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  1. @Private_Miros I was never great but since coming back last month I've become an Uber shitlord while Tier X games have definitely become even more boring. A few years ago I was finally learning to abuse map opportunities but now everyone is camping harder and any aggressive play makes you arty-magnet numero uno, dos and tres. I'm sucking at Tier 8 but at least I can carry the odd game - annoyingly 3k games are coming easier at T8 than Tier X, but that's partly because my play is so shitty when I'm less medicated or on the MM.
  2. Finally seen a clinical geneticist after waiting 2 years as a family. Result? I have a connective tissue disorder.

     Maybe Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome... As, probably, does my wife, with my kid likely to have a more life threatening one the person we saw knew fuck all about, because we didn't see the person we'd paid and booked to see.

    Turns out they're not going to do full genetics on me for a few months at least, or request the results in a hurry when they do, because the 'tests are expensive' and 'they need to prioritise'.

    But if I'd booked it as 2 appointments, or 3 (kid too) I'd have been given a testing panel straight away - as would my wife and kid. If it's the things they think it is for my wife, it could kill her in pregnancy or giving birth. If it's what they think it is for my kid, it could kill him anytime, but if he has a diagnosis he'd get priority treatment and possibly life-saving drugs + treatment plan in ambulance and hospital.

    Apparently you have to have AU$9000 spare for the lives of your family not to be gambled with, if you live in Australia. 

    Which is about $49000 more than I have. 

    So FML. 

    PS. Of course, wife and I are expecting a baby. We're not particularly in the mood to bury another of our offspring though.

    Aussie healthcare can go root itself with a broken bottle.

    1. sohojacques


      Fuck. Hope this all pans out for you Tigeh.

      Having had a couple of major health issues in our family over the last couple of years, our experience was that when the shit hit the fan the public health system came through with the goods. No coin required. But as soon as it's not deemed of direct threat to life or limb, like my bone grafts, expect to wait. We're in Tassie.

      No fucking way should you have to have 9k to get this sorted. Time to contact state and federal health ministers. The 7:30 Report might be worth a try as well? They seem to specialise in covering the failings within our health system of late.

      Best of luck. 

