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  1. My first PC was a prebuild, but from our local PC shop, so they knew what they are doing hopefully. Meaning the built it, they didnt just sold it. I dont know why people buy these. Sad thing most of the buyers have zero clue about PCs, so the dont even know how bad it is.
  2. Doesnt really makes sense to comment after the event is over, but anyway. I really liked this mode. Apart from this damn arty and these pesky little Pz IV who always derp you in the face and do damage even if you are completely safe. Also bots are snapping like hell. And those useless enemy airstrikes ... Tanks wise I hated the SU, because its unflexible, nobody spots for you and 175mm is a many things but not high pen. IS was fun but derpy and the special abilities are just sad, mines were only useful to stop an bot who is trying to rush you in his tracks. T-44 I dont know, was ok with
  3. Well if I understand it correctly the shown <avg. real DPM> is only true if you use ONLY the autoloader. But I could be wrong. The value below: <reload speed> is probably for single-shot only. So if we assume that those are base values we have a single shot rpm of about 7,2 or in means of raw DPM roughly 2517 damage per minute. That would place this tank slightly above the E 50 M in terms of raw DPM.
  4. I know, but still its a bit annoying. At least the IS has a better gun in comparison to the peashooter of the KV-13
  5. I feel you. I did the same and even worse put one of my girl crews in it
  6. After about 75 battles testing every possible combination of stock/elite turret and the three available guns (I even researched the useless 120mm gun) the best workable combination (at least for me) is the stock turret with the 90mm - basically the stock config. The result could be described as a slow and blind Tiger I with some beefy turret armor. The dpm is good enough to perma-track opponents while the stock turret is tough enough to reliable bounce even T10 guns if you manage to hide your terrible hull. If this tank wouldn't be so painfully slow, about as agile as a bri
  7. I guess I had so far a little bit more RNG luck than leggasiini and managed to reach roughly 1,5k avg dmg per game (still awful though - just my 3rd worst T8 HT) The stock turret works really well if you can hide your awful hull, you can even rack up some decent blocked damage numbers. But yeah gun handling is the thing that is killing this tank for me - I looked it up and this tank (and the IS-3A) has the worst gun handling soft stats of all T8 heavies. The hull armor is complete trash .. everything pens you frontally and kills your driver nearly every fucking time and I mad
  8. Actually the DCA 45 isn't mandatory for research on neither the Arl 44 nor the AMX M4 45. It's research is only really necessary on the AMX 50 100 the DCA 45 in order to proceed to the AMX 50 120. Also considering the quite awful gunhandling stats of the DCA 45, the "inaccurate" 105mm gun isn't that bad of an alternative top gun choice till T8 - I mean the only good thing of the 90mm is slightly better accuracy and when using only apcr with the 105 even the shell speed advantage of the 90mm over the 105mm is gone ...
  9. Well it is because it has an one-man turret. The driver sits in the hull and the commander has the turret for himself. I believe when the tank was first leaked it had only a two man crew. But I guess WG decided to conveniently add another crew-man (or woman), because training your french light tank crew kinda sucks when your crew trainer only has room for two ...
  10. Well if WG would for example take leggasiinis rework of the Japanese heavy tanks in consideration the line would still be competitive against other superheavy tanks without the overuse of derp guns as the only real viable gun options while being quite fair and balanced against lower tier opponents with a number of actual weak spots. sry for off-topic.
  11. Well OK, to be fair without his delightful changes to the Godzilla Tanks I wouldn't have 3,5k avg. damage and 2 MoE on the Type 5 with the noob gun
  12. I have not the slightest idea what is going on within the WG balancing department, but right now they are transforming the 263 line into a version of the german Jageru TD line tanks just with the difference that the russian ones are trading better mobility and armor for the ability to actually hit things from afar and even up close. I just dont get it why they cant simply leave the 263 line as it is (maybe buff some of them or replace the Su-122-54 with something more fitting ) and introduce a, or more, small mini branches leading to other T10 TDs like it was already mentioned in
  13. Well apart from color, muzzle brake, turret-shape, and misc items the 430 and the 113 look pretty much the same. Also the 430U not only looks like a 113, it's stats-wise very similar and in some points (mobility, gun-handling, armor) better than a 113. In terms of armor the 113 has better frontal turret armor, but weaker cupolas, lfp and ufp. In terms of side armor they are pretty much the same (apart from that thin 120mm armor stripe of the 113). Meanwhile the 121 sits crying in a corner when it comes to armor. For me the 430U right now looks like a giant middle fin
  14. Btw. the 430 II not only get's the 416 gun but also the 100mm D-54, one of the top guns of the current T-54. At this point I feel pretty bad for all the other T8 tanks, who get shit on even more with every new re-balanced branch and additional not at all OP premium tank, that gets added to the game. And the 430 gun may suck in terms of shitty premium-ammo but the gun handling looks pretty good for a large caliber medium tank gun. Gun handling comes close to a T-54 with the (bad) 100mm D-10T2S gun, only a bit less accurate. Also the 430 wouldn't be the first T9 medium tank w
  15. Well, but on the one hand updated new graphics could be a really big deal for the game and WG itself and on the other hand it's not exactly the fault of the map-design and game engine departments that the matchmaking for T8 sucks.
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