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  1. Thank you! Probably 80-90% of my 2k games were back when I first started 2 years ago, so it's mostly me fighting to eliminate those red/orange wn8 games and push that average wn8 over to green levels!
  2. I generally frown on this sort of behaviour but the few times I've seen Gasai post on the forums he's been infuriatingly...annoying? I can't find the word at the moment, maybe it brings too many negative feelings to mind and I can't pick one. Totally downloading the replay. EDIT: If wotreplays would initiate the damn download.. Also if he's seriously a neo-nazi then I don't frown on this in the slightest.
  3. Sorry, only just came back to look at this thread again!! ;_; Over the course of some frequent daily play since I started this thread, I've come to realize what you say - the easiest tanks to outplay are the ones I've spent time in since I know what they can and can't get away with. Also, it's really hard to clean-up in a slow tank with no gun depression.. ¬.¬ As such, I found I enjoy the KV-1S a lot more than the KV-1, and I really love the JP line of heavies - the OI Exp is especially fun~ >:3 (More-so now that I have a super-heavy spall liner and am not getting chain-focused by arty
  4. That'd be a pretty apt name for an alt account if you had one. Genius~
  5. Exxxxactly my point. X3 I want to have earned the shiny tanks and be able to use them to the fullest~ Oh. I've run into you before, I think. Must've been on one of your alt accounts.
  6. Garryallen - I tried not to use premium ammo more-so to force myself to learn weakspots because if I didn't, I wouldn't pen. It kinda doesn't make sense though now that I stop to think about it, as I'm gimping my damage potential, and ability to contribute to the team, if I don't load premium ammo when it's called for... I really hope they don't make the Chrysler K a trend or anything. It's fucking insane, even someone like me can see that.. It seems to be designed as an arty magnet though to force them to be team players, since the top of the hull is low-armor to the extreme... I knew
  7. Egospartan - I want all the shiny tanks with high alpha though!! ;___; A lot of the higher Russian mediums look sexy, too~ Obj. 907 pls. But yeah, that's why I'm asking for help now - when I DO get to the higher tiers I don't want to be lacking in basic fundamental skills. FWIW, a good 1600+ of those 1800 battles are from before my break like, 2 years ago.. I literally came back to the game and only had up the VK36.01H, Stug III G, Chafee, Chi-Ha, and the M2 Medium bought and with top modules, and the HT No. 6. Everything else (including a lot of complex/premium equipment) has been acquire
  8. ^ Says he's bad at reviewing replays, proceeds to leave me enough text to rival the Great Wall of China on how to improve my gameplay. >.> Thank you so much! I'm busy for the next few hours but I will absolutely be sitting down to read through this tonight. I look forward to reading~ ^__^
  9. Hah, I came back to do exactly that! I'm performing really badly solo (who'd've thought lol), particularly when low-tier in a match. I refuse to believe in the mindsets of "oh I'm a low-tier heavy, I can't have an impact on the game" or "fail pubbies, we can't come back from being 5 tanks down this early", as I know if I can figure out how to do well in those circumstances, it will increase my performance dramatically. I uploaded my 3 most recent losses in my KV-1 here, with my thoughts on each in the descriptions. Using 85mm, top modules, Rammer/GLD/Optics, repair kit/first aid kit/fire
  10. Deltacu - Thanks for replying, on your work break, of all things. :3; I already have the KV-1S bought, I'm just dreading the stock grind, oh wait just free-exp'd the 85mm. So when I jump into that I'll have fun. I definitely want to play the IS but I'd rather have a proper skillset for the tier to make the most use of a good tank, y'know? GarryAllen - I'm hoping over the next 2k battles I can at least reach light green wn8. :x I found the VK (which I've since sold as it has elite status and it's trash..) and the HTNo.6 required side-scraping to win, at least... I'm trying to learn wigg
  11. That thought came to mind, yeah - have stored crews with skills sitting around, especially as I'm running into, as you've noted, line splits. KV-1 splits into KV-2 and KV-1S, Russian Medium line splits pretty early, US Heavy line splits at the M3Lee... I clearly just picked all the best lines. ¬.¬;; I'm debating buying back the T-28 and training up a KV1-S crew in that, rather than retraining the KV-1 crew and instead save that for either the KV-2 or the IS..
  12. I totally get why you seed new crews in mid tier tanks.. I just died to an O-I Exp. in my KV-1 because what should've been a kill shot missed because of micro-terrain and I took a derp-gun to the side. Perhaps I was too hasty, but I also feel like Snapshot would've helped immensely... :/ Almost makes me wanna suck it up and skill my crews in T3/4 and just consider the credits spent to re-buy tanks an investment... MacusFlash - Glad to know I at least have my equipment layouts right. *laughs* I already look to see who fired...more-so my trouble is getting a general feeling for reload times -
  13. Thank you for taking the time to write out your replies, so informatively at that! I've been busy playing WoT or I'd have responded sooner. XD; Canadian Reaper: You sort of bring up my main concern, that my skills just aren't good enough to jump tiers yet and perform well. I don't want to have to still be learning the threat levels and specific weakspots for T6/7 tanks while also trying to learn the ones for T8/T9 tanks. I don't want to have to think about fundamentals before I do them, I just want to do them. Shifty 101st: Hm, alright.. I figured consistent 1st/2nd class mastery bad
  14. I've hit a bit of a wall in my progress coming back to the game after a long break. I can handle T5 and 6 games well, and consistently walk out with !st or 2nd class mastery badges when I don't over-extend and play with calculated aggression, rather than straight up un-controlled aggression. I'm finding though, that T7/8 battles tend to get me rekt, whether because I don't know weakspots as well, the armor is a lot better, or something else.. I can't trade nearly as well unless I load gold ammo.. ¬.¬; I was just gifted a Thunderbolt VII Ult. pack, so I now have 1.88m credits and 2.8k gold
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