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  1. Yoko_Ono

    VK100.01 - the new "Mini-Maus"?

    Thanks for the replays DirtyAce7 After 99 games played I'm up to 56% winrate from 38% after 43 games. Im willing to say that it was just normal variance because the only thing I was doing different was to camp base when my team lemminged off. Now that I have unlocked and purchased the Mauschen is there any reason to keep the vk100? I'm on the T-55a missions and I'm not in a clan.
  2. Yoko_Ono

    VK100.01 - the new "Mini-Maus"?

    This thing is going to kill me. I can't get to the fight before half my team is dead. And I can't get back to defend base after my flank is won. 43 games with 38% winrate. What are you supposed to do with something this slow?
  3. Yoko_Ono

    Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?

    It's up on EU now. $27.83 USD.
  4. It's definitely bugged for me. It might be connected to the bug that causes your first shot to be standard ammunition even if you switch to premium.