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  1. If they are going to sell premium auto loaders I'm glad it's only 90 alpha and will bounce fronts of tanks for the most part because the last thing you want in this game is an auto loading premium tank that's even close to being op in anyway. Imagine the < 1k games pubbies that will being driving these things. How many will just drive right up to you park and start unloading... I hope it's a p.o.s.
  2. You can actually buy the Matilda, and both the valentine and valentine AT and sell them all on Monday at a profit...
  3. Blazin40s

    Dog thread

    The pug's name is Rocky The black one is a pug/chihuahua named Rosie I blame my gf for bringing these things into my life, I always had bigger dogs in the past. And I have cats too... Calico is Bella This guy is Bro, and yes his ear is like that permanently
  4. It has 9.9 sec reload with rammer/vents/BIA and it it's ~9.5 with food. I find this tank fun but feel bad for playing it. To be honest, I like I get the end game so I can get this thing up to 70 km/h and face derp at full speed. And chasing down those low tier scouts, they never know what hit them huehuehue
  5. I like the sound of this. I love playing my Chaffee but getting into Tier 10 fights can be frustrating. I wonder how they will rebalance the US LT line. Right now the Chaffee is similar to but better than the T21, the M41 Walker Bulldog will likely be thrown in there somewhere as well. Most excited I've been for a tech line in a while
  6. T-34-1 currently has optics/rammer/GLD T-34-2 can mount a vert stab, so it should be mounting optics/rammer/vert stab. Am I correct in this thinking?
  7. Tier 5 is easier to carry, more noobs, more mistakes made by enemies, less (if any) coordination, and less map awareness. You can get away with making mistakes in Tier 5 as well, especially when running top tier and your HP pool is rather large compared to everyone else's.
  8. My tier 7 grinds lately have been the Comet, T-34-1, and A-44. I don't know how the Comet gets so much love. The gun handling is great compared to the other two but the pen on regular AP is terrible. I've bounced so many shots now I almost use up all the gold rounds I carry way too early. I really need to clear/buy some garage space, I want to try the KV-13 and T-43
  9. This team did their best to lose, I wasn't having it. Thanks to BBlanco1 for deciding to leave the valley to shoot the T-25, the last guy left alive, after 3 mins of pinging the map.
  10. I started a topic on this and will accept my title as pubtrash with e-Honour. I asked in the first place for some input on these tanks because; 1. Some of these tanks have only been released recently 2. Info about these tanks is limited, and any baddie can reach a tier 7 with a week of bot-like play and offer advice over on the more "official" forums 3. Tier 7 has a few odd tanks as far as mediums go (A-44, Chi-Ri). I was looking for playstyle tips mostly. I have a T-34-1 I'm grinding and really starting to like the camo it has. Only recently switched first skill to 6th sense, so I'm still learning how far I can push it. Maybe post some replays if you have any good ones. And your standard equipment/crew skill recommendations. Plus I just like reading your well written articles.
  11. Just reminded me why I never expand the comments section pretty much anywhere on the intrawebz.
  12. Since you ask... But I'm asking before checking what exists already so I may edit this post. A-44 Obj 416 T-34-1 T-34-2 STA-1
  13. Redshire might be made even more campy if the map were to stay the same and draw range extended to a 700m circle... It would make the north spawn (I think?) have a huge advantage with the more central hill to camp...
  14. I am most interested in how it will change gameplay on certain maps, good examples being Highway and Erlenberg. This would mean campers would actually be able to target the other campers on the opposite side.
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