    2. sohojacques


      Double post

      Edited by sohojacques
  3. I do know that Personal Missions got a hell of a lot easier in a lot of cases since New Matchmaker, Tier 10 lights etc. There are a few that are harder but they've really devalued the 260 and T-55A overall imo. Lights were always a challenge for the average player - now 8k combined in a T10 LT is 'easy' for an idiot being an outlier.. Lots of new tanks have changed the mission metas too - for instance the Defender and Libertie and Chrysler K are great for HT-12, but historically it's all VK(B) and Maus - now the Maus is still good but the VK(B) less so.
  4. Cleared CMOS, wouldn't post without RAM, finally found that it would do a different boot loop with 2 sticks of good ram a mate lent me for the evening. Unfortunately the CPU is fried though - so unless I find a 4th of 5th generation i3 for a nice price locally (hah), I'm stuck on my phone for the foreseeable future. Paying for my kid's medical stuff is way more important than having a PC, but I'm sick to the back teeth of all this.....
  5. So I gave away my AMD Athlon x64 3800+ to a nursing home to use for oldies to do banking and stuff on, and a friend gave me enough parts that after I sold my headphones, headphone amp and some all my Magic cards I was able to cobble together the following: i3-4190 Gigabyte GA-7 Pro Gaming 3 Motherboard Seasonic SS-400NF / Corsair VS450 CPU Radeon 7770 GFX card Samsung (840?) SSD - 120gb I think. Coolermaster keyboard and mouse combo w/ backlights It was working fine connected to my old beast, a HP LP3065 monitor, but that was in the lounge. I had to move the PC through to the bedroom, shut it down properly, disconnected everything - now it won't post, won't even light up the backlights on USB power. The case has no speaker, nor does the motherboard, so I can't tell if it's even error coding on me - just 5-6 seconds and it reboots. Case fans, psu fan and motherboard light stripe come on (re line). Cables are plugged and tested. Tried with GFX card in and out and none of the ports will send a signal to the monitor - any ideas? It's just sitting there rebooting and rebooting til I turn it off. Thanks folks.
  6. If anyone is after an awesome set of headphones for music, and can afford something to drive them, these are well worth a pickup even at the new $249.99 price, from 6am tomorrow Pacific Time. They'll be sold from https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx and last time the drop lasted about 4 hours for 5000 units, with the webserver dying horribly again and again and again - which is how I missed out. They're identical to the HD650's in all but colour and cord - you get a 6ft cord instead of a 10ft cord and a microjack with 1/4" adaptor instead of the 1/4" with a small, cute extension/conversion lead. If you're using them for gaming instead, I'd get a pair of AKG K7XX in the next drop, or the closed back alternative for those with families and spouses, plus a modmic or massdrop mic. Posting this here so you can all enjoy something being a cripple has now made me too poor to afford!
  7. On 300 ping I feel like they've %%%%ed over my favourite tank tbh. I'd rather make shots count so nerfing shell velocity (the only directly experienced and differentiated counter to lag/ping) AND penetration hurt people on shitty connections the most. I know that's not how it actually is, but final accuracy getting the shaft AND velocity AND pen is really a huge change in the way the tank plays and not necessarily for the better for everyone.
  8. I usually am, I'm dark purple at afking.
  9. Same as Strigonx. Not sure if you're happy playing on West but we used to shooty shooty stuff together. Maybe you just think the people on your friends list suck.
  10. I play on SEA sometimes and have access to a couple of accounts there, I just have such shitty ping that I never moved my main acc and I don't enjoy people writing boxes to me. But as I'm in a top 10 clam there sometimes I follow what's going on.
  11. I love Friants. I particularly recommend these Raspberry and Lemon Friants, although chopped plums, cherries or peaches work, as do whole blueberries and other small fruity things (redcurrants, elderberies etc). My suggested recipe is as follows: Ingredients 10 free-range egg whites 300 g (2.5 sticks) unsalted butter, melted 175 g (1.5 cups) almond meal 370 g (2 + 1/3 cups) icing sugar, sifted, plus extra for dusting 2/3 cup (100 g) plain flour, sifted 2 x 125 g (1/2 lb) punnets raspberries, plus extra for serving Method: Preheat the oven to 180 ̊C fan-forced (convert your own farenheits, bitches). Lightly grease 2 non-stick (or silicone), 9 hole Friant trays, (or 3 x 6 hole tins) or use cupcake tins if you like (but note: you may not get as many Friants because size). Don't grease with hair, but with duck fat, lard, butter or oil - better grapeseed or vegetable than olive as olive smokes at a low temperature. Whisk the egg whites for a few seconds just to lightly combine; you don’t need to whip them into peaks or anything like that as you're not making a bloody pavlova, are you? Add the butter, almond meal, sifted icing sugar and flour and beat to combine well. Beat means 'stir and fold with a bit of circular wrist action', not 'hit it with a spoon like you're trying to wank it'. Pour into the prepared moulds or pans, filling each hole to just two-thirds full. Don't shove it in all the way, it'll create lots of spillage and you'll have a nasty mess on the floor of the oven. Place two or three raspberries on top of each Friants and bake for 25–30 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean and tops are lightly golden brown. If you're skewering a friant, use a skewer, not any other skewering implement that comes to hand. Dust the Friants with icing sugar and serve warm, with extra fresh raspberries if you like and fresh cream (not knob cream or cream ofvajizzle thx). Cheaper AND Tastier than Wargaming's Friants - What more do you want?
  12. Really sick of people close to me dying. Especially when I'm too fucking poor to fly to the funeral.

    1. FavreFan4ever


      I'm sorry for your loss.

    2. Tigeh


      thx FavreFan. thought the other three this year would bother me, and they did - but this is just really shit. Especially when she was 34.

    3. Wanderjar


      sorry for your loss. losing people rapid fire sucks I know.

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