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  1. Brb, playing Robocraft

  2. Any thoughts on mounting a log onto a truck bed and have sprayed on the log "Russian Bias"? I doubt anyone would know what I mean asides tankers but might be useful this coming winter. Lol

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    2. ViktorKitov


      If you want weight just throw in a few sand bags or something. Having a log tied to the back of your truck doesnt seem to practical (Even if funny).

    3. StandardToast


      That was/is the orgianal plan, but the other day I was playing my T-54 and thought about it. On topic though, I just need to figure out the optimal weight for it. Have been told a cap add enough weight(which I dont want to buy) and I have had various amounts of weight told by other truck owners. (New2trucklife)

    4. RealBattousai


      No one would get it and you would be inundated with stupid questions till you punched someone in the face and went to jail..so TL/DR use log go to jail, don't do it.

  3. Leftover Olive Garden five cheese ziti dish and coffee served with a side of breadstick for breakfast? BESTWAYTOSTARTTHEDAY_NA!

  4. "Heavies. If you find yourself getting shot, grow thicker armor." - Overheard in a TC just now, lol.

  5. I loved my Chaffee, didn't get enough xp for the next tank since my mobo is out on my comp (boo @ using gf's macbook) until payday. So when thats fixed its back to grinding it. I surely hope the new Chaffee is still as fun as the one being laid to rest is though. RIP Chaff.
  6. Can it be payday now so I can get a new mobo and get back to tanks?

  7. I use SRWare Iron, carbon copy of Chrome but minus the data collecting.
  8. Chaffee in Strongholds is ridiculously fun to play.
  9. Purchased: 'Object 140' sucessfully purchased. Spent credits: 6,100,000.

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    2. Kitten


      My other two 10s I play are IS-7 and E4, lol@bad gun handling.

    3. MAJEST1C


      5 tier 10s; Got so used to the IS series gun the accuracy on it doesn't seem like .46, .42 etc. at all

    4. Kitten


      Yeah, I played 140 on a friend's account, I have no idea why you're complaining about crappy gun handling...

  10. Oh M7 (med), how I have missed you so. It was so wrong of me to sell you.

    1. tyehua


      Selling the M7 is a crime punishable by death. :3

    2. StandardToast


      The War Wagon (wish that was a actual inscription) will now have a permanent home in my garage.

    3. tyehua


      Loved it when I sucked, still love it when I am somewhat better.

  11. I aint one for tinfoil hatting much but is it fucked up/or has it ever happened to you; to have a game go normal and then at the critical game deciding moment you lose fps and connectivity and it stops right after you die?

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    2. StandardToast


      PS Rex I got a super cute kitten I want to PM pic to you of, think Marie from Aristocats.

    3. Rexxie


      always up for some kittens

    4. StandardToast
  12. Why you gotta call me a prick when I ask if you want to hug it out?

  13. You noob, will bounce.

  14. Ever since I got this new computer built, I feel like my game has improved alot. Muy bueno!

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