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  1. Some fun comments. Ill reply to the recruiting method part. We do not use PR... hence why we have 5K, 6K PR people in the clan and 8K PR. Doesn't even cross my mind. I have made sure all recruitment officers analyse tier 10 tank stats to meet requirements before joining. We do have a command structure lmao. As with the kiddy pool, if the players are happy getting gold there, isn't that what its all about? If people leave PYRO to join TIM, then thats what happens, do you want us to just get gud? Because i'd love to hear how. As with Storm, shit happens. People have been joining and leaving instantly, the recent case is Neotopia, if you care so much, go ask him/her. Great poast.
  2. Just because i say i never saw the message, doesn't mean i think your lying... it means it would have been accidentally closed or due to many other reasons. If you want i can make the ex-recruiter a recruiter again, so that he can do it again? Smart decision. I am not the only one of rank to kick, i like to trial people no matter the skill, although i will set requirements on joining. One of the recruiters not being in the clan anymore, shows that he wasn't on the same page with the clan and therefore the clan wasn't on the same page with him. Please stop the salt... i'm saying your not up to standards because its a fact, its not meant to be offensive... just like i'm not up to standards to join FAME on EU, so be it. How would it be your fault for accepting, your just crapping on now, i dealt with the situation although you have a right to be angry, i get that and i apologise for that but your saying a lot of mindless blabber. With the below 50% players, that is because they joined when the clan had lower requirements and already proved themselves as a team player OR they have good recent stats. Hmmm, all your fault? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Basically, except one small difference, you need to click a special icon on the bottom left to access these random battles. Weird thing is, the button isn't always there? Probably WG needs to fix this. I should make a forum on this issue. "Special random battle, not permanently accessible"
  3. Just made an account after being linked this. I never got a message that i know of. Was some pretty fucked shit for this to happen, i'll admit. Both recruitment officers that accidentally invited you have since been demoted, one of which is not in the clan anymore. As with the person (who persisted to kick someone who was not up to standards without having the curtesy to trial) has been talked to. Blacklisting is fun. But i would say it was a mistake on the recruiters behalf. http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/73731-interesting/ Well screw early TZ then.
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