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  1. Thanks for the replays DirtyAce7 After 99 games played I'm up to 56% winrate from 38% after 43 games. Im willing to say that it was just normal variance because the only thing I was doing different was to camp base when my team lemminged off. Now that I have unlocked and purchased the Mauschen is there any reason to keep the vk100? I'm on the T-55a missions and I'm not in a clan.
  2. This thing is going to kill me. I can't get to the fight before half my team is dead. And I can't get back to defend base after my flank is won. 43 games with 38% winrate. What are you supposed to do with something this slow?
  3. It's definitely bugged for me. It might be connected to the bug that causes your first shot to be standard ammunition even if you switch to premium.
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