cant get that dossier upload to work.
  5. I just got the stb-1 this evening and im absolutely in love with it, but how much average dmg will i need to do, in order to get the first or second gun mark?
  6. always in early game and mostly on maps like prokhorovka malinovka and sometimes on redshire, im just struggling to find a good spot to do alot of dmg from and also not take much in return.
  7. what are the best positions for high tier mediums? i often feel like i get killed in my tier 10 meds because im not in the right spot at the right time.
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