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  1. Jesus christ, can you just fuck off already? You are quite literally one of THE most annoying people to exist on the NA server I've ever run in to, it's like you have nothing better to do than follow me around trying to trash me, though I guess your 5 person audience on your stream can't be helped so that leaves you with more spare time :^) How about you worry about showing up for those college classes you're going to fail once again? You know the river (mummy's bank) only runs so deep, friend asassian (Really ought to go back to school and fix your non-existant spelling ability). Maybe if you didn't fail everything you would be up to the challenge to debate me, but clearly lack the higher cognitive function to do so. The amusing thing is people in wonka want me to join and I will gladly return to a clan that couldn't give two shits what some mongoloid animutard from mawho thinks. Thats when you know you got a clan worth joining; when niggas don't care what you have done and will stick up for you So how about you stop derailing this thread that has *nothing* to do with me before I shit on you again? If you would like to know, I only joined havok cause of a friend of mine asked me to and I said yes. Atleast I'll be netting another campaign tank this coming campaign, you're welcome to come and attempt to stop that. Tell eural that last part for me, please.
